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Author has written 29 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Armored Core, Fire Emblem, Muv-Luv/マブラヴ, and Ace Combat.

Warning: Reader Discretion is Advised!

The following contains various tropes. If you don't realize what those are, stop reading and go to Tv Tropes, that will ruin your life far quicker than I. Content may be unfit for young children. Airshipping is Canon- DEAL WITH IT. If you Don't Like, Don't Read: (Rectify and) Game(s) instead (No TRON implied). Lastly, the following Disclaimer is as follows "Dis has been Claimed", because we all know that they're completely pointless.

Airship Canon, AKA: Aethership Canon (of GaiaOnline) and Huff N Puff 20 (of GameFAQs) here. Mostly a gamer, but I do have my knack of writing. As far as fanfiction goes, it's mostly for Tales of Symphonia and Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

Oft a victim of severe Writer's Block- anything not a 1-shot has a high chance of being halted.

I'm sticky to pairings: Colloyd (Lloyd/Colette) from ToS and Celuria (Celice/Yuria) in FE4 are my OTPs- not that I don't like other pairings but you'll practically only see me writing with those two in mind.It's not possible, really, for me to not imply them, so yeah.

Regarding Fire Emblem: PEME: Personal Experience Means Everything, look, I know Diadora is supposedly bad... I level her to 30 anyways-- she's a monster, blows up anyone she fights, sure she can't tank but hey she's an offensive goddess and that makes Celice a murder machine! Leaf not capping MDEF? Since when!? And Corpul? He can either: Not exist (preferred, Having Sharlow and his Berserk is so much Better) or is a Rezbot with Valkyrie (If I'm pairing Sylvia, its with Claude whether he (or Tiltyu (who gets paired with Azel anyways)) likes it or not).

May Be Based on True Events: I use my own experiences in the games as the basis for my fanfics: If something notable takes place in a fanfic- it might just have happened in a run, Like Rana charging herself to death or having Celice tank Yuria so they fall in love- the same is NOT true of my ToS fanfics which are a more disjointed set, but I've got less to work with in terms of gameplay making the story.

Note on poor Rana: That poor girl seems to be my "butt monkey" of sorts, winding up quite dead (rather violently, too) in two of my fics. It's not that I don't like her (in fact, she's my favorite amongst Second-Gen Healers (Sety is a fighter, dammit! HOLSETY!)), it's just, she's just so squishy, and well, has Charge (in the case of "Shards of Glass") and is a healer ("Symphony of the Crusade")-- particularly in the case of Symphony of the Crusade, the fact that she gets singled out and killed is there to suggest that for once, the enemy (from Rana's PoV, that'd be Lloyd, BTW) gets the idea of "Kill the one in the dress!" and takes her out first. Also, Nuns and warfare DO NOT MIX.

