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I am retreating into my cave for a little while. It is fairly average as caves go. Whilst there is a flat screen TV, a mini fridge and fireman’s pole (don’t ask), there is no electricity (thus rendering two out of the three aforementioned objects useless) and the distinct lack of any windows or doors has forced me to painstakingly poke a fluoro pink bendy straw through the ceiling so I may obtain some of that tediously vital element: air. Some might liken this one-and-a-half-star, dirt-coated shite-hole to hell. I would not contest this conclusion as they would probably be right.

If you are reading this is to discover the reasons behind my lack of updating or inspiration then you obviously don’t know me very well. Let’s face it: in all my time as an author on this site my lack of motivation, inexorable procrastination and infinite number of excuses for not updating are the only things anyone who reads my work may actually depend upon. As for my excuse this time round, here it is:

And that’s all there is too it folks. The infinite list of excuses has run out, and whilst that may cause slight irritation for some persons out there, said people may be slightly mollified that there is an even greater annoyance for the good people who publish Oxford dictionary as I feel it is now necessary to redefine the adjective infinite and shall most likely be sending them a strongly-worded letter in the near future.

If you wish to comment on my dodgy double-standards when it comes to updating (yes, I accept the fact that I am hypocritical in begging for more updates from others and rarely supplying them myself) then please go to hell. If I have created some form of entrance by the time you arrive then I shall invite you into my cave. If not then come prepared to write notes and pass them to me via the fluoro pink bendy straw.

This is not the end. When I resurface things will be updated, new stories will be posted and mutant fairy penguins will take over the world.

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the anonymous elephant.

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