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Okay everyone! I never knew had profiles on here so I'll give it my all! My name is Minako(I'm not giving out my real name!) and I love video games I'm a 16 year old freshman, but don't judge me on that I'm here writing stories after all! I love anime and manga and I even draw it too! I have posted one on Although its not very good, but I try. My favorite Anime right now is Ceres I love it! I was gonna write an FF7 story to Ceres but my computer has a stupid bug! kills her computer

Anyway, I first heard about star ocean when my ex-bf use to rp as Albel, At first it was confusing then I asked him to send me a picture of this "Albel" and he did, and man I fell in love with Albel drools So when I had enough money I bought the game and couldn't wait to play it! When I started I couldn't stop I played it for hours then I had to sleep. I was so excited. Then I beat the game LAst summer and I cried, becuase I didn't want it to be over.

I had played final fantsy 7 for ages, and I still can't beat it! cries My favorite character is Cloud drools so I rp as Tifa cause she is so cool. The first time I saw Aeris die I laughed cause i hate aeris she tries to steal cloud away from Tifa! There are hints! that Cloud likes tifa you can see that even in Ac! anyway I love pairing people from different video games to eachother its funny.

Okay ler me talk about myself. I live in the ice world of New York burr! its cold here, and I'm a freshmen in school, I have a twin sister! but she is obsessed with YYH and I dun like that show, but anyway, I work at the race track near my home, Yes the one with horses, I abousltly love horses and so I ride them alot too! I have my own race horse name HEAT but well all call him Peanut! lol I have four cats and a dog, my parents are split up, and my daddy lives in Lexington kenucky, I'm female and I love to ice skate as well, even though i'm not good at it.

Well thats about it hope you like my profile!

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