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Name: Mindy Kurtz

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Location: Middle of Nowhere, Indiana (that's being specific)

Height: 5' 3 1/2"

Eye color: blue-green (I've had people tell me both)

Hair color & length: brown (spring & fall) blond-brown (summer) and dark, dark brown (winter), and I've never even dyed my hair! My hair's long, about waist-length

Fashion sense: I have none whatsoever! I luff old-looking shirts and stuff like that. I also luff to shop at Hot Topic, and if you caught me waering makeup, you'd be a dead person.

Stuff I love to do: DRAW AND WRITE ABOUT ANIME, play video games (bow to the Queen of Kingdom Hearts!) play soccer and basketball, run cross country, bowl (even though I'm not that great, I've broken 100 about 4 times.), dance, and be random.

My writing style & favorites: I love being descriptive. I could write a couple pages about just a couple of actions and thoughts. I feel it really lets you know the chacrater. I love to read random and hilarious fics, like the one Corn_the_OTHER_White_Meat wrote called Discern Your Actors! It's hilarious!



Food: Anyting and everthing! Just call me Tyson (Beyblade)! If I had to pick one food though, it would be Ramen! I can't live without that stuff!I put mustard on it (actually I put it on everything)! I love any kind of pasta too!

Drink: Either Mt. Dew or any kind of tea (hot or cold, I don't care.) I also do like Black Cherry Vanilla Coke.

Animal: Wolf ( I luff Wolfies!)

Anime: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, Beyblade, Candidate for Godess (I haven't seen it in ages), Digimon, One Piece (it's alright), .Hack Sign, Wolf's Rain, a couple others.

Regular Shows: Everybody Loves Raymond, Whose Line is it Anyway, and anything on the Food Channel.

Bands/ Music: Death Cab for Cutie, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, Matchbox 20, Natasha Bettingfield, Clay Aiken (I know he's a little old news, but I like his music), The Click 5, Jason Mraz, The Killers, Anime/ Video Game Techno music, and The Eagles.

My OCs:

Ayia: A girl from Russia, the main character in my story The Prince and the Blader. She was in BIOVOLT, but ran away shortly after an accident with Kai and his Black Dranzer. She used to have a relatioinship with Kai and Tala, but she was scarred when she ran away from the abbey, and forgot abouther past loves, so she moved to Paris, and became a street urchin battling for money. She oddly started to remember her past in dreams, and remembering her life in fragments when she joins the Majestics and falls in love with Enrique. She learns through the World Championship that Tala has been drawn to the darkness in his heart and is possesed by the dark wolf Bitbeast Motoki, her old Bitbeast. Is that merely the reson for his odd behavior, or is it something more, and can she bring him back to normal by defeating the Bitbeast that still is a part of her? And can she face a past that haunts her, knowing that the more she finds out about her past, the shorter her future gets?

The Windwakers: They come in later in The Prince and the Blader. All their Bitbeasts are foxes, and they're a pretty tough team.They are made up of:

Skylar: Team captain

Bitbeast: Kagome (Wind)

Remei: member

Bitbeast: Inume (Fire)

Mimiru: member

Bitbeast: Aquame (Water/ Rain)

Miriko: member

Bitbeast: Baltame (Snow/ Ice)

Alexis Romanov: A new charater that will be in my new story, Bleeding Blade. He is a royal prince, and the last of the Romanov family of the Russian dynasty. He loves to blade with his Cloud Leopard Bitbeast, Wolkig. However, he has a terrible disease that makes every launch a chance between life and death--Alexis is a hemophiliac. That means that his blood cells are thin and if he gets a small cut while blading, he can bleed to death. Can he become a top notch blader, knowing that every battle could be his last?

Discern Your Actors! by Corn- The OTHER White Meat reviews
Parody based off of 'All That's 'Know Your Stars' sketch. What do you get when you cross the Beybladers with an evil narrator that twists their words? CHARACTER TORTURE! Rejoicing 199 reviews with the much anticipated KAI SEQUEL!
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Bleeding Blade
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