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Just a fan. >.> PLC is another account I use to put all my story alerts, story faves, and reviews.

cough Although I admit to like yaoi...well, I do, okay?

I also like normal pairings. M/F.

So...about me:

Name: Monse A...my last name shall remain unknown!
Age: 12. I'm advanced for my age, so sue me.
Gender: Girl, duh.
Side: The side in between the good and bad.
Picture me as: Gray trenchcoat with long sleeves, white shirt, and black cargo pants. Black finger gloves onlefthand and white fingergloves on right.White shoes on left and black shoes on right. Frameless glasses. Black hair in ponytail. Bangs and hair that reaches back silver. Gray belt bag. Boyish looking and in manners, still boyish. You can easily mistake me for Kabuto of Naruto.

Fandom: Anything I can get my hands on. Whether it's Yaoi or Not, I don't care as long as it's good.. I jumped from Shaman King, to Yu-Gi-Oh, to Hikaru No Go, to Gensomaden Saiyuki, to FullMetal Alchemist, to Harry Potter, to Yu Yu Hakusho, to Naruto, to Teen Titans and now to Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII.

But don't worry! I'm not a full-time yaoi fangirl, even if I mostly am. I also like normal pairings~

My muses:

Chitose Abukara:
Gender: Girl.
Side: The good side.
Appearance: Short black hair in boy cut. White trenchcoat with sleeves that reach elbows, black sleeveless shirt and black cargo pants. White belt bag. Black finger gloves and white shoes. Frameless glasses.

Konosuke Abukara:
Gender: Boy.
Side: The bad side.
Appearance: Long silver hair. One bang slightly, but not fully covering the right eye. Black trenchcoat with no sleeves. White finger gloves. White sleeveless shirt and white cargo pants. Black belt bag. Black shoes. Frameless glasses.

Er. Yeah.Something about me:

I do the expected unexpected, as people say. I'm top grades of my old schools, and people say I'd look pretty if I stop dressing grayscale. But I don't want to look pretty. Thus why I dress like a boy.

I'm boyish yet a tad girlish. I'm focused yet distracted. I contradict myself.

I try to act nice, the keyword being act, but I can be ferocious if I want. But I don't. Usually, I'd have to care to do something. And let me tell you, I don't care much.

I can easily say one bad thing, but I won't do it. I can care less about important things, but I care more about unimportant stuff. I want to make a world of my own where I can control all things...and stuff.

I like to think that I am both Black and White. That I am both. Gray. But, there is still the lighter and darker shade of gray, isn't there?

I think and reflect on a lot of things, things that both matter and not. I reflect for the fun of it, and say that what I'm thinking is worthless because of the waste of it.

Contradiction and Similarity are the two words I live by. Kind and Strict. Distant and Social. These words belong with each other for what they mean, yet they are just that. Words.

My trust is easy to earn. Yet it is hard to gain once you lose it.

I may be kind, but don't think that friendship is a reason why I won't go against you. I fight for what I like.

I might be just a snake in the grass.

I might be happy one time, then serious the other. I might be your friend one time, then neither yours or his side the other. I might be friendly one time, but I'll be a stranger sooner or later.

It is easy to predict me, for what you predict would be wrong.

As they say, I always do the expected unexpected.

Oh...those characters I would love if they were only Yaoi Fangirls? I thought you'd never ask!

Sakura Haruno from Naruto
Ino...something from Naruto
Kairi from Kingdom Hearts
Larxene from Kingdom Hearts

...meh. That's about it.


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