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Hey there everyone! Welcome to Sky-BlueImmortals profile page! Heres where you can learn a little bit about me (which isn't all that exciting) but also stuff about my stories and when new things will be coming. Also, i have some kool new features at the bottom, where you can read about some kool Animes that are out there and Mangas that you might not have heard of before! So enjoy!

~~~~~Updates! Everything new will have a few dashes by it! or updated!~~~~~~

Love is More than three Words chapter 21 up! Title: The End of the Beginning
What If chapter 11 up! Title: Was it a Dream
Who are you chapter 2 is up! Title: Friend or Foe
What was to Be chapter 2 is up! Title- Its back
Forgotten Memories of You chapter 2 is up! Title- Anything

~~~((Quick note: Who are You is an old story i wrote and put it recently on this account. If you see it on Supergrl26, that is my other account. I didn't steal it from someone else, lol))

~~~Important info- hey everyone! Well school sucks...its not to hard but man does it DRAG ON! so its got me kinda sorry! . ill try and update when i get free time so please dont hurt me!

Here is some random stuff about me...o.0

Name: Elody James (like Melody with an E)
Birthday: August 22
Fav colors: Red/Blue/Black/Orange
Fav Book: Among the Brave/Candy
Favorite Author: Margrett Peterson Haddix and Kevin Brooks
Fav Music/Band: I love alternitive rock and classic rock the most, but I do like all music.
Favorite bands are: My Chemical Romance and Our Lady Peace
Favorite song: Not Enough by Our Lady Peace
Age: 18! haha finally!
Favorite Shows: Fruits Basket/FullMetal Alchemist/Family Guy/Tsubasa Chronicles/Naruto
Favorite Manga- Fruits Basket/Bleach/DramaCon/Naruto
Favorite Movie: Back to the Future
What i look like: dark redish-brown hair, hazel eyes
Love Life- ... O.O
Size shoe- hm...lets go with that
Favorite painter- VAN GOGH! (so he cut off his ear, does that really matter?)
Favorite song i like to hum or whistle while in the store to annoy people- either mission impossible or the andy griffith theme song.
Favorite brand of cards- Bicycle
Favorite Number- 17 or 22.
Blood type-I think A something...
Favorite cheese- Bri!
Favorite 70's song-I have so many...
Favorite lyrics to write while in class and ignoring the teacher- I have found "America Pie" to be fun and hard, and also a good Disney classic is kool to.
Favorite Chracters- Kyo from Fruits Basket, Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles, Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist, Sasuke from Naruto, and Ichigo from Bleach

Well that was kinda random. Anyway, there is some random stuff about me...

Thank you all so much!
Thank you all so much for reviewing me! i am so greatful :D
Love Is More than Three Words
This is a story about Yuki and Kyo's feelings toward Tohru. They will go to see Akito about it, but Akito is not to happy about their confessions of love.

I completed this story and now the sequel is out, but here is what had happened sorta the last remaining chapters.

So far Kyo has confessed something to a certin someone, and now things have gone hay-wire. Akito, being the evil head of the family he is, has now sentenced Kyo to something close to death. But what is this! his true form attacking someone? GASP! and what is this? Someone tryed to brake the curse! and DIED? Ah, and who is this? Aktio of course, has he finally let Tohru in on the secret? And is it true its really because of Kyo? Will be awake from his coma!

What If
This is a story about what would happen if Tohru's mom and dad had never died, but there are some twists...she rememberes everyone but no one rememebers her.

A new story i thought of kinda randomly. I sat in my bed just thinking bout fruits and what i would like to do with myother story and this came to me! lets far in the story Tohru has woken up to see that her parents are alive! So are Kyos!

What was to Be
Sequel to Love is more than three Words. It starts off only a few months after everyone wa freed from the curse. Everyone has a feeling Akito is up to something but no one is clear what. Kyo has a suspision that the curse hasn't lifted just yet and he thinks Akito is the one trying to bring it back.

Forgotten Memories of You
Forgotten Memories of You was something i started a long while ago that didn't have any real story line and i wasnt sure what i wanted to actually do with it. I'm still unclear as to where this story will be heading but im sure it will head somewhere good! So far Kyo is overwhelmed with the love he has for Torhu and how much he feels he has already lost since his time for being free is running shorter by the minute.

