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Name- Sarah


Occupation- Writer and Senior(yay class of 06)

Location- New Hampshire

My alter egos

Name- Shaylyn Devlin

Nickname: Shay


Sex: Yes please, i mean F

Hair- Long, straight, black

Eyes-Emerald Green

Likes- Kicking Joey's ass and Monopoly

Dislikes- Seto Kaiba at the moment

Location-Domino, Japan

Fun fact: Lived with Kaiba, until he cheated on her and then she made his sorry ass pay and got her own penthouse apartment, and tries to kill serenity and kaiba at the time being... will always hate serenity... but her hate for Kaiba might pass soon.

Another little fun fact: Shay has reeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy bad ADHD... and when given caffine or sugar she goes bouncy and crazy... It's great being addicted to caffine.

History: Sent to Orphanage and met Seto and Mokuba there... while Duke was brought up with family, Shay eventually was taken in by the Kaiba's, but she and Duke fight all the time.

I think i'll only put Shay up for now... she's enough to handle... Just ask Farrah...

(farrah nods head vigorously)

Ok well there is a lightning storm fast approaching... Lightning + Laptop = Not good

Right-O so basically my stories are inappropriate for but i'm trying real hard to change that... heh

So yeah my first story is up! ;-) and i hope you like it! Chapter 2 is posted today... Happy birthday Laria!

This is my absolute favorite quote from Laria Kaiba's story whose line is it anyway?

“’What Seto sings in the shower.’”

Serenity stepped on stage.

“’A-B-C-D-E-F—‘” she sang and then paused, “What’s that next letter again?”

Malik buzzed and Yugi replaced Serenity.

“’Fighting evil by moon light—‘“

Malik buzzed, Atemu replaced Yugi.

“’I feel pretty, oh so pretty, so pretty and witty and GAY!’”

Malik buzzed and, because of the glare he was receiving from Seto, pulled another slip.

“’What’s really in Seto’s briefcase.’”

Atemu stepped on stage pretending to hold a briefcase.

“Want to see my collection of Pokemon cards?”

Malik buzzed and pulled another slip.

’Things you can say to a dog and not a person.’”

Seto stepped on stage.

“Hi Joey!”

Another funny quote from Laria's story: Survivor

“Computer!” Atemu exclaimed, pointing into the ocean, where in fact there was a computer.

“Where?” Seto asked eagerly, looking out into the water. He saw the computer float by. He stared at it wide-eyed then took off after it.

“It’s just a little soggy! It’s still good! It’s still good!”

“What happened to the psychotic person you used to be?” asked Joey.

“He’s on the other side of the island.”

“So we’re one tribe now?” asked Joey.

“That is what he said.” Marik scoffed.

“Shows how smart the mutt is.” smirked Seto. Joey growled at the CEO, who merely laughed. “Bad dog!”

“Seto be nice,”

“Kaiba actually did something?” Atemu asked with a slight eye twitch still not believing it.

“That’s a first.” Commented Marik.

“I only did it because no one else taught the mutt simple tricks like, fetch.”

Joey smiled and sang.

How much is that doggie in the window?

The one with a waggily tail?

How much is that doggie in the window?

I do hope that doggies for sale.”

“That was... ok...” Jeff said

“Do I win?”


Joey sighed.

“Awww isn’t that nice,” Seto mocked, smirking as he saw the anger rise in the blonds eyes. “Wheeler sang a song about himself.”

“Kaiba!” Joey growled.

“Sit!” Seto commanded, Joey complied sitting down on the ground. Seto petted him. “Good dog.”

Joey sighed again, beaten.

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