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Author has written 12 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Hey Everyone! This is Kirsa Zenzi! I just want to say that I write a lot of stories and that my writing progresses the more that I write, so I hope you will enjoy my stories even if some of them aren't that well written (it's hard sometimes when you are writing stories you have never done before)

I love a lot of anime, but my favorites are Hetalia and Full Metal Alchemist

I plan on updating stories when I feel like it or when I get the inspiration to continue with them! I get very busy with school and it is hard to try and write/update my stories when I would like to. But I will try my best to update them as much as I can! ;

Stories in Progress:

Love Contract (Slowly updating

A war is starting between the four kingdoms and Eduard must marry. However, when he meets the eldest princess of the northern region, will he actually love her unlike the other suitors? Better than it sounds.

Stories Completed:

Ukraine's Dismay (Two-shot):

It has been three years since Ukraine separated from her siblings Russia and Belarus. However, now the weight of not being able to know how they are doing is finally getting to her. She wants to see them, but has been forbidden by her boss to do so. However, Norway helps her out.

Please Remember:

He left to fight a war, leaving his new lover behind. However, when he returns he finds out that his lovers memories of him have completely vanished. His heart sinks at the thought and he aches at the fact that his lover may never remember who he is. The single cross he gave him still hangs around his neck, the cross his brother gave him to remember him by. A friend... he feels helpless when it comes to helping them out because he has never been in the situation before. However, he is determined to do all he can so the happy times between him and his friends will return and there will be no regrets.

Feliciano's Adventure(Being Revised):

He was studying to be a priest. His thoughts were somewhere else, in his own world. He told his brother that he was thinking of not becoming a priest. However, a fire that starts at the church separates the two brothers. Feliciano wakes up to find himself on a beach, but he can't remember how he got there. A book was clenched in his hands, one of the world that was outside the church. Lovino wants his brother to return, but a man stands in his way of that ever happening. Possession, magic, death, and adventure... What will happen?


He finally cracked. Feliciano was better than him. Everyone loved Feliciano. No one cared about him, no one cared if he even diedHis mental state is causing him to fall down to a state where he could do anything to anyone... and he does. Murder to a family member. The only one who even tried to keep him from doing anything bad. Feliciano.

Knocked Up:

Estonia has gotten Ukraine pregnant. They don't mind but the one thing that they fear is telling Russia and seeing how he reacts to it. However, Russia can't seem to hate the fact that he will have a niece and/or nephew.

Those Echoing Words:

Romano's feelings that he didn't know he had for Spain have finally come out. At first he wished that he had never found out about his feelings and wished that he could lock them back up again so he didn't have to be hurt. However, now he's thinking differently.

Guardian Angel:

Lovino is a prostitute, though he is more of a slave than a prostitute since he is disgusted by all of this. However, he can not leave otherwise he risks being stopped by his boss. One day Antonio, a member of the government known as Pirates, shows up at the place and kidnaps Lovino to bring him back to his brother. The Italian falls in love with the Spaniard though and, soon, is forced to have a very short visit with his brother before he is forced to leave again since Lovino's boss has asked Arthur Kirkland, head of the government, to get Lovino back. What will happen?

I can be in a relationship too!

Lovino Vargas is sick and tired of people saying that he can never have a relationship and, therefore, pretends to go out with Antonio Fernandez Carriedo to show people they were wrong. How long will that last though?

Has he returned?

Feliciano has met up with a man who he thinks is his lost love. However, making friends with the new transfer student from Germany isn't easy.

I would also like to point out that I may rewrite some stories to make them better than before. However, these will be on times where I feel like it or when I'm not working on other stories. If I discontinue a story, it's mainly because I have lost inspiration for it or I don't know where to go with it.

Also, if you make fanart for my stories link me to them because I would love to see them.

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Feliciano's Adventure
Alternate Universe: Feliciano only wants to be able to see the world, but he is stuck with being at the church where he grew up and is studying to become a priest. A fire sets off and his adventure begins, but is it the adventure he always wanted?
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A/U: She was just someone who needed work. He was just her employer. Neither one expected that this would end up being more than just an employer/worker relationship. Canada/Ukraine, and hints at Turkey/Ukraine and hints at other pairings
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Has he returned? reviews
Feliciano has met up with a man who he thinks is his lost love. However, making friends with the new transfer student from Germany isn't easy.
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AU Lovino is sick and tired of people thinking that he can't have a relationship because he pushes everyone away, but what happens when he pretends to start dating but actually falls in love with them?
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Guardian Angel reviews
AU of an AU: Lovino has been alone for so many years. Not only that, but he has been working as a prostitute for 5 years, not that he has a choice in the matter. After an unexpected visit, he's kidnapped by that person. that man... is Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 27 - Words: 56,229 - Reviews: 183 - Favs: 164 - Follows: 81 - Updated: 9/24/2011 - Published: 7/4/2011 - Spain, S. Italy/Romano - Complete
Those Echoing Words reviews
Romano... He found out the feelings he had locked deep inside him. He tried to avoid Spain so he wouldn't get hurt. However, now Spain has appeared back into his life once more.
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Estonia has gotten Ukraine pregnant, but they haven't told Russia yet. Crappy Summary.
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Turmoil reviews
Should I like him or hate him? I don't know anymore. There are so many pros and cons to consider. Lovino has inner turmoil. He doesn't know whether to like or hate his little brother. Rated M for later chapter
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Please Remember reviews
He left for war and came back, but his lover doesn't remember who he is. He tries his best to get him to remember, but most of it does not succeed. How will he be able to get him to remember? R&R GerIta COMPLETE!
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Ukraine's Dismay reviews
After being separated from Russia and Belarus for 3 years, Ukraine has finally gotten lonely and misses them both a lot. However, since her boss has forbidden her from seeing them, she has to live with the fact that she doesn't know how they are doing.R&R
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