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Pen Name: SlightlyBroken

You May Call Me: Slightly, Captain, or Pancake will work nicely.

Main Signature:Whatever I feel like. Leave me alone.

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When Matt gets kidnapped, Mello thinks this is the work of L, his boss and mentor. But L never contacts Mello directly, especially not through cryptic little notes left at strategic points. Is this really just another test, or is someone much more sinister than L working here? (Death Note AU. Currently about half-way finished, unless the story runs away with me. Pairings: None as of yet, but that is subject to change.)

Current accomplishment: Writing anything at all.


Stuff about Me:

I'm a 10th grade girl.

I like trying to help people with problems.

My friends drag me into a lot of things.

I can be mean without meaning to be.

I love red heads. Real life, anime, video game, doesn't matter.

I tend to have crushes on gay guys. Which sucks, since I'm not a guy.

My doctor has a strange taste in calendars. Read further, you'll understand.

I think they need to remake The Legend of Dragoon. It's a freakin' awesome game.

Or they at least need to make a sequel/prequel.

I can be blunt to the point of cruelty.

I think I may just start adding random crap to my profile to make it really long because no one reads it anyway.

If you are reading it anyway, you should send me a message.

It'd just make my day.

Siriusly. (Lame Potter joke, I know.)

Quotes and Stuff:

1) hey, you're a dope, right? happy bunny sticker

2) they say you are what you eat, so how does stupid taste anyway? sticker

3) me want kill you happy bunny figure

4) everyone has a photographic memory, some just don't have film not sure but i think it was a sticker

5) Madness does not always howl. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "Hey, is there room in your head for one more?" my doctor's calendar

6) When you wish upon a falling star, your dreams can come true. Unless it's really a meteorite hurtling to Earth to destroy all life. Then you're pretty much hosed no matter what you wish for. Unless it's death by meteor. again my doctor's calendar.

7) "Your mom's name is Margret?" my friend, Felisha. (No, my mom's name isn't Margret.)

8) If U Tlk 2 Mi Liek Dis... I'll shoot you my new favorite icon

9) Speaking of Italy and sports cars I stole there... Alice Cullen- Eclipse

10) Italy's in France, right? my friend, Cody

Fun Conversation Snippets

(Miss Cagle, Me)

Well, how do good friends act? What do they say to each other?

I dunno I don't talk to people. (I seriously contemplated saying that I don't have friends.)

(Mrs. Jordan, Cody)

Cody, read the question.

No. I'm not reading it. You read it.

Okay, why don't we do this together? What--

I'm not stupid you f'ing b! (note: Cody actually said the words)

shocked silence Cody, go to the office. (She started jumping at any little noise we made after he yelled at her.)

My Current Obsession(s):

Kingdom Hearts

Death Note


Playing KH CoM on my DS (FREAKIN' GOT ONE NOW!!1!) and Re: CoM on PS2

Eight Random Facts:

1) I dislike people as a general rule.

2) I wish my name was Atara, so that I could sign all my notes with the at symbol (@).

3) I was beat for being voted "Most Studious" in 8th grade by a girl who failed most of her classes.

4) I have fights in my English class over what Japanese words mean. In Spanish.

5) According to about half the people I know, I'm going to rule the world one day.

6) I greatly dislike using numbers. This probably stems from a deep hatred of Mathematics.

7) I am the only girl in my group that plays video games. Everybody else makes fun of me for it.

8) I am over-loading on ideas and am having difficulties focusing.

Feel free to message me with any questions, comments, cursings, or concerns you may have.


Words of Wisdom:

Do not tempt the Fates. They're moodier than a house full of pregnant women.

When doing something illegal: either don't get caught, or frame someone else.

Only argue with yourself if you can win.

Don't question my motives.

Short people SHALL rule the world.

Embrace your inner crazy.

Pillage BEFORE you burn.

Don't run over your laptop with a bike. It might die.

Be the designated driver and don't make babies.

DX Random smileys in the summary fail, author. XD

Laugh out loud so the people outside your head get to benefit from your insanity.

It is not a question of if someone is following you, it's a question of why.

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