Hey Everyone! this is the newest part of my profile where i'll talk about some Mangas i've found or what is REALLY good out there! (haha, eveyrthing is really good, but these are just the ones ive found so far...)


Fruits Basket- Fruits Basket volume 14 has been released, Kureno is on the front cover. This volume i haft to say was definitly interesting, as all Fruits Volumes are, but you get to finally undertsnad why Rin is the way she is and her story. There are a lotof Yuki and the student council, and you learn a little bit about 2 of the members. Kyo is in it a little bit, but not at all much, sorry Kyo lovers! I to am saddened, but it is high time Yuki had his spot in the sunshine! Kyo should be more in volume 15, hopefully.

Bleach- It is about a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki who has the power to see ghosts. He mets a woman Rukia who is a Soul Reaper, whom helps the ghosts "pass on" to the Soul Society. Volume 14 is out and Bleach will be appearing on Cartoon Network on September 9 in english!

DramaCon- Ah! SOOO FUNNY! my friend lent me this Manga, which i believe was made in Canada or something like that. It is about a girl who goes to her first anime convention. There she meets a good looking guy by the name of Matt. This is such an awesome Manga that will have you lauging till the VERY last page and on! Number two is said to be released on October 30.

This is where i'll talk about some other Animes you guys should check out that are AWESOME!


DNAngel- A story about a boy named Daisuke (sounds like Diceka) whose family are phantum theifes! They are under a curse (or i guess you could call it that) which takes affect when the male member of the family turns 14. When he reaches that age (the age of LOVE! Lol) and sees his "secret maden" he turns into the natorious Dark Mousy! (i spelt his last name wrong) Very good touching Anime when some laughs and love! and even FIGHTING!can be found on either DVD or Manga. (7 DVDs)

Please Twins!- A story about a guy named Makiu who is an prhen. His only belonging that the orphanage gave him was a photograph of a little boy and a girl in a kiddy pool, he is the little boy but the girl he doesn't know who it is, is it a Relative or a Stranger? The house behind them he ends up buying, and to his surprise like a little while after he buys it, a beautiful young woman comes to his door saying that they were twins! but whats this? Another young woman saying the same thing! the MADNESS! Lol, its fantastic and full of laughs! Can be found only on DVD.

Inuyasha- This is a pretty popular Anime and Manga, but if you haven't heard of it yet, i'm here to tell you about it! Inuyasha is about a half dog demon boy by the name of Inuyasha (around the age of16-17). 50 years ago (In Feudal Times) Inuyasha was pinned to a tree (known later as the Sacred Tree) by the priestess Kikyo. Now the whole show is manley focused not only on the characters but an object, that of the Shikon no Tama, or Shikon Jewel. The Shikon Jewel was made from the soul of a VERY powerful priestess named Madoriko.(sp) Anyway, after Madoriko died (which will be explained sometime in the second season i believe) It was intrusted to the priestess Kikyo. (her name will come up a lot when someone talks of the Jewel) Skipping on, after Kikyo pinns Inuyasha to the tree, she ends up died from large wounds she obtained from "Inuyasha" She claimed that he betrayed her, and for that she pinned him to the Sacred Tree, which also put him in a spell that would keep him asleep forver. Before Kikyo dies she tells her sister to burn the jewel with her body, and so the sister who is about 6 or 7 (her name is Kaede) does what her sister wanted her to do. Now heres where the story really beings. In the presnet (Our time) A girl named Kagome Higarashi ends up falling into her familys well (they own a Shrine) and somehow after falling into it (she was actually dragged by a demon known as Mistress Centiped while looking for her cat, which her younger brother Sota said was stuck in the well) she fights the demon by somehow using a strange light in her hand. Anyway, she ends up in Feudal Japan where she is again attacked by Mistreee Centiped. She runs and runs and soon comesto the un conscious Inuyasha, where she plays with his ears (she loves to do this) and somehow ends up waking him from the spell Kikyo had placed upon him 50 years before. All in all, the Jewel was somehow inside Kagome and ends up coming out after a demon bites her side and she ends up braking the jewel with an arrow (you'll haft to see or read to see how) After smashing the Jewel thousands of "Shards" are skattered all over the place, and so Inuyasha and Kagome team up to go find them all and piece back the Skikon Jewel. Along the way they met Miroku, a lecherious Monk who has a wind tunnel in his right hand, (when he opens it, it is like a LARGE vacuum consumming eveyrhting in sight) Sango who is a demon slayer on a questto avenge her now dead Father, Brother and village, and Shippo a young fox demon all alone in the world. Their journey is not all fun and games but very treterious. But the best part is that they all have one common enimie, the demon Naraku. He is the reaosn for all the deaths i have mentioned, and for some decet! Its an AWESOME anime, they have MANY volumes out in DVD and many Magas are available, both in color or not.

