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Hey! This is Demeter Fenir! If any of you know Artemis Fenir, gundam wing chick, then you all know me! I'm writing on my own, but I still co authoress to Artemis! And she's my co authoress! I will add more to this soon!

Hey! How is everyone! Sorry for the long wait, but my computer decided to get sick and it took a while to fix him. Anyway, hope you guys like it and hope you review, but if you're going to flame me, at least have a soild point to stand on will ya? And don't bash me because the story is starting off a little slow. It just works that way.

Oh! And I almost forgot! I have a DA account! You can check out my work if you like! I might even make you something if you ask!

PLEASE CHECK OUT MY AT: ht tps : // www . . com / DemeterFenir


Check me out! XD


I'm sorry to all my readers for the slow progress of my current story, but my computer as been shutting down and

I have just now got it working. I am still working on my current chapter and it was not dropped; however, it is really long. So, please be patient with me and keep reading!

So! I thought I'd give you guys a bit of info on me! Hope you don't mind! Anyways, I'm a gal in the USA just typing for the love of Dragon Ball! Everyone says I'm crazy about it, but if you ask me...I'm just an expert!

My favorite character is Gohan, so all my stories will involve him. I love Videl as his mate! Who wouldn't? The daughter of the man that stole his thunder! Talk about irony!

When it comes to music, i love hard stuff! I only make some exceptions to this rule, so if I say it's a good song, believe me, I'm not being mainstream about it.

My favorite anime is DBZ of course! It has been since i was five and will always be on top!

So, there's a little about me, i might update later if i think of anything else, but til then...DBZ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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