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Hey, this is the New and Improved Profile for the Inklingss! So, here we go!

~What is/are your...~.

Name: Red

Country of Residence: Good ol' USA!

Grade/Level in School: Urgh! Freshman, aka plebe.

Any 2nd Languages: doespig latin count?

Favorite Music: Country & SOME rock

Favorite Sports: Football, Soccer, Equestrian, Swimming, Hockey, Archery, Fencing & Baseball

Favorite Colors: Blue, Green & Bronze

Favorite Movies: Anastasia, High School Musical, Dances with Wolves, ummm.. somemore but I can't think of any.

Favorite Country: Ireland! And the US of course.

Favorite Place to visit: Hmmm... tie between Martin's Mill Creek & the Finger Lakes

Favorite Animals: Horses, dogs, cats, wolves (my totem) and chinchillas (cool word huh!)

Favorite Quote: "Act your age not your IQ!"

Hobbies: Equestrian sports, soccer, music (fiddle & guitar), traveling, fanfiction, litarature.

~What if...~

Jim Carey played Voldie in Harry Potter? Oh, I'd have to say I'd get a mortified look on my face, then start laughing hysterically. At least its not Jim Carey as president...

You were invited to go to the Olympics? Depends if its Winter or Summer. Winter? Like I'd go and freeze to death. Summer, heck yeah!

The Grinch was your Grandfather? What kinda question is that?

The world ran out of candy? Run around screaming, demanding candy I suppose. : P

~What would you do if...~

You were stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere? What would you bring? A laptop. Go on email and say: "Hey dude, save me. ASAP you idiot."

You were in the middle of the ocean surrounded by killer sharks with no boat? Bop a shark on the nose, and while he's distracted climb on his back, and there you go, just try and steer to mainland. ~ _ ~

Thingy of um Thingness

Name: Joe M

Country of Residence? UK

Grade/Level is School? 7

Favorite food? pancakes

Favorite music? rock and heavy metal

Favorite Sports? fencing, archeryand rugby

Favorite Movies? saving private ryan, monty python and the holy grail

Favorite Country? UK!

Favorite place to visit? A hill near brighton (spell that right?)

Favorite Animals? Wolf

Favorite Quote? It was his fault! (always comes in handy)

Favorite Color? dont have one

Favorite Authors? Tolkien, Pullman, Pierce

Any 2nd Languages? Well I'm supposed to know french but I'm really awful at it.

Jim Carey played Voldemort in Harry Potter? heheh funny would be much better than it is now!

You were invited to go to the Olympics? do you mean watch or play

The Grinch was your grandfather? That Would be cool: learn from the master!

The world ran out of candy? I call it chocalate so it wouldnt matter! (did I spell chocalate right?)

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