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So, this is my profile. An empty side waiting to be filled with words. Or not. Surely nobody said it's a duty. But, seriously, if you go to a profile, don't you rather like it if there's something you can read? Well, I do. That's why I'm writing this stuff here right now. ;)


Everything I wrote about CSI isn't going to be finished in the next time. I'm sorry, but inspiration for them isn't my best friend at the moment. But even if it will be in some time in the future, I probably won't be able to write, due to a lack of time, because I happen to be really busy right now. But I can promise you that I will finish every fanfic here sooner or later (if I'm publishing it depends on the feedback I get – so: review!)

For everyone who's wondering, I changed my nickname. It was "sunny66sara" before.

Besides, I took some fanfictions away from the side, because I didn't like the style anymore (way too childish). One day I will go over them and publish a new, better version of it – promise!

I'm currently working things out with my application to University - it's really really hard to get the hang of all this UCAS stuff if you only know the German school system. But I'll get there.

My other self about me:

I am currently 19 years old/young, live in Germany and call myself Sunny. In my spare time I'm not only working on my fanfics, but also on my book series I would like to have published some nice day. Additionally, I'm realising my lifelist on which are all the things I'm desperate to do once in my life and from which I already could cross some few things out.


...animal: cats, moles, wombats (love them!)

...colour: blue

...numbers: 3, 7, 11, 13 of the week: Friday, because than you can have both: your friends at school and your friends outside of school (because you have actually time for them when you're not forced to do homework). Plus you can stay up long. scrambled eggs, noodles with spinach, raclette (I'm not quite sure if that's the english word?), tiramisu, salad, apples, bananas, red pepper, feta cheese

...subjects (when I still went to school): English (obviously), Biology, Maths (just because I got a real good teacher last year)

...places: Wales, Scotland, Red Rocks, Philadelphia (though I just saw the airport), Ireland, England

...smell: summer rain, fresh mowed grass, tea-tree oil, the smell of the spring

...series: Private Practice (I just love Amy Brenneman!), Grey's Anatomy (Shonda Rimes rocks), House, M.D., Pushing Daisies, Gilmore Girls (I'm sure my mum would like it if she just gave it a chance, but at the moment she still hates it), Medium, Flash Forward, Monk (I love Monk!), Buffy (I'm recently become a fan of it and ohhhh SPIKE!!! )

I think I'm over my CSI period, because the new episodes just... suck.

...books: Where rainbows end, P.S. I love you, Thanks for the memories (you maybe noticed it, I'm a huge fan of Cecelia Ahern), Harry Potter 3 and 7, Before I die, Next thing on my list, The ten best things in my life, The Raging Quiet and two books I don't know the english title for (the German ones are "Jugend ohne Gott" and "Hannah liebt nicht mehr") Man from Earth; Harry Potter 5, 7.1 & 7.2; Serendipity; The boy in the striped pyjamas; Avatar; Inception Rock, Irish, musicals

...actors/actresses: Kevin Spacey, Lucy Boynton, Johnny Depp, Emma Watson (don't you just love her? She's gorgeous!)

Pairings I like:

CSI: Sara/Catherine (OMG, I'm totally fallen for it), Sara/Grissom, Sara/Brass (thanks to loose-canon-with-a-gun who will sadly never read this =(), Catherine/Warrick is also very sweet, though I'm normally not reading it that much

HP: Remus/Sirius (I just love love love them together! They're the cutest couple ever ever EVER!), Hermione/Severus, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Blaise, Ginny/Blaise, James/Lily and a lot more...

Private Practice: Cooper/Violet all the way (They are sooo cute! They actually happen to be my third favourite couple from all the shows/books), Sam/Naomi is also sweet. I'm quite into Cooper/Charlotte by now (I wasn't in the beginning), but if I had to decide I would still choose Violet for him. I also like Dell/Naomi, if it's just one-sided (Dell's in love with her and she's just being nice and everything).

Grey's Anatomy: I loved Denny with Izzie, but think the "relationship" they had after he died wasn't good (he just was so protective and possessive). I like Izzie/Alex, because I think she's good for him. Loved Callie with Erica (though I don't think Erica is very pretty - sorry!) and Callie/every other girl. Addison/Alex in the beginning was also nice and funny. Mark/Lexie rules!! And I'm really getting into Cristina/Dr. Hunt (sorry can't remember his first name...) in the moment. George/Lexie was cute in the beginning, but I believe Mark's better for her. Callie/Sadie!

