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Author has written 14 stories for Hellsing, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Dragon Age.


I was originally planning on just finishing my old fics, maybe writing a few more, and then leaving forever. Unfortunately, Hellsing always manages to capture my imagination and hold it like a vice. I now currently have a least a dozen stories I want to write, but will never be able to get around to. None the less, the inspiration does persist, so now it's just a matter of narrowing them down. Which ones are worth the effort to write? Which ones will I have the time and drive to write? Unfortunately, I really don't have the time anymore as I just started university, so you guys will really have to be patient with me.

For all intents and purposes, all current stories are completed unless otherwise stated.

Thoughts on Hellsing

Seras Victoria: I think she's a darling and a sweetheart. Everyone who's read my stories can guess I'll find any excuse to put her in every fanfic, if she isn't the outright main character. I think she's the best part of Hellsing. The one ray of sweet-hearted and good-natured sunshine in that dark world. I also think she's funny as hell. To be honest, Seras is also the character I relate to the most, as I was also a temperamental tomboy when I was younger, and have huge hang ups about sex due to past trauma. At the same time, Seras has that wonderful "nature triumphs over nurture" force of will and natural goodness of character that many of us probably wish we had. I won't do her the dishonor of making her a self-insert though. She's a great character that I feel was under-utilized in Hellsing (being reduced to sidekick / comic relief) and would like to explore by putting her in different situations and seeing how she reacts.

Pippen de Bernadotte: I have a huge hang up about the name since "Pip" is the English version and "Pippen" is the French version of the name, and isn't he French? That aside, he's my second favorite character. Like Seras, he's a naturally good person who started life as an adorably sweet kid. Unlike Seras, he let his "nurture" overshadow his nature and, honestly, became the type of man I hate the most. Drinking, smoking, womanizing, dirty, skuzzy, perverted, obnoxious, sexually harassing... the list goes on and on. I think what saves him is that naturally noble character buried under the years of socially acquired greed and selfishness, which gets unearthed during his time in Hellsing. I honestly could have cared less about him until he expressed moral outrage over what Millennium did to London, (probably the first character to do so), and selfless love for Seras.

The other characters vary on a sliding scale from "I like them good and well" to "I would like them under different circumstances" (e.g. "if they weren't Nazis") to "Hate the bastard!"

Seras x Pip: A thoroughly interesting and tragically unexplored pairing since they're so different and yet so similar. They're naturally good, loyal people, but they have such different upbringings and reactions to those upbringings. She's the daughter of a police officer, he's the son of a mercenary. Her life fell apart when she saw her family get murdered, his view of himself as a good person fell apart when his grandfather revealed he was from a mercenary family. She held onto her morals despite living through one of the worst tragedies imaginable, and he basically resigned himself to being the "scum of the earth" because he took his news of his heritage as a prophecy. And yet, despite it all...

I think Pip x Seras is one of those few examples of "opposites attract" done right. On the surface, they're very different. She's a prude, he's a womanizer. She's high-strung, he's laid-back. She's rather prim and proper while he's rather scruffy and casual. She's shy and submissive while he's very charismatic and assertive. She's... honestly a bit simple (I LOVE her, but she is) while he's damn clever. She's English, he's French. I can go on. But underneath it all, she also has that bit of tomboyish scruffiness while he can also be gentlemanly and charming, so they have some common ground. They have similar core values. At their core, they believe it's wrong to murder innocent people, they will defend and avenge those unjustly targeted (like the victims of Millennium), and they will loyally stand beside and risk their lives for those they love. Also? They just bring out the best in each other. As others have pointed out, Seras brings out Pip's hidden heart of gold, while he brings out her hidden backbone.

When two people support and bring out the best in each other, what other reasons does one need to ship them?

Seras x Dark Walter: Second favorite pairing. I'll admit this doesn't stem from much, other than they look really good together and share a tender moment in volume/OVA 9. I think it's worth exploring though because they also have a subtle "opposites attract" theme that doesn't clash too much. She's sweet, warm, caring, rather uncultured and of course a bit of a tomboy. He seems cold, distant, taciturn, but also very cultured and refined. I think it's fun to explore because they were both such spitfires when they were kids, and clearly bring out good qualities in each other when he's "Dark Walter." She brings out his deeply buried kindness and he inspires her to try to reach out to him. And he doesn't bite her head off for trying the way Alucard does. It's worth exploring in an AU.

Girlycard x Young Integra: Judge not. I guess I just have a soft spot for this since I love young love, girls' love, and Carmilla-type romances.

Girlycard x Young Walter: Judge less. I guess just the way Hirano drew them leaves a lot of room for stories and character interactions.

Yumie x Heinkel: They're both very fun and interesting characters, and their implied romance has so much potential for so many fascinating stories. It's too bad they're religious fanatics.

Okay, pairing I will never support.

Alucard x Seras: I'll start off by saying I do think these two care about each other very deeply. I think they will always watch out for each other, and probably share a bond and a love more profound than anything in this universe. I just don't think they work as a romantic couple. Again, different core values. At his core, Alucard LOVES war, slaughter, bloodshed, sadism, tormenting people, etc. At her core, Seras is viscerally repulsed by these things. He loves being a vampire and eating people. She hates being a vampire and hurting people. Alucard seems to like Seras best when she's giving into her vampire nature. Guess which part of herself she hates the most? Alucard is most annoyed/repulsed when she's holding onto her human sensibilities. Guess which part Pip loves and encourages most? Alucard also loves pushing people around and needs someone to push him right back, which Seras is not cut out to do, both because she's his servant and it's not who she is.

Plus, I just don't think they bring out the best in each other. Alucard loves mocking, scaring, and pushing Seras around. She, in turn, gets scared witless by and resents being pushed around by him. Not to mention they have an admittedly genuine father/daughter and/or teacher/student relationship that doesn't really do either justice. He's a "sink or swim" mentor that tells her of a new skill (like her "third eye") then waits for her to figure out how to use it herself. (Notice he didn't directly help Seras against Anderson or Zorin.) That's not the type of teaching Seras needs though.

What's funny is everyone complains of how weak, stupid, ineffectual, and cowardly Seras is through the start of the series, but she doesn't become more badass until around the 6th or 7th volume... Notice that Seras is with Alucard during most of the first half of the series, while she's with Pip for the second half. That's right. She doesn't respond to Alucard's "Go do it," she responds to Pip's "Let's do it together."

What's more, they don't have the same values or desires. He loves slaughtering, she hates it. When she tries telling him "they're humans," he bites her head off. When he tries encouraging her vampire nature, she becomes horrified after she snaps out of it. Her bloodthirsty vampire side is the part she likes least. Even after she becomes a true vampire, she'll drink only from a willing human whom she loves and wants to be with, fights to defend humans, and still retains her moral personality instead of her bloodthirsty side.

I've also noticed that very few fics have Seras remain who she is to be with Alucard. Most of them have Seras "embrace" her vampire nature in one way or another. My response is: A) How come Seras has to be the one to change while Alucard doesn't? B) Why does SHE have become more blood-thirsty while he doesn't have to reign in his blood lust? C) If one or both has to fundamentally change who they are, I don't think they're right for each other.

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