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Author has written 2 stories for Fruits Basket, and Naruto.

Name: Ha! I'm still keeping that a secret. Though those who I have corresponded with (via email) know my name. Or do you? -cackles maniacly-

Age: Currently 19 year old college student on break (consequently, I didn't exactly sign up for any classes during the summer, whether it be term I or II) Freshman...again -_-;

Hobbies: I love reading manga, watching anime, and reading novels. My one true passion is sleeping XD

All time Favorite anime (Since otherwise, I'd have the longest list in the world!):

Bleach, Naruto (surprising, isn't? Everyone else is already pissed by all the fillers), Blood + (hated the ending though), Gundam 00 (I love Setsuna!! He's so sexy. Especially in the second season XD), Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (anime movie that rocked! If you haven't watched it, you really should), Soul Eater (finished this series in one damn week. Nevermind the fact that I was still in school and was working on two research papers and studying for finals. Couldn't help it. This anime is just that awesome. Ending was a tad anti-climatic. Though with the manga still going, I'm hoping there's a better ending), Hatenkou Yuugi aka Dazzle (I loved this series. Watched it back when it was airing -- Yes, I watch anime subbed. Actually prefer it that way. Only one I still watch in dub is Bleach, and that's occasional -- I absolute adore the relationship of Rahzel, Alzeid and Hitan. I'm still hoping for a second season) Oh, man and D. Gray-Man. That anime was the shit! I really loved it. Especially Allen and Lavi.

Favorite Manga:

Yeah, as of now I pretty much read anything I get my hands (or in this case, eyes) on when I'm at onemanga or mangafox. Until Death do Us Part is super awesome!! Faster than a kiss (even though it takes forever to be updated), The Wallflower (this one seems like it's going nowhere...still I live for the say Kyohei and Sunako finally realize, that yes goddammit they love each other!!) Fruits Basket (I actually finally finished it. Thanks to the public library near my school I was able to get up to volume twenty (I own nine myself). The rest I read online. So for those reading Fire & Ice, I'm going to be way more influenced by the manga now). I read a lot xD

Favorite band:

Definetly Avenged Sevenfold. Not only are their names awesome (alias' really, since who would name their child Johnny Christ? Or Synyster for that matter??) but their music rocks! And, thanks to one of my outstanding friends, I have one of their shirts!! (Thanks Mii :DD)
Others too, but their not as important to mention :P

Currently, I have a total of forty, maybe more, stories I'm writing (give or take a few. I sort of lose count after awhile since coming up with the idea is way easier than actually writing the story itself)
In my sorry lifetime, I've only completed a total of two (sad, isn't it?). Comically enough, both are pretty bad since I finished them in one summer at the insistence of a friend of mine who had been following them closely. It was part of a trilogy that was never really finished (since I kinda got distracted while writing the third with an idea for a fourth -_-;;)

So why re-write a story? I felt kinda bad since I'd run out of ideas for the current one. I figured if I wrote it again (and fixed it up) I'd probably be able to finish it. Hopefully, this time round, this story (and it's sequel) will be finished.

Its true that I've been working on other stories, but they're all just plain fiction. I haven't really written fanfiction in awhile (though I do occasionally drabble in it) That's why I decided its time to stop moping about writer's block and actually do something. Hence the rewriting process.

Now, now, no need for any agonized screaming. I'm hoping I can keep the original work from becoming too deluded with my cynicsm (kidding). But I will try to keep it as close to what I had planned as possible. After reading it the other day I was so disgusted I nearly threw up. I can't believe I actually used to write like that! (shudders) So as I have stated, I will try to redo; adding more details, fixing grammer mistakes and spelling, and definetly working on plot development (not something I'm too proud of)

So, I hope everyone will be patient with me, as I try and fix this dysfuntional story.


Fire & Ice (Under revision)Currently working on it. I'm hoping to at least re-write six or more chapters (to be up to date with the current story) before deleting it all and replacing it with the revised version. There are some changes, but hopfully they aren't too different from the current. I am hoping that with this new version, I will be able to continue the story in the direction I had been planning all along. For all new and old fans, I apologize for the inconvinience. I do promise more witty combacks (well, I would hope they caused at least someone to laugh) and a better plot development (as I realized I pretty much threw things together).

As of right now, Fire & Ice shall be my main focus (primarily). I'm hoping to keep other writing to a minimum, since I don't want to distract myself too much. As of now (2/18/09) I have two chapters completed. I'm currently working on re-writing the third. (It's harder than I initially thought it would be, that's for sure)

-- (Random excerpt of the month. Actually something I was working on. Dunno if this'll be a sort of prologue of sorts. I'll put the summary in italics before the actually writing (in case anyone cares what they're reading about XD)

Jaden Hunter has a secret. Unlike other seventeen year old males, he’s a model. A very famous one to boot. Of course, with his personality, finding jobs isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Finally fed up with her son’s attitude, his mother decides to send him to live with her ex-husband, hoping the change in scenery will cool down his fiery temper. Sadly, he isn’t at all prepared for what awaits him there. Not only will he be attending one of London’s most exclusive boarding schools, but he’ll be living there for two months! To make matters worse, he and his roommate don’t exactly get along. Not to mention the fact that the guy has a secret that rival Jaden’s!

He couldn’t remember a time when he could walk out of his house wearing nothing but the clothes on his back. These days, if he wasn’t wearing a hat to hide his hair, or shades to hide his eyes, he was forced to run for his life. The last time he had forgotten to take a precaution, he’d been forced to run around the east side of New York shirtless, in winter. Definitely not the best experience in the world.

Being a model really wasn’t what is was cut out to be. He wasn’t just simply Jaden. He was Jaden Hunter; model boy extraordinaire that had the media at his back twenty-four seven, and half the female population trying to steal his underwear. Throw in a deranged lunatic of a mother prone to bouts of insanity, a closet pervert for a manager, and a MIA agent who was almost always useless, especially when it came to protecting him.

Oh yeah, life was just great.

Unlike most seventeen year old males who worried about graduating from high school and finding a prom date, he was forced to worry about his image. Like that woman so nicely put it, the media were like wolves; all they wanted was to rip him to shreds.

Did he want to worry about those things? Hell no. What sane individual would? Clearly a deranged one, if that were the case. After all, having lived this way for most of his life, he was fed up with it. But did that woman care? Do pigs fly?

And they wondered why he had an attitude.

Most people assumed he had it easy. All he had to do was pose in front of a camera right? After all, even a flippin’ monkey could do it. Except of course, monkeys didn’t go crazy from the lack of sleep or constant stalking!

He was sick and tired of the lifestyle others had created for him. For once in his life he wanted to spread his own wings. Even if he ended up crashing into the ground or taking a nose dive off a cliff. As long as it was his effort, he was pretty sure that he’d be pleased, no matter the outcome.

So what if they thought he was crazy? Jaden wanted something he could protect with his own hands. Was that too much to hope for?

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