House, M.D.: House/Cameron (I know it didn't work out, I just like the thought of it...), House/Thirteen (in the beginning), Wilson/Amber (ohhh, loved it!) and surprisingly Cameron/Chase (I had a long period when I didn't like them together, because I don't like Chase that much, but after I wrote a fanfic about them myself, I began to like them).

Pushing Daisies: Ned/Chuck (of course) and Ned/Olive (but I think it should be only one-sided, because Ned wouldn't give up Chuck for Olive)

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai/Luke (they're perfect for each other!), Emily/Richard (I think they just rule and together they're so good), Sookie/Jackson is also cute and Rory belongs to Logan, I think (though I did like Jess with her as well, but think she's grown up now and fits better with Logan).

Medium: Allison/Joe (who doesn't love them?) and Lee with this blonde girl there (what's her name again?) is also nice

Buffy: Buffy/Spike (well, I am realistic enough to admit she may not love him and she'll always love Angel, but I still love them together and I think what Buffy lacked in feelings for Spike (which may would have changed with time if he didn't die) he definitely made up for in loving her!), Buffy/Angel (I used to like them really much together, but then Spike came along and he was just better XD but I still like them together), Willow/Tara (though I never really liked Tara I liked that Willow was happy with her and I think that's really all that matters), Willow/Kennedy, Willow/Xander (in the beginning), Anya/Xander (all the sex talk - hilarious!)

Pairings I don't like:

CSI: Well, I've read almost everything by now and I can said I don't hate a pairing, but ones I don't really like are Grissom with another man (come on, it's just ridiculos to think Grissom's gay) or Warrick with another man (I also don't think he's gay). Greg/Nick otherwise is actually cute, but I'm not reading it often.

HP: In general, I don't like someone good with someone evil, for example Bellatrix with Hermione, because it's just not very realistic (Draco and Severus don't count because they're not really evil, in Severus' case even a proven hero). I don't like if Molly or Arthur are with someone else, because I think it destroys the picture of love they stand for. It's the same with James and Lily, though I like Lily with Severus, if it's canon (So she ends up with James in the end. Every other thing just doesn't fit for Severus and would ruin his tragic character). I think Harry/Sirius is ridiculous, because Sirius would never ever in his whole life betray James like that, even if he is madly in love with Harry.

Oh, and even if I like the pairing and everything, I don't like stories where Peter is described as the worst person living or as totally stupid or without any good attributes at all, because it's just not true. I mean, he was in Gryffindor and he was a good friend of James, Sirius and Remus and I'm sure there is a reason for both of this, even if we don't know it. If the story is - apart from that - really really well-written, I'd probably finish reading it, but I will never - I repeat, never - review this stuff. It's just wrong. Thanks for your attention.

Private Practice: Violet/Pete (because I think she belongs to Cooper), Addison/Pete (Because I just think it's... boring. I don't like Pete much. He was good with Megan, I think.)

Grey's Anatomy: I think Meredith/Derek is boooring, though they're – of course – made for each other. Addison/Mark also wasn't the right thing, though kinda sweet indeed. George/Callie wasn't either. George/Meredith was never possible, and Izzie/George was just... well, friendship (I still think they should have stayed as friends).

House, M.D.: House/Cuddy (she deserves better), Cuddy/Wilson (can be cute, but they're not really made for each other I believe), Cameron/Wilson and things like that.

Pushing Daisies: Ned/Olive if not one-sided

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai/Christopher (she belongs to Luke, and no one else!), Rory/Dean (mostly because I don't like Dean).

Medium: Can't think of something. Is there actually any other pairing than the ones I've mentioned above (and which I obviously like)?

Buffy: hmm... can't think of one I really didn't like. :)

Characters I like:

CSI: It used to be Sara and Grissom, but I think it's Catherine right now. I still like Grissom, and Saras fucking adorable (I ignore the fact she left), but Catherine's... not so easy to get to know, I think. I believe liking Catherine that much now has to do with growing up a bit. Greg's also very cool. =)

HP: There are so many, I think I'll make a list... (I'm still confused with the next generation, so I won't mention them here)

1. Sirius/Remus/Severus (sorry you guys have to share this position)
2. Hermione (she's just so... lovely!)
3. Lily (who doesn't love the girl/woman who cares for everybody?)
4. Ginny (she's cheeky, she's cute and she's a redhead)
5. James (he's just cute!)
6. Blaise (a hot Slytherin who is still not that much involved with all this muggle/mudblood hate – I love him!)
7. Draco (He's good-looking and he's not the asshole we all thought he is. In fact, he is lonely.)
8. Luna (she's adorable!)
9. McGonagall (I think she's pretty fair)
10. Tonks (you just have to love Tonks, even if maybe not with Remus. I personally liked them in the book, but am far too much into Sirius/Remus to read much Remus/Tonks in fanfics)

Ron's fun to read, but I don't really like him that much...

