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Author has written 5 stories for Young Guns, Stargate: Atlantis, and Star Wars.

I have a horrible tendency to see everything as a film. So, if you read anything I write you can probably tell that I rely heavily on dialogue and forget sometimes to define the surrounding area. I would rather convey emotions, thoughts, and character analysis. Plus, I'm not a big fan of describing things that you are well aware the existence of... Anyway, big movie nerd. I want to be a director and I would love to learn screenwriting correctly.

I believe that writing fanfiction is one of the greatest forms of expression for beginners. It gives you everything you need; characters, setting, and general story. All you have to do is bend it to your will.

The Stuff I've Written

Murderous Molly the Regulator 'Young Guns'

-Molly is loosely based off what kind of role I would like to play as a 'bad girl' in a movie and how I actually would act. I love writing this story because she is so very close to my heart. She loves Chavez more than anything in the world, but she doesn't have enough confidence or self-love to admit it. She is terrified of rejection. I designed her for who I thought Chavez could fall in love with. Not those stupid adorable bouncing, cliche women you so often see in fanfiction stories.

Messing With An Idiot 'Young Guns'

I was getting kinda sad because of the decline in stories from the fans of Young Guns and really like Molly's character. She doesn't have a lot of conversations with any other characters in my story with her. So, I just wrote a random moment with Dirty Steve and she. Funny Stuff.

Release 'Matrix'

Well Release is kinda whatever with me. I started writing a while back alongside Murderous Molly but I got carried away with the Young Guns fanfic and really abandoned this one. I probably won't be updating it soon.

The Dastardly Trio 'Harry Potter'

I wrote this when I was about 12 years old and obsessed with the twins. I put it on here a long time ago, but due to my ignorance of this remained in the documents and was never published as a story. So, I fixed it.

What Never Should Have Happened 'Star Wars'

Yeah...I wrote this one when I was 12 as well. I'm not particularly interested in it writing anymore. I still like the character of Master Anaria Isilra, but it just no longer fancies me to write more about it. I'm not crushing as strongly as I was then on Kenobi and...I'm just not interested in the story anymore.

100 Signs You're Addicted To Stargate: Atlantis

-This is a load of signs that I have thought and saved for a number of months. I love it and am very proud to see that I have so many funny ones.

50 Great Quotes From Stargate: Atlantis

-I ran out of ideas for the "Signs on Stargate:Atlantis: so I decided (thanks to an idea in a review) to make one where people could just read some of the memorable moments from the show.

Vader shows his emotional side.

-This is just a funny conversation I imagined between Vader and his defiant children.

Dealing With Grief

- I was sadly mistaken in thinking I was the only person who wanted to writea FanFic for George after Fred's...well you know. But I like were I'm headed while writing it; I just want it to be as realistic as possible. And it has always facisnated me how people can fall in love with their best friends or for that matter only realize how much they mean to each other in the most dire moments.

Future Possible Works

BTW I'm writing these mostly for my self so I can be reminded of...myself...of what myself is going to write...It's a freaking checklist!

Nothing really. I'm working on Murderous Molly, so I can finish it.

Thanks for visiting my profile page! Talk to me. I love making friends and especially people like me.

My mypsace URL is darthbetty and I have a facebook too.

Betty Hazel Windsor

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