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Author has written 5 stories for Digimon, Peanuts, and Detective Conan/Case Closed.

It’s December 2012 & the Mayan Calendar says the world ends this month. Sucks that all the Mayans are gonna die… but as that could possibly include me, here are the awesome stories I regret I will never be able to finish reading: Windfall-Ysabet (Conan/MKK), et all-too-many-stories - Rebecca Tailweaver(Conan/MKK), Chain- Chickage Stollen (Spiral), Present Time – Alandrem (Inuyasha), Turnabout is Fair Play – Ookami-chan (Inuyasha), Tiger Hunt – X-Parrot (One Piece), Doubtless Dropping Off – Victoria Hughes (YuGiOh), Smile for the Camera - FanfictionWriter83729 (Transformers) [DON’T JUDGE ME!, (a wonderful yugioh story I can’t remember the title of or the author of that was on ffn one moment and gone the next before I had the first thought of saving things to Word back in 2001), Painful Secrets – Misty Mermaid (Pokemon), Escaflowne:Continuation – Babyshampoo (Escaflowne) & Swiftgold’s Ronin Warriors Archive as a whole (I miss u).

But as my version of heaven is the library from Beauty & the Beast & contains all stories that are, were, & could have been, I’ll finish reading them there. You are all invited, the dress is pajamas only (bring your own plushie) and a copy of Fallout fully finished will be on the table by the fireplace.

And If I wind up in hell I’ll have killed Lucifer (if I cannot turn him to my control) in a manner that will never be traced to me, taken over by the end of the first week, have installed previously stated library, but this one will contain more porn. Dress warmly cuz I like hell freezing cold.

The Stuff:


For Linus: A poem I wrote for class a long time ago and had to publish online somewhere for extra credit. Just ignore it.

The Candy Con: Four am madness. It came to me while I was working on Fallout and demanded to be written. Considering who his mother is and Conan's disposition able to turn 'the cute' on and off, I found the premise amusing.

The Cask of Amontillado: A bit of a technical piece. I decided to try passing the Detective Conan franchise through the mirror of Edgar Allen Poe. Specifically the short story of the same name. I did my best to try matching the plot as closely as I could to the original story. Why? Because I love Poe. It's wonderfully dark and evil and full of murder. Conan could do well here. (And he's certainly moody enough for Poe _) Also a bit of a Halloween special. A spin-off of Detective Conan OVA 2: 16 Suspects.


Darkness in Light: a Digimon 02 fic and spin-off of episode 13 "His Master's Voice" that I started a very long time ago. On hiatus.

Fallout: Repercussions: a Detective Conan continuance of movie 13 The Raven Chaser. Canon specific.


Darkness in Light update: Hiatus. Sorry, it'll have to wait until I find my digimon tapes so I can rewatch the series, I've forgotten too much. Thanks to a few moves, all my reference material for this one is in storage. Again, I'm really sorry about this and to those who might have thought I abandoned this story (I haven't) I'll see you guys again soon.

Update 4/30/12 Wow, its been along time since my last update, both here and the next Fallout chapter. I'm really really sorry about that. And I'm very thankful to those of you who found this humble, simple, monstrous, way too long, ginormous, takes-forever-to-update story... and who wait so patiently. Thanks. Yes, it's taken a while. The unfortunate nature of writing a duel-chapter style, if an event I'm writing happens in one chapter, it actually happens in two, and if an event lasts two chapters, it technically happens in four, thus your long wait. And chapter 14 is a MONSTER. Every time I think I'm almost there, I realize I forgot to do a scene for this or that and it just keeps getting longer. I hope you'll agree the wait was worth it. Anyhow, the end is in sight now. All that's left is two mini-scenes, a few re-writes, and good edit to tighten everything up. I had hoped to be done by the end of April but it's just not going to happen, but it is coming soon. And by soon, I hope to be done with the first two of those in a couple weeks. When the percentage reads 98%, all I have left is the last. And I swear to God Zelda: Skyward Sword has NOTHING to do with your wait.

Upddate 7/6/12 I love Fridays! Anyway, new chapter is up! I had a lot of fun writing this chapter so I hope you enjoy. Especially since I've left you with the chapter 6(10) ending for so long. Poor Kaito. I left him with you guys all broken for such a long time. Yes its cuz I'm an evil evil b*tch. Anyhow, new chapter. It's a long one, the longest chapter yet and somewhere around 50 pages. So I hope this tides y'all over for awhile. I've got art projects I've been putting off for about two years cuz of this story and I just took on a second job cuz Gamestop is the worst job ever. I swear, penalizing/taking away people's work hours cuz you didn't make enough people sign up for our stupid reward pro card in the measly three hours a week they barely give you ain't right. God what I wouldn't give for a real job that I actually enjoy. Okay, enough complaining. I'll be very busy for a good long while so please be patient.

Update 9/27/12 Actually starting to twiddle a bit on the next chapter but it looks like its gonna be a monster. Actually sat down and looked at the reviews for the first time in a long long time. Some of you seem to ask a lot of questions. There's way to many reviews to go about answering everything but if you really want some kind of answer or response to your questions please pm me. I always welcome them. And for those of you that asked why my story said Sera under characters for a while, I have no idea why it said that. I didn't put that there. Just some weird voodoo when ffn did some updates, its been fixed since then. And wolfsdaughter, I'd be happy to give you a hand on your cosplay item but your reviews dont give me a way to write back and discussing it on this profile section would be cumbersome. Try pm-ing me.

Update 5/27/13 I have officially rejoined life. I've been gone awhile. I'm sorry. I was on the moon...with Steve. Well not really but just about. My brother moved up his wedding since his fiance's grandfather had been diagnosed with cancer and left us four months-ish to plan a wedding. FOUR MONTHS!!! Dear god! Everything went out the window. I have christmas presents and birthday presents for friends that are still laying around. Sorry nightpounce, ur pillow's only 1/5 done, and I'll make ur Jack soon Nessa. My sis-in-law to be asked me to make her veil for the wedding and I did nothing but sew every hour I was awake for months. It took all my time. And I am never working with lace again. EVER! And after the wedding, I was absolutely exhausted. I had no energy for anything let alone working on this monster story... so I wrote a faq for gamefaqs. (makes sense to me) which I'm almost finished with. Still kinda down about not having any more conan now that dctp stopped doing eps. T_T (if someone's picked it up, can someone tell me) Anyway, things I'm working on: the next chapter (for reals this time!), and building my next location in minecraft so I can keep the layout straight. Those who are impatient with me can yell at me in person at AKON in Dallas May 30-Jun 2. I'll be the only KID at the prom per usual. (as I've been the only one for the last 3 yrs its a safe bet if u see a kaitou kid there, its me)

Ch 1 - 13 - done/posted

Ch 14 - 100% (Wow, this story's almost 500 pages!)

Ch 15 - 15%(outline under revision)

Ch 16 - 7%(outlined)

Ch 17 - 7%(outlined)

Ch 18 - 3%(outlined)

everything else - bits and pieces

I will always keep a chapter in reserve (so don't ask)

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