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Hey I'm back! For all of you who still remember all of my old stuff, I will be rewriting everything and eventually post it up here. I can't guarantee that those chapters will be soon in coming. I have to spend most of my time studying my Japanese so I can place into 302 in the summer, but I'll do my best.

Ciao XP


- Beware, OC rant ahead -

Ok, before you read anything else I just have to do this rant about bad OC's. First off, I have nothing against oc's in general, they can be very useful in pushing the plot forward. I myself have an oc in my Danny Phantom fic 'Corruption', but that is an example of an ok OC. An example of a bad OC is a character who takes up as much of the story as the main characters, heck sometimes the OC is the main character. There are good ways and bad ways to write an OC and making them uber powerful mary sues is not one of them.

Lets look at a perfect example of why an OC is not always a good idea. In the Danny Phantom section, a lot of people make Danny have another sister, more often than not a twin sister. Now this by itself isn't what bugs me, it's the fact that people then make these new 'sisters' also have ghost powers. Now some of you right now are probably thinking what's so bad about that? Well what's wrong with it is that this situation should completely change that whole Danny Phantom series, even the way that Danny's powers and personality have grown and shaped themselves. In the real series he's facing all of this on his own, that's what makes him who he is, but if you throw in a twin sister with ghost powers, it's basically throwing a wrench into the whole plot line. Now a type of OC that I'm okay with is someone who say, just moved to town. Now as long as this person doesn't start showing god like powers and pretty much shove Danny behind the curtains, I'm fine with them. I've read some good fanfictions where the author brought in an OC with powers of their own, they were even superheroes in their own right, but they were good. Now I'm not saying that any OC like this is good, after all it's the author who makes the OC a good one really. Of course if those special powers happen to be ghost powers then just forget it. The series does not need another halfa unless it's due to another one of Vlad's plots.

Well that's enough for the Danny Phantom section. Next, another series that seems to have an issue with bad OC's, or at least ruining the characters already there, is Naruto. Once again an OC can be made to fit perfectly into any Naruto fanfic, but when you go making them from some prestigious unknown clan with some uber blood limit, that's where most authors should have drawn the line and deleted every last file of the story.

Luckily that's really the only case when there are horrible OC's that I've seen in Naruto, of course I haven't read all of them so I might be in the dark about others. But the main problem with the Naruto section is when people start making super characters. No I'm not talking about OC's anymore, I'm talking about the characters already part of Naruto. I just tried, tried being the key word here, to read a Naruto fanfic, where the author gave Naruto like, five uber abilities, I'm not just talking about some jutsu like the rasengan, I'm talking about blood line limits like the Sharingan and the Byakugan. I'm being completely serious here. Naruto really had both of those, and a few others as well, then seconds after you find out about those powers he gains the power to shape shift by copying it from someone, and no he didn't use the sharingan to copy it. Then right next to him is little ol Sasuke with just the 'measly' single ability of the Sharingan. Please, someone other than me must see how ridiculous this is. I kind of hope the author is reading this so they know what an idiot they are. They had a pretty good story almost, even their writing style was good, but then they just had to ruin it by making Naruto practically god-like. He's even called something like the copy of the sun. Now anyone who's read this and liked it, you need your head checked, you might just have some serious brain problems, no offense to those with actual debilitating brain problems meant.

Now I suppose part of the reason I disliked this was the way they made Sasuke so much weaker in comparison to Naruto since I am a Sasuke fangirl, but to be completely honest, I'd be just as pissed if they did this to Sasuke, maybe even more pissed since they would be ruining a character I really liked. When you start making the characters so unbelievably powerful, it's like in Dragon Ball Z when the characters keep saying things like 'I'm only using 2 percent of my FULL POWER!'. It just starts getting ridiculous, not only that but you'd have to make the bad guys equally powerful unless you want to have the good guys completely crush them like a tank over an egg. I'm being absolutely serious when I say it's painful to read a fan fiction where they've destroyed the characters like that. Well that's all for my rant now. Thanks to whoever read this.

- OC rant concluded -

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