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Author has written 2 stories for Twilight, and Vampire Academy.

Important Notice: I really hate to say this, even though I've planned to continue the story but due to a sudden dislike towards TWILIGHT, I'm At War will be put on hold. I'm so sorry to the readers that really take the time to read it and some review it. The luck you guys wished me on my last chapter due to the cyclone as mentioned in the footer was very much appreciated! You guys are the best and I promise to finish the story one day.

But... I would like to advise that the story is up for grabs so if anyone wishes to continue with Seth and Bella's unforbidden love, please PM me and let me know. Again! I'm sorry

Name: Chelsea
Birthday: 21/7

Birthplace: Adelaide, South Australia

Current Location: Darwin

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brunette

Height: 160cm-ish
Weight: ...
Lefty or Righty: righty
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
What Do You Drive: Green 2008 SS Commodore (my baby)

What I Like…

Color: Blue

Number: 21
Band: Any type of RnB! Totally love Ciara, T-Pain & Neyo
Music Genre: RnB, Rap, Hip Hop
TV Show: Desperate Housewives

Kind of Movie: Anything but Horror or Sci-Fi
Sport: Touch Footy
Fast Food Restaurant: Thai
Food: Kangaroo
Ice Cream: Vanilla (specially with milo)
Cereal: Froot Loops
Candy: Snicker Pods
Drink: OJ
Alcoholic Beverage: Jim Beam, Tequila & Vodka
Quote: "Open A Can of Whoop Ass!"

Do You

Have any siblings: Two younger Brothers
Have any pets: A gorgeous black American Pitbull
Have a job: Yep, Admin/Accounting
Have a cellphone: Yep

Have any fears: FROGS!
Have a bedtime: Nope
Sing in the shower: Hell yeah
Want to go to college: Hell no... 12 years of school is plenty too much
Have any piercings: Ears & nose

Have any tattoos: No
Swear: Hell to the yeah
Smoke: Unfortunately
Drink: Yes!
Do Drugs: Hate the shit!

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"They hurt her"

About six years ago in Indiana, Carmen Winstead was pushed down a sewer opening by five girls in her school, trying to embarrass her in front of her school during a fire drill. When she didn't submerge, the police were called. They went down and brought up 17-year-old Carmen Winstead's body, with her neck broken from hitting the ladder, then the concrete at the bottom. The girls told everyone she fell... They believed them.

FACT: About two months later, 16-year-old David Gregory read this post and didn't repost it. When he went to take a shower, he heard laughter, started freaking out, and ran to his computer to repost it. He said goodnight to his mom and went to sleep, but five hours later, his mom woke up in the middle of the night from a loud noise and David was gone. A few hours later, the police found him in the sewer, with a broken neck and the skin on his face peeled off.

Even Google her name - you'll find this to be true.

If you don't repost this saying "They hurt her," then Carmen will get you, either from a sewer, the toilet, the shower, or when you go to sleep, you'll wake up in the sewer, in the dark, then Carmen will come and kill you.

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