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Author has written 30 stories for Ninja Turtles, and Biker Mice From Mars.

Random Facts About Sewer Slider:

What to say, what to say? Um, I'm English, I tend to take breaks from fics because electronics have a habit of exploding whenever I go near them, I play the guitar VERY badly and I hate going to sleep in case I miss something. Then, I also hate getting up coz I'm tired ;)

Addicted To: TMNT, comic books, BMFM, pepperoni pizza, X-Men, cherry coke, the Stealthy Stories, Terrapin Tarts and Station Fansites and anything zombie-related.

Likes: rock music, spending money, reading fanfics, ice-cream, e-Bay, consuming vast amounts of sugar and caffeine and bouncing off the walls.

Hates: Jetix, being bored, being broke, being clumsy and accidentally blowing things up. This happens to me a LOT.

Is Very, Very Happy Because: I won joint second place for BEST AUTHOR in the 2006 Stealthy Stories fanfiction awards!


Stuff on Fanfic:

It Had To Be Blue: WINNER OF BEST ACTION/ ADVENTURE IN THE 2005 FANFIC AWARDS! Also seond place for BEST LEONARDO SCENE! Also third place for BEST MORAL and joint third for BEST OC! Complete! A Purple Dragon has conflicting interests. Initially this was a chapter fic but when I realised I was just rehashing episodes, I turned it into a one-shot. Then I was asked for more! So it became a chapter fic again. I didn't give the protagonist a name or a gender for that matter, although there is one in the sequel.

Come Out And Play With Me: One-shot. I was trying for angst and although the fic isn't especially angsty, I like it. It's the first time I tried a Turtles POV and I don't think I did a bad job. A midnight run hits an unexpected obstacle.

Alone: WINNER OF BEST ONE-SHOT IN THE 2005 FANFIC AWARDS! Also joint third place for BEST TEAR-JERKER! The bunny for this bit me in the left cheek as I was leaving for work and I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I wrote it at work and typed it up the same night. It's another Turtle POV and possibly the best thing I have ever written. One of the Turtles is left alone when his family and friends are gone. There is character death galore and sadness and angst in this fic.

Only Words: One-shot. Another angsty character death fic. Short and to the point. A Turtle talks to his brothers grave. It's not told who talks to whom, but it's kinda obvious.

In Too Deep: Nominated for BEST OC in the 2005 fanfic awards! Sequel to 'It Had To Be Blue'. I was asked by a lot of people to write a sequel to 'Blue' and I thought, ya know, what the hell. I was having fun with it! I owe an awful lot of the ideas behind the fic to Olafur who thought of the Guardians and Foot and basically gave me all the good ideas. I had no clue where a sequel might go until then. And I had to give the OC a name and gender and I thought I was gonna make 'em a girl and a Mary-Sue - good thing Olafur was there to talk me down from that ledge! Currently on a hiatus because I have writers block where it's concerned.

One Moment: FIRST PLACE (joint) for BEST HAPPY ENDING in the 2006 Fanfic awards! Also third for BEST DRAMA! One-shot. The bunny for this fic bit me at work while I was doing something incredibly boring and it kept me entertained for the rest of the day. It's Leo-centric. I have no idea why I always seem to write Leo fics, I think he must set all the bunnies on me! Most of my fics begin with a 'what if?' question, the question that inspired this one-shot being "What if one of the turtles was able to change something in their past?" Leading not only to the question of if they would, but also if they should.

Katana: Second Place for BEST ANGST in the 2006 fanfic awards! One-shot. Something I was working on for a long time before I got anywhere near writing 'Alone' but literally fifteen seconds after I finished the last sentence, the computer crashed and ate all but the first two paragraphs. So it's re-written. I see fics where one brother kills another because of their injuries, but have never seen one that deals with the feelings of the one who delivers the killing blow. So I wrote it.

Corrosion: There is a very long story behind this fic - but I'll keep it short, lol. I saw SaiNW for the first time and was blown away, as in every time I think about it, I can't stop turning it over in my mind. As everyone knows, my favourite turtle is Mikey and he was so changed here, I had to look at it further. I'd love to write more based on the episode, but whether or not I could is another matter.