FullMetal Alchemist- Also a very popular Anime out there now, and also a very good one. FullMetal Alchemist is about two boys by the names of Edward and Alphonse Elric. At a young age they began to practice the science of Alchemy. (where you turn things into other things, sorry for my poor description, its 2 in the Their father left them and their mother as well when they were young, but they don't seem to really mind since they are more connected to their mother. Anyway, one day as the boys (Edward being 7 and i believe Al is 6) come home they notice their mother lying on the floor not moving, and so they call for help. It ends up she has lost the will to live (im pretty sure) or has been sick for a very long time. (she missed her husband so much it killed her i think) anyway, she always was very happy when Ed and Al did Alchemy becuase it reminded her or her husband and so she always encouraged it. After the mother died Ed and Al went all over the world with an Alchemy teacher, trying to learn things so they can bring her back. So once they return home (about 2 or so years later) They know the basic formual to creating a human, all they need is to resorect the soul. Now, what they are doing is illegal to the science of Alchemy they must "exchange something of equel value" which is the basic law of Alchemy, but Al and Ed don't have what it takes to resorect their mother. While trying to bring her back, Al ends up being sucked intoa hellish void thing, which ends up eating his body. Luckily, Ed knew his Alchemy and bound Al's soul to a suit of armor befor it could be lost. It turned out that the mother did not come back (of course) and Ed lost an arm and a leg, but ends up getting something called "Automal" which is a fake arm and leg. They both go on a quest to find something called the Philosophers Stone which can, in theory, bring back a dead person. Ed enrolls in the military, so that to get information about the stone, and is given the name "FullMetal". A few volumes on DVD and Mangas as well. To see the whole series from start to finish visit The movie is also on the site. The movie continues right where the series ends.

Spirited Away- A very touching good Anime movie made by Miyazaki, who also made other famous movies such as "Kiki's Deliver Servious" "Castle in the Sky" "Valley of the Wind" and many others. Spirited Away is a story about a young girl by the name of Chihiro who, instead of moving to her new house, ends up on an adventure unlike any other. While going to their new home, Chihiro, kinda braty 9 year old or so girl, ends up going toan old "amusement" park, or so here father called it. Though not wanting to go, she ends up folling her parents into a deserted town full of resturants. Her mother and father stuffed thier faces full of un-known food, while Chihiro went looking for someone, anyone, who would be there. She ends up finding a bath house and meeting a boy who calls himself Haku. This movie is full of fantasy and bright colors that keep you glued to the t.v.! Can be found in DVD.

Ranma 1/2- Pretty funny Anime/Manga. Made from the creater of Inuyasha,Rumiko Takahashi.Anyway, this is a story about a highschool boy by the name of Ranma Saotome who feel into an enchanted spring which ended up casing him to change into a girl when splaced with cold water. (the spring is that of the drowning girl)Now can you imagine that? So much stuff ends up happeing to him and it is SO funny! highly recommend! In DVD and Manga.

