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Bijou's wedding dress picture:

Pashmina and Sandy's bridesmaid dresses:


Alright! I divided chapter 4 of "Perdition" into two halves, and the first half is done! The second half is nearly complete--just a few more pages! I'll upload them together and then it's time to work on "Petals".



The morning of the day Sabu was expected to arrive, Bijou was rather surprised when, upon waking, she saw Stanley standing at the foot of her bed.

Bijou realized he was wearing a sleeveless black turtleneck and matching black pants.

Funny, she thought lazily as she rubbed the tired out of her eyes, he made such a big deal about wearing ‘modern’ clothes as infrequently as possible.

“Get dressed,” he told her somewhat briskly. Bijou looked down at her sheets and saw something that wasn’t her usual ball gown laid out in front of her.

“What are we doing at this unholy hour, Stanley?” she asked as she picked up her outfit. It was some sort of stretchy material.

Cherie,” Stanley explained, “today we will draw out your power.”

I love stories that are full of emotions. Sometimes I'll go into humor, since I love a good laugh. But most of the time, I go for a plot that really gets you filled with feeling. To me, the ability to evoke an emotion is all the proof you need that you're a good author.

Where I'm from: New Jersey (and proud of it!)
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My Favorite Characters-

They're all a part of Hamtaro, so here they are (in ranking order):

Bijou (The thing is, despite how it may seem in Bijou: Behind the Perfection, I actually love how the Hamtaro writers made her seem like such a well-rounded character without making her a perfect angel. That's why I adore Bijou's character.)

Hamtaro (He's so naive and cute! His character's adorable!)


Just so all of you know, although I put these characters in order of how much I like them, I don't hate either of them. From Bijou to Boss, I think all these characters are lovely :)

My favorite couples:

HamtaroxBijou-They're wonderful together! I adore this couple.

StanxBijou-Not so much, really, but I do think they would make an interesting pair.

JinglexPashmina-I don't know. They seem so cute to me.

Couples that I'm not exactly fond of:


DexterxPashmina-For some reason, I can't see it.

CappyxPenelope-Same reason why I don't like Dexter and Pashmina...

Main characterxOC-I'd prefer a main character with an actual character, and an OC with an OC.

OCxOC-There are way too many of these in the fanon world. It's got to be controlled!

My stories:

Des Nuages de la Perdition-A significantly dark story... fic, where Bijou is kidnapped and forced to live with the incredibly cruel vampire, Stanley. Her life is literally turned inside-out as she makes sacrifices in order to keep herself alive, and, hopefully, not become, "just like Stan".

Petals-Bijou can't stand the sight of Hamtaro, the cocky, witty and popular student who attends university with her. But unfortunately, she'll have to get used to him since he'll be her partner for the next few weeks...And so through a series of twists and turns, these two Ham-Humans realize how thin the line between love and hate actually is.

Unfurling-Sandy's life seemed to be going well: Amazing friends, a brilliant boyfriend, her last year of high school...but what happens when she thinks that someone betrayed her and tried to throw her life completely off balance? What happens when that someone turns out to be one of her best friends, Bijou Ribon? Prequel to "Petals"

Completed Fics:

His Ivory Maiden-It's based after a Greek myth, but you'll have to read it and see which one it's about.

The Unicorn Charm-This was just a little one shot thingy I had planned for a little while. Anyway, while ice-skating one day, Hamtaro and Bijou come across a little girl being put down because she believes in unicorns...

Bijou: Behind the Perfection-Bijou, from the outside, is a seemingly perfect girl. Smart, pretty, a new yet excellent cheerleader, and the list goes on. However, when one steps into her shoes, they realize the struggles she has to go through to keep up the appearance and to try to gain the love of her crush, Hamtaro.

The Ribbon That Laced The Diary-It's kinda like a sisterfic to Bijou: Behind the Perfection. Basically, Hamtaro feels kind of lonely, and then he stumbles upon Bijou's diary. He can't believe what he finds inside, and just when he's about to turn the page, Bijou appears.

Merry Christmas, Ma Chere-This is my most sentimental fic. It actually uses the Original Character of another author to connect closer to Bijou. You'll have to read it to see what I mean.

Her Chuujitsu-My most angsty fic so far. It also revolves around the problems that Bijou goes with, but it could not differ more from Bijou: Behind the Perfection. Bijou cannot stand the fact that Hamtaro does not return her feelings, so she flees to France to stay away from him. She returns five years later and can't believe what she finds.

Future Fics:

As of yet, none.

Thanks for reading!

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