Private Practice: Violet and Cooper are the best! Charlotte and Addison rule, too. Sam and Naomi are both nice, Dell also.

Grey's Anatomy: I love Cristina. Lexie rules. I used to like Izzie very much, but Denny (the living one) more. Mark's nice, and Callie is, too. And Bailey's soooo my hero.

House, M.D.: Wilson, House, Cameron, Thirteen and Amber

Pushing Daisies: Chuck, Ned, Olive

Gilmore Girls: My favourite characters were Lorelai, Luke, Emily, Richard and Michel. I like Rory, Logan and Jess too, just not as much. And Paris rules! And Lane, how could I've forgotten Lane?

Medium: Allison, Joe, Arial, Briget (omg, I love her!), Marie, Lee

Buffy: Spiiiiiiiiiiike all the way! :), Willow, Buffy, Giles, Xander, Anya, Angel

Characters I don't like:

CSI: I don't care much about Nick (he's too much of a sunnyboy, I need it deeper). Eddie's an ass.

HP: To be honest, I really don't like what became of Albus Dumbledore in the last books. I don't care about Wood (or Quidditch), and I don't read about Harry often. I think it's because since all the books are about him, he's kinda done. Fudge is much more of a rat than Peter was (I don't like what he did and everything, but at least he is interesting to write). I think Winky is just annoying.

Private Practice: Don't like Pete that much, didn't like Dell in the beginning (changed now!)

Grey's Anatomy: I don't like Derek, because he's just so arrogant. Meredith I also don't like much, because she's always complaining and never doing anything about that. I didn't like Burke. And Dr. Webber gets on my nerves.

House, M.D.: I didn't like Chase at first, which has changed now. Foreman and Taub aren't my favourite people, too.

Pushing Daisies: Can't think of someone I really don't like.

Gilmore Girls: I hate Christopher! He always got in the way and was annoying and everything. Dean was too much the good, perfect boy for me. Jackson's cousin (Run was his name, I think?) was soooo annoying. Kirk is funny, but can get on my nerves after a while.

Medium: I like them all! Well, maybe not Megan Doyle...

Buffy: hmm... maybe Dawn and Riley, Dawn because she was kind of annoying and Riley was just not interesting enough I guess

Now, a few random details about me:

> I love my life

> I would do everything for my family

> I would also do everything for my friends

> I would do almost everything for almost everybody

> even – or maybe especially – for the ones that don't treat me nicely

> I can, contrary to what the general opinion is, laugh very good at myself – if it's funny

> I always want to have everything

> so I want to be an author and an agent later and and found a big project one day

> and additionally invent a whole new job

> I want to have tons of cats some day

> I would love to have a chauffeur later

> I would like to learn how to fly

> but I will never be allowed to use any machine

> because I have a sickness which no one can identify,

> and by which I not only get dizzy,

> but also I can't see anything for longer and briefer times

> and which precludes me from doing sports for years now

> said sports I normally like,

> even if I'm telling myself the opposite

> I am a liar,

> who claims never to lie

> I am a manipulateur,

> who detests this attribute

> I like to talk about myself,

> still every other person in the world is more important to me than I am

> I am totally complicated

> and yet so easy

> I love bowling

> and swimming,

> which happens to be the only sport I can do,

> because you don't fall deep in the water

> and you also won't be hit at the head by balls you can't see

> I finally got an A in social behaviour

> which I really deserve

> and I'm absolutely vain,

> but not lost in reality

> I am an optimist

> and I hate realism more than pessimism,

> because pessimism you don't have to take serious

> I was good at chemistry

> and now I've got no idea of it

> I am very proud

> and therefore stubborn

> if I were able to govern the world,

> I wouldn't do it,

> because I know I would suck at it

> I owe much to many people

> and am thankful for that every day

> and everything that's written here is true

> although it isn't all

My opinion on the Twilight series

So well, because I feel like everyone says something about Twilight on their profile, I thought I could do the same.

(I've only read the first and I think one third of the second book by now (though I've bought the first one last summer, I did read it a month ago or so, because I don't like to like things that everyone likes and I felt I would like it (I figured I used the word "like" a lot in this sentence. lol.), so I didn't want to read it within all these crazy people talking about Twilight all the bloody time.), so I can't really say I know anything, but my I'm going to share my impression so far and update it when I've read all of the books, 'kay?)