Regarding: Project Ignition

1. Updates: Updates for Project: Ignition will continue to orbit the weekend. I'm still chugging away at it. However, due to work, I may be updating on Mondays or Tuesdays occasionally.
2. Featured NEXTs: I'm actually going to do a short Youtube Series (Jokingly called "ACNiA" (Armored Core Nexts in Action, after TSFiA, Tactical Surface Fighters in Action)) that will show the exact build, tunes and Stabilizer settings for every NEXT featured in Project Ignition. I don't know when this will be up, but it will be on my channel, "AirshipCanon2". You can already see Zephiris and Redeemer in action in my "Crush the Union" capture card test.
3. Regulations: For Answer: 1.40
4. Rules regarding BETA:
a. No "Soldier Class": Venator. The Venator didn't appear until some 25 years into the BETA war. Sorry, CHOMP fans, but the Venator just won't be showing up in Ignition.
b. Lasers: Using a NEXT that has mediocre EN defense, a Lux deals roughly 9000 AP worth of damage. A Magnus Lux deals roughly 29000. In the case of a Lux, get your NEXT shot by the Procyon in the Gear Tunnel- that's what kind of damage a Lux will do to you. A Magnus Lux is simply murderface.
c. Tank Class: They're killed by just about anything a NEXT can do. They're also the most dangerous outside of the laser species. (See Primal Armor Note)
d. Primal Armor and BETA: PA works by solidifying Kojima Particles when an object enters the field. Large objects displace the particles better (thus why a NEXT can approach the Answerer, where as bullets can't), so the effect PA has is greatly reduced when facing physical melee attacks (such as the tentacle of a Fort or a Grappler's Forearms). An object of significant mass will be able to ignore the shielding effects of PA entirely, such a Tank-class, which can leap on to a NEXT and begin munching on it. Lasers and PA. If you'd note, PA isn't notably effective against EN weapons of any type, save for Railguns and Plasma Cannons: Why? The shield does not constantly form a barrier (else your own bullets would be weakened by your PA, or your NEXT wouldn't be able to move very well), and only forms when a PHYSICAL object enters the field of rectification. An optical attack, such as a laser doesn't trigger this reaction. It's slightly weakened by the PA's residual Kojima particles, but not by much. So a high PA won't really help a NEXT going to fight BETA... except: High Rectification increases Assault Armor damage and range. Assault Armor is very important for Anti-BETA operations! It also helps keep you OvBing longer, which can save your ass.
e. Ruitare Armor (Mohs 15): It can be pierced by a good chunk of weapons, but you won't do much, even with NEXT-grade guns.
f. Lasers vs. BETA: ...? I'm not actually sure how well this works. If someone's got a good idea (besides "Kills in one shot" on Tanks and Warriors), drop me a PM! I'd treat Lethal Dose Assault Cannon or Koji-cannon blasts as smaller versions of the XG-70b's Charged Particle Gun though. (XG-70b's is the "Arms Fort" Grade version. (Given: Compare a NEXT to a Giga Base. A NEXT and a Shiranui are about the same size. Check the massive size of the XG-70b to the Shiranui. (The XG-70d is even bigger! (Ahem, it's about the same size as the Answerer))... the CPC was about the same size as a Lethaldose would be for a craft of that size (read: Freaking Huge))

5. Taking Submissions for Designs! Think you got what it takes to live past the 23 Minutes of Death? Drop me a PM (here or on Gaiaonline (Name: Airship Canon)) with a Schematic! Your NEXT might just make it into Project Ignition! Some rules on submissions:
a. No Meta Builds! Don't give me a No-ACB, Single- EB-O305 Blader, don't give me a Lahire rocking dual 063ANARs and Wheeling03's! Be unique, people! (Also: No copies of say.. Zephiris (I'll admit, Zephy is fairly "Meta" as a Dual Elty Blader)) Don't metagame the plot either- as interesting as you may find it, a moderately fast Tellus with dual Gatlings, and dual Wheelings and AS missiles, with AA won't cut it-- as epic of a thing that would be against the BETA.
b. No White Glints! You may be able to use White Glint's parts in ACfA, but remember! It was built as a one-of-a-kind NEXT built by a Genius and was made entirely out of unique parts! (That's why it doesn't actually matter whether or not "Raven" lived or died. Once White Glint was totaled, it's gone for good! (Given Fiona is, well, in love with him-- judging by her extremely calm reaction when he falls in "Defend Line Ark"... he is.)
b2. TYPE-Siones: These are Lahires on White Glint Legs (This is what you'll see in ACNiA for them) turned into "Super Prototypes". There's only 4 of them, all accounted for.
b3. "Double Heart": It's Double Heart from the Portable ACs, but the FA version uses WG parts. Note that Ignition Double Heart is also built by Abe Marshe, so it being a "Light White Glint" makes sense. Sorry, I won't do that again.
c. All's Fair in this war: If I decide to use a submission, just be happy I did, even if "you" die horribly (chances are, though, if I kill you off quick, it was because I didn't like your Core- either though it was too Meta or I just couldn't handle it.)
d. Don't Forget the Paint Job! I can't describe your core if I don't know what colors it is! As far as Emblems go, give me a description. I don't have Xbox Live, so you can't give me it...
e. Got Character? If you really want your NEXT to show, give me some details on its Lynx! (I do need a minimum "Male" or "Female" designation for anything though. Unless you REALLY want to be a Redshirt)

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Lil-Samuu (166)