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My name is Lila, but you may prefer to me as Spinner, Geko, America, Cookie dough, Insanity, or Pie. Those are some of my many nicknames. I am a teenager and I live in the U.S; somehwere in Massachusettes. I am pretty tall, pretty short. I'm pretty much in the middle of those two. I have blonde hair that is a little longer than my shoulderblades. I have light blue eyes and I love to dance (Ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, ect.) and write. I don't really do anything much. My mother is a doctor and my father is a doctor- but he works at a hospital. My mother loves children and had a degree in child phycology, too.

I'm a loner. I'm an only child. I do had a yellow lab puppy I just got for my birthday. Her name is Casey. My parents rescued her at an animal shelter. Anyway, i've got one friend. She has one friend and that's me. She lives right down the street from me so we're constantly together 24/7. I do have a boyfriend. He has his own band and his name is Spencer. We do enjoy the same intrests. He can play music and sing, while I dance. I am pretty shy about some things, but hey- everyone's got some dark secrets- or at least something that makes them always quiet and want to be alone.

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