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Author has written 2 stories for Teen Titans, and Pokémon.

Favorite Parings: Rae/Rob. Birds of a feather and all that. I suppose I didn't need to tell you this one, did I? Just look at my fanfics.
Terra/BB: This is so obvious. They look so cool together!
Star/Speedy: No real reason.
Least Favorite Parings: Star/Rob: Don't get me started. I mean, c'mon people. They don't bring out anything new in each other. It's just this flat, boring romance. Ick.
Rae/BB: You have GOT to be kidding me. I've heard opposites attract, but not like this. Ugh.
Favorite Teen Titans Episode(s): The 3 Ends, Birthmark, Prophecy, Nevermore, Switched, Bunny Raven.
Least Favorite Episode(s):Date With Destiney, Stranded, Every Dog Has His Day, Only Human.

Hated Characters:

InuYasha: Kagome. Ditz. Just don't like her.
Kikyo. I find her more tolerable then Kagome, but I still despise her.
Teen Titans: Hmm...actually, I don't 'hate' any of the characters, but I harbour extreme annoyance for both Starfire and Beast Boy.
Pokemon: Hate to say it, but I don't like Ash all that much.
Marina . See Kagome.
May. See above.

Wise Quotes I Enjoy: (Please correct me if the sources are, well, incorrect)

'Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months'~~Oscar Wilde
Lets say I'm not big on looking perfect, but I am big on sarcasm.

'Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall'~~Confucious
Deep yet understandable.

Coming Attractions (Veerrry long summeries)

Xecorox--(Teen Titans) It's 200 years in the future. The world is run by one, dominating, ruthless company--Xecorox. Their products allow humans everywhere to do anything. Superheros are obsolete. But a mysterious figure preserved the Titans in their twenties, before they were assasinated. When they are awoken, they see the Earth has changed beyoned recognition, and one of Raven's visions informs them this isn't the way the future is supposed to look. But the presidents of the enigmatic company aren't about to let them change it. And with Starfire on their side, how can Xecorox lose? Pairings: RaexRob, as usual.

Stones, Birds, and Bad Luck--(Teen Titans) As Terra's Birthday gets nearer, Beast Boy gets more and more depressed. Raven finds a way to return Terra from her stoney state, but is the girl back to do good or to disrubt the Titan's lives? Meanwhile, Starfire has broken up with Robin, and is suprised to find he isn't that disapointed. She enlists the help of Cyborg to play matchmaker between him and his secret love, but they have to find out who that is, first! Lastly, Jynx has joined the team after weird blast scrambled her mind. But when her powers start to grow stronger at a amazing rate, it means bad luck for everyone else in the city. Parings: RaexRob, StarxSpeed, JynxxAqua, CyxBee.

Sister Stories--(Pokemon)Gaika's siters tell her tales from their journies to become three of the most powerful trainers in history.
Flame~ Getting Hifoyer and catching a theif was only the beginning. The eldest girl weaves a tale of kidnapping and cryptic threats that takes place around the Seafoam Islands.
Nicola~ Salvador was strong from the beginning, but he wasn't in control. The second sister tells how a wise Venasaur helped her super-tough starter become the most respected Pokemon in Hoenn.
Asaia~ She didn't want a 'dumb little squirtle' for a starter. But the youngest of the three was adaptable. She relates the story of how she amd the stubborn Gogyu became the best of friends, despite the odds.

The above story might sound a little cliche, but I will try to make it as original as possible.

The Emerald League--(Pokemon) Professor Birch has assembled some of the best trainers in Hoenn...Emerald Trainers. And Crystal is the best of the best.
Each Emerald trainer is assigned a boy or girl to help on their journy, but Crystal never thought she'd get stuck with Alyssa. The new trainer is fun-loving, friednly, and enthusiastic, while Crystal has a cooler outlook on life. But in a race against time to Mossdeep city, these two very different trainer and their Pokemon aren't about to let a couple contrasts get in their way...right? Steven(Stone)xOC

Mekai's Mask--(InuYasha) No-one knew who Mekai really was. Her bravery was unmatched, her strength ledgend, but her shadow mask never lifted. Hundreds of men and demons would have her, and she wanted none of them. But in saving a half-demon, a bit of the stone casing around her heart was chipped away. And immedeatly, both she and Inuyasha wanted more.

Once again, this might seem cliche, or even stupid. But it's hard to get the idea across, and I think it might be pretty good for my first Inuyasha fanfiction.

Flavor of the Week by raeandrob4eva reviews
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Pokemon Sisters: Gaika's Legend reviews
Flame, Asaia, and Nicola are the Pokemon sisters, tamers of legendary Pokemon. But Gaika, the youngest, has a fable of her own. The mythic Rayquaza has arisin, and not even her sisters can control it. So now, it's Gaika's turn...
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