Tenshi no Korin
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After having multiple stories deleted erroneously by ffnet, I have decided that after five years it is time for me to stop improving the reputation of this increasingly ill-run and childish armpit of the internet.

This account is no longer active. I will no longer be hosting any of my fiction on fanfiction.net. I am retaining this user name as I have had it since March of 2000, and some people have me linked via my info page here, and I as yet see no way to properly delete it, short of eventually being banned for having fanfiction removed from the site for being RPS, script, interactive, or myst when it is most assuredly not. If you have linked to this page to contact me, please update your links to , the archive I share with llamajoy. All of my work is archived there in its complete form. I do not require or desire the dubious services of this archive.