Stephenie Meyer has indeed written a good book. But I think it's good, not brilliant. I did enjoy it very much, and I think she has made up nice characters, but I think the book isn't worth this hype (no offence). Edward is in my eyes made up to get the interest of young teenage girls (like him being perfect and everything), and I don't think that is what writing should be about. Bella's character is in my opinion not really plausible (really, like you wouldn't be afraid being in a house full of vampires) and seems to be lost without Edward which makes her a very weak protagonist. The other characters are quite good I think, it's just this Edward-is-the-perfect-man-and-Bella-isn't-able-to-do-anything-without-him-thing that annoys the hell out of me. I think, according to Stephenie Meyer's potential (which you can see in the minor characters of the book), she could have done much better.

The movie, however, was really awful. I've seen the movie before I finished the first book, and I didn't understand a thing. After I read the book, I could at least follow the plot (yes, I've seen it again), but I still don't think it's any good. The story isn't told the right way, if you don't know it, you don't understand it, and, which really annoyed me, I hated the main actors. I think Robert Pattinson can never, ever portray Edward, who is described to be "sooo beautiful you couldn't take your eyes off him" (I admit that Robert Pattinson isn't and was never my type, but even if he was, he still couldn't live up to the expectations you have from the book). Kirsten Stewart is indeed beautiful, but that's it. She isn't a very good actress in my eyes (I just couldn't understand what the hell she was seeing in Edward, the whole love thing didn't came across at all.) and her voice wasn't any good, too (neither was Robert Pattinson's or the ones of the german voice actors; it just didn't fit the tone of the movie). Plus Edward seemed to be not only over-protective, but also really aggressive. I wouldn't have fallen for him if hell froze over.

Oh, and I didn't even realise what the hell was special about Edward in the sunlight when I first saw the movie. Honestly, did anyone really see him sparkling?!

The only thing I liked about the movie was the soundtrack - it's brilliant.

April 2010: Okay, here it goes. I've finished all four books some months ago and found it was necessary to update this section, as I said I would after reading them all, but I don't want to delete what I wrote before because it shows what my first impression was like. So I decided to just put another pharagraph behind it.

As for the books, I still think the same about the first one - good, but nothing special. That's mostly the same with the second book, so I won't give you any more details about it here. The third book, however, was much better - and the fourth was, in my opinion, the best of all four. I think that might be because the focus wasn't only on Bella and Edward all the time, but the minor characters got much more attention, too. I liked how Bella tried to learn as much as she could in such a short time and how Stephanie Meyer portrayed her feelings during these hard times. What I didn't like though was how Jacob made things so hard for Bella, I came to like him a lot before this, but now I don't think very high of him. I also disliked the way Bella treated Edward when she found out she was in love with him AND Jacob and I think the way Edward dealt with it was really really implausible. And I think Jacob should've imprinted on Leah, for he imprinting on Bella's daughter isn't very creative. But, all in all, the first two books were nice, but sadly predictable whilest the last two books were quite good, but still not very special. So yeah, I'm still of the opinion that Stephanie Meyer's books aren't worth the hype - but everyone should like what one shall like.

As for the second movie (I watched it on a flight from New York back to my home), I was surprised to see it was much better than the first one (especially because a friend of mine who has the same opinion about the Twilight series said it was worse), but I guess that's because there was much more Bella and less Edward in it (I really really really don't get what anybody could possibly see in Robert Pattinson - and yes, I already disliked him in Harry Potter -, but that's just another riddle out there in the world).

That's all, thanks everybody out there who actually read all this! XD

Here is something I was thinking about for some time now:

They say if you are unique and special, and show it, people will love you. They at least do it in books. Why then, why is everybody looking at me like I'm mad when I stop to watch a leaf fall down? Remember – when did you stop to watch a leaf fall down the last time? You can't remember? Please do it the next time. It's beautiful. Years ago all people did was watching leafs fall down and wondering why they did it. Just because we know the reason for leafs falling down now, is it less special?

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Warnung: Charaktertod „Sara, ist alles in Ordnung mit dir?“, fragte Catherine besorgt.„Ja. Mir geht es gut.“, Sie stand auf und verließ das Zimmer. Sie brauchte jetzt Zeit für sich um über all das nachzudenken.
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Ich bin nicht überflüssig. Ich bin mächtig. Ich bedeute etwas. Ich bedeute sogar eine Menge. Ich bedeute so viel, dass mir mein Lord große Aufgaben gibt. Aufgaben, von denen du gedacht hast, ich könnte sie nicht bewältigen. OneShot
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I’m not wrong.“, she said and more tears collect in her eyes. /GSR/
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