Fruits Basket- Though i already have it on my profile, i thought i'd talk about it down here as well and tell what the show is really about. Now Fruits Basket is one of the BEST animes/mangas i have ever come across. Fruits Basket is about a highschool girl by the name of Tohru Honda. Torhu's fatherhad passed on at a young age, and so she and her mother became very close. Well, one day Tohrus mom ends up dieing in a car crash which leaves her then in the care of her old grandpa. Tohru, being incredible kind and sweet, didn't want to be a burdon on her grandfather, and so while he was making renavations on his house, she put up a tent in the woods. Now all would have been fine and dandy if it haddent been a mud slid. She ends up staying in a near by house that belongs to her class mate Yuki Sohma and his older cousin Shigure Sohma. Not long has she stayed till she finds out the terrible family secret...When hugged by a member of the oppisite sex or when their bodies come under a great deal of stress, the sohma family (select few of them) turns into one of the members of the Chinese Zodiac! After accidently falling on Kyo Sohma (she tripped) does she find out the secret that their family is under the curse. Kyo turns into the cat, though not in the Zodiac. Yuki turns into the Rat and Shigure turns into the dog. VERY funny, and very adorable Anime (concisting of 26 episodes) and Manga (which has been translated into 13 volumes so far) HIGHLY recommended!

Tsubasa Chronicles- Tsubasa is a very special anime that i can not wait until it comes out in english! It has recently been released in Japan ((i believe in January)). Tsubasa Chronicles is a story about a boy named Syaoran and a girl named Sakura. Sakura is princess of his home and even though hes not nobel ((i guess you could say)) she and him have been "childhood friends" for a long time. The point of the story is for Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane to get back Sakuras feathers, her "lost memories" from other demensions. Its a really awesome anime and should really be seen. You can find all of the episdoes on just type in at the top "tsubasa chronicles". Highly Recommended! Only 26 epsidoes are out at this current time.

(I'll be adding more here soon!)

Hey guys if you weren't bord enough i have some other stuff for you to check out! Ok, heres were i'll put the voice actors/actress of some shows in case you were wondering who the people were who did your favorite charcters! I know i like to look up that kind of stuff...anyway, enjoy! (ill do english for now)

Fruits Basket~

Tohru Honda- Laura Bailey
Kyoko Honda/Hostess (Ritsus mom)- Julie Mayfield
Kyo Sohma- Jerry Jewell
Yuki Sohma- Eric Vale
Shigure Sohma- John Burgmeier
Hatori Sohma- Kent Williams
Ayame Sohma- Christopher Sabat
Hatsuharu Sohma- Justin Cook
Kazuma Sohma- Dameon Clarke
Momiji Sohma- Kimberly Grant
Kisa Sohma- Kate Bristol
Hiro Sohma- Aaron Dismuke
Ritsu Sohma- Mike McFarland
Kagura Sohma- Meredith McCoy
Akito Sohma- Chad Cline
Arisa Uotani- Parisa Fahkri
Saki Hanajima- Daphne Gere
Kyo's Mother- Wendy Powell
Kisa's mother- Cynthia Cranz
Mogeta- Stacie Jollie
Mii- Elise Boughman
Motoko Minagawa- Jamie Marchi
Minami Kinoshita- Libby Smith
Teacher- Sonny Strait


Daisuke-Kevin Corn
Dark-Vic Mignogna
Risa- Luci Christian
Riku- Hilary Haag
Satoshi- Illich Guargiola
Krad- Greg Ayres
Daiki (Daisuke’s grandfather)- John Swasey
Emiko- Kelly Manison
Kosuke-Andy McAvin
With (Wiff)- Mariela Ortiz
Towa- Monica Rial
Saehara- Kira Vincent Davis
Detective Seahara-Jason Douglas
Mr. Hiwatari- John Gremillion
Yuki- Mariela Ortiz
Fukuda- Nancy Novotny
Ishii- Robin Terry
Mio- Jessica Boone
Tsubouchi- Ted Plister
Second Hand of Time- Christine Auten
Freedert- Sasha Paysinger
Elliot- Chris Patton
Kyle- John Gremillion
Sawamura- Allison Sumrall
Nishimura- Tiffany Grant


Inuyasha- Richard Cox
