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To all my "adoring" fans at the "Monkey See, Monkey Fu!" Forum, My sister pointed out to me you're all complaining about my C2. It's very amusing! Not to my sister, though. She's very mad at me -again...

Let me explain to you what a Mary-Sue is. Now read closely.

As taken from Wikipedia.com:

The stereotypical Mary Sue may be tougher, smarter, and cooler than the established characters and so win their admiration. Alternately, the Sue may be nicer, sweeter, and more charming than the established characters (often despite being tortured by a tragic past) and win their love. Either way, the setting's protagonists are upstaged by the new character's perfection. If this new character dies in the story (typically as an act of self-sacrifice), other characters may memorialize her with excessive grieving.

Mary Sue characters are generally marked by over-description with extraneous, seemingly tacked-on paragraphs describing in great detail their distinctive appearance or possessions, even if they have no significance for the plot and seem out of place. For example, a Mary Sue would not merely be said to carry a gun. The model, colour, appearance, and special features of the gun would be described all at once.

Perhaps the strongest indicator of a Mary Sue character is long passages in which the other characters do nothing but praise the author's stand-in, particularly if those characters serve no other purpose in the story, or if the same characteristics which garner such praise in the world of fiction go unnoticed or unpraised in the author's real life.

THIS my friends, is a Mary-sue. By the looks of things, I have you all freaking out, wondering if you've really written one. After all, you're all examining your characters' profiles.Oh, and by the way, I don't need to be a fan-fic author to know a good fic when I see one. Just becauseI haven't written a story doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about. Anybody with a brain can figure it out.

Oh and yes, I have read all those fics, why do you think they're in the C2?


To my "adoring" fans who seem to think I have to write a fic to prove myself, how 'bout you go tell Ebert and Roeper to make a movie to prove themselves as film critics. Or tell an art critic to go paint a masterpiece to prove themselves.You don't have to do one to understand the other. And as for what a Mary-Sue is, I stand by what I have above.

And a special note to one of my 'fans'. I'm saving you're e-mail as proof of you're threat. Considering I've never threatened you, except call your OC a Mary-Sue, I'm sure the site owner would love to see that little tidbit.

You're all so up in arms about a community. Honestly, you all should be thankful I don't review any of the fics I have in the C2. Then you'd really hate me.

After giving it some thought I've decided to disable my PM messaging. You people seriously bore me with the same argument over and over again and nothing any of you say is going to change my mind about the C2. Go ahead and call me a coward. I don't give a crap. I'll just continue to laugh at how upset you all are over ONE community and ONE person. (Woah, you're giving me a swelled head.) Keep complaining about me over at the Monkey Fu boards, which I'm sure you are. I should ask my sister for an update. I've made a name for myself in the fandom. I don't need to make it any bigger than it already is.

Happy New Year everybody.

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