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Hair Color: Dirty blonde with black streaks

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Age: Junior in high school

Gender: Female (If you couldn't guess from my pen name)


Bands: Underoath, Atreyu, Haste the Day, Evanescence, Before Their Eyes, Bleed The Dream, Mindless Self Indulgence, Marilyn Manson, Bleeding Through, and million more

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Movie: V for Vendetta

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Okay, so now you know about me. Just as a side note, I LOVE TEEN TITANS! Raven is my favorite character, followed by Beast Boy, then Starfire, then Cyborg, and lastly Robin.

1. Raven is just this great and deep empath that sort of stimulates my mind. I love episodes about her because they are so angsty (I luv angst! . . . and romance, but whatever) and interesting.

2. Beast Boy is a close second because he's so hilarious when he's not trying to be. He's just so adorable!

3. Starfire is third because I like her, just not as much as Raven and BB because she can get somewhat annoying, but she's a nice peson and I love her oblivious-ness.

4. Cyborg comes next because I like his attitude and he can be pretty funny.

5. Robin is last only because I don't like how he's the 'leader' even though they're supposed to be an equal team. It's not as if I don't like him, it's just that I don't like the shows revolving around him, which they don't always, but oh well.


Raven and Beast Boy: I LOVE this pairing SO much! It completley proves the quote 'opposites attract'! It's just a great way to make a plot for a story because of their differences in their personalities. This pairing is by far the greatest ever!

Robin and Starfire: This pairing is so cute that its irresistable! Not as great as Rae x BB, but adorable all the same. The whole idea of it creates so much cutesy fluff!

Cyborg and Bumblebee: I like this pairing because the two both have so much attitude and are both very stubborn. I like the way there is just some natural chemistry between them.


Cyborg and Jinx: I like this pairing because it encomapsses the 'forbidden love' that is so amazing to read. Jinx coming from a group of bad-guys and Cyborg coming from a group of do-gooders, it's interesting to read.

Pairings I Can't Stand:

Beast Boy and Starfire: This pairing is just wrong. It's weird because they're similar in that they're both super optimistic and happy people, but somehow, they just don't go together. It's like pizza and ice cream; they're both unhealthy and taste good, but they just don't mix.

Cyborg and Starfire: This pairing is just really wrong. There is no way that Starfire and Cyborg would ever be together. They're not super similar, and they're not super different. They're just -- completley wrong for each other, as simple as that.

Cyborg and Raven: This pairing is just really really wrong. Raven and Cyborg -- that's just a deranged pairing. Sorry, but it is. I mean, who can imagine Raven and Cyborg together? Seriously!

Pairings That I Don't Like But I Don't Hate:

Robin and Raven: This pairing isn't horrific but I still don't like it. When the story is well-written, it's okay, but the story has to be really well-written. I mean really. Writers that can make this pairing work are genius. The one story that I have read that is good with this pairing is Vermillion, which I really liked.

Beast Boy and Terra: I don't really enjoy this pairing because I'm REALLY into BB and Rae stories. Like the Rae x Rob pairing, the story has to be really well-written for me to like it. Sometimes, though, I can't stand it so much that I'll turn off the computer. Several stories pull it off, however, and they're okay, I guess.

Triangle Pairings:

Raven and Beast Boy and Terra (ending up in Beast Boy and Raven): This triangle is good because I love the jealousy between Raven and Terra, giving new meaning to why Raven hated Terra so much. Occasionally I'll read stories that are from Raven's point of view watching Beast Boy and Terra together in an angst/romance one-shot that doesn't have a happy ending for Raven, and I like it just because of the angst.

Right now, I have a total of three stories posted, all of which I hope you read! My favorite is probably the one that needs the most work: Dancing In the Rain, then comes The Eye of the Raven, and lastly, Love, Defeat and Weaknesses. I hope you read and review!!!!!

Thank you, thank you , THANK YOU ALL!

Please read my stories . . . NOW! Thank you and come again.

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