Kagome-Moneca Stori
Sango- Kelly Sheridan
Miroku- Kirby Morrow
Shippo- Jillian Michaels
Sesshomaru- David Kaye
Naraku- Paul Dobson
Kaede- Pam Hyatt
Kikyo- Willow Johnson
Myoga- Paul Dobson
Jaken- Don Brown
Rin- Brenna O’Brien
Koga- Scott McNeil
Sota- Saffron Henderson
Grandpa- French Tickner
Kagome’s Mom- Cathy Weseluck

Tsubasa Chronicles~

Syaoran- Miyu Irion
Sakura- Yui Makino
Kurogane- Tetsu inada
Fay D. Flowright-Daisuke Namikawa
Mokona-Modoki -Mika Kikuchi
Toya- Shinichiro Miki

Fullmetal Alchemist~
Edward Elric
- Vic Mignogna
Alphonse Elric- Aaron Dismuke
Trisha Elric- Lydia Mackay
Winry Rockbell- Caitlin Glass
Colonel Roy Mustang (the Flame Alchemist)- Travis Willingham
Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes- Luiz Laffey
First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye- Colleen Clinkenbeard
Father Cornello- Andy Mullins
Cray- Bob Carter
Bald- Andrew Chandler
Barry the Chopper- Jerry Jewell
Doctor Tim Marcoh- Brice Armstrong
Slicer Brothers- Bill Jenkins and Duncan Brannan
Old Man ((of the Ishbalan survivors))- Bill Flynn
Leo- Mike Sinterniklaas
Rick- Jamie Marchi
Teacher ((Scars))- Grant James
Paninya- Cynthia Cranz
Dominic- Matt Thompkins
Lyra- Monica Rial
Psiren- Luci Christian
Russell Trigum- Justin Cook
Fletcher Trigum- Avery Williams
Scar- Dameon Clarke
Scars older brother- Bill Townsley
King Bradley- Ed Blaylock
Lust- Laura Bailey
Gluttony- Chris Cason
Envy- Wendy Powell
Sloth- Lydia Mackay
Greed- Chris Patton
Wrath- Luci Christian

Fullmetal Alchmist the Movie- The Conquor of Shamballa~
Noah- Leah Clark
Dietlinde Eckart- Kelly Manison
Mabuse/Fritz Lang- Ed Blaylock
Karl Haushofer- John Swasey
((Others have already been mentioned above))

Naruto Uzumaki- Maile Flanagan
Sasuke Uchiha- Yuri Lowenthal
Sakura Haruno- Kate Higgins
Kakashi Hatake- Dave Wittenberg
Kurenai Yuhi- Saffron Henderson ((episod 3)) Mary Elizabeth McGlynn ((20+))
Hinata Hyuga- Stephanie Sheh
Kiba Inuzuka- Kyle Herbert
Shino Aburame- Shinji Kawada
Asuma Sarutobi- Doug Erholtz
Ino Ymanaka- Colleen O'Slaughnessey
Shikamaru Nara- Tom Gibis
Choki Akimichi- Robbie Rist
Mighty Guy- Skip Stellrecht
Neji Hyuga- Steve Staley
Rock Lee- Brian Donovan
Tenten- Danielle Judovits
Gaara- Lian O'Brian
Kankuro- Michael Lindsay
Temari- Tara Platt
Jiraiya- Richard Cansino
Third Hokage- Steve Kramer
Iruka Imino- Quinton Flynn
Haku- Susan Dalian ((child Haku is Mona Marshall))
Zambuza Momochi- Steven Jay Blum
Oochimary- Kujira Yuriko Yamaguchi
Kabuto Yakushi- Henry Dittman

Ok, i wanna thank ((Wikipedia)) for helping me with finding the people who do the voices to these great shows.

More will be added soon!

Hey there! i wonder how many times i've said that throughout this

anyway, i just want to say again thank you all for reviewing! It really means a lot to me that you guys like my story, thank you all! and i just wanna thank my friends real fast...Heather, thank you SO much for taking time out of your day to correct Shadowed Fate and for supporting me and my writting! and for introducing me to Tsubasa Chronicles!Elena, haha, thanks for showing me Fruits Basket and for all that you've done for me since kindergarden! Josh, thanks for helping me when i was down and for being there for me when i was lost. Thanks for suppoting me with my writting and for caring! Atiera, oh Atiera...hehe, thanks for helping me get the great ideas i do! haha, your good inspiration! Alyssa, thanks for all you've done for me and for being there! Hehe, all the Hatori parts i write are for you! Thank you for the pictures you send me! Jessie, JESSIE! hehe, thanks for drawing the characters to Shadowed Fate and for all the drawings you do for me! Hey, when im i getting that copy of Akito in his "true form"!

anyway, just wanted to "Write out" to my friends!

Thank you all again and i'll try and update really soon!


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