Burn: Third place for BEST DRAMA and BEST ENEMY in the 2006 Fanfic awards! Something that sprang into my head in the form of a dream and refused to leave me be until I fleshed it out and wrote it down. I was a touch worried about it - I've done a fic with a similar idea in the past - but I decided the two were dissimilar enough to not be repetative. It's complete and although I knew pretty much what would happen at the end, I still felt guilty. The whole fic is pretty dark, but as one reviewer pointed out, there is a sense of hope there too.

Fall Down Real Far: Second Place for Best Crossover in the 2007 fanfic awards! A challenge was posted by none other than the Shredder, detailing a crossover between the Final Destination films and TMNT. This awoke all my plotbunnies! It's now finished and boy, did I have fun trying to find bizarre modes of death for all the characters!

Those Mornings: A chibi turtles drabble.A little quality family time. Dedicated to Jericho. He knows why!

A Few Scars: A challenge fic. The quote regarded scars, that dying without them was a bad idea. I personally have a lot of scars on my face (mostly around my left eye and nose thanks to two piercings gone bad, a good kicking and a severe accident while doing my laundry - don't ask) and they don't bother me, I'm actually quite proud of them. I wondered why that was, as I once got offered plastic surgery on my face and turned it down (though I did say they could have a go at my boobs - doctor didn't even crack a smile, the misery) and my feelings on the matter are here.

Left Behind: Another challenge fic. The question was; if Leonardo had to choose one of his brothers to sacrifice in order to save the others, which would it be? I thought it over - and over - and I realised a few things. Most of which ended up in this fic. Third for Best One-shot and Best Moral in the 2007 Fanfic awards!

As Hearts Go To Their Graves: Another SaiNW fic. Told from April's POV, it's the story of a strange love triangle. Full of angst!

No Sun Shining Through: Second place (joint) for Best Horror in the 2007 fanfiction awards! My first attempt at a horror fic, this harks back to an earlier story I wrote. The character 'Cockroach Girl' occurred to me and I really wanted to try writing something with her in it - the rest of the story flowed pretty easily from there.

Turn Around And I'll Be There: A drabble. Set in the SaiNW universe, it could be seen as a follow-up to As Hearts Go To Their Graves, but it fits just fine into the canon episode without having to have read it. Just a little reaction scene as April sees Donnie for the first time in almost 30 years.

Words Are Not Enough: A chapter drabble story! Each chapter is 100 words exactly and is yet another reaction piece from SaiNW, each chapter from the POV of a different character and set at various parts during the last few minutes of the episode. I can't seem to stop writing SaiNW stories... someone stop me!

Puh See Cholly Gee: One-shot. Donnie Kashi posted a fabulous picture of Chibi Donnie on Stealthy Stories and I asked if I could write the story behind it. This is the result. Chibi fics tend to be pretty cutesy, so I decided to go for something a bit darker. I'm quite proud of this!

Liberation: A gift fic for my friend, beta and all-around oresome author Pi90Katana on the occasion of her turning 18. A quick look at the lighter side of Leonardo. Well, that and an excuse to put him in a leather trenchcoat and sit him on a motorcycle!

Disintigration: The idea for this was kicking around in my head for 18 months until I finally sat down and wrote it. I was wondering how the TMNT could destroy themselves from within through their own paranoi - this was the result. Dark and disturbing. I'm thinking of an entire series on the subject of going crazy, each one focused on a different turtle, but haven't had the time to write the others yet, although the ideas are there.

On Stealthy Stories:

How Splinter got THAT picture: On the Stealthy Stories forum, there's a forum where ya get to pose a question. It got a little risque and I wrote the fic based on it. It was well reviewed and I think it's amusing!

Chibi Fic: I really wanted to write chibi TMNT and when I was thrown out of bed - again - at 3am by my son, I wrote this.

Dumb Drabble: I've always wanted to write a drabble! It's one hundred words, no more no less. When I finished this fic I realised it was 113 words and I could shave it a little. Two teenage turtles watch a film.

Past And Present: Just an idea that occured to me. What happened to the kid who lost his turtles down a sewer?

Bo Guitar: Not what I wanted to call the fic, but if I gave it my prefered name it would give away the plot, such as it is. Another fic written on the basis of a thread. I came up with a Don image on the thread and was asked to write the story behind it. So I did! Good bit of escapism, funny and not too challenging.

Crap Fic Response: Just something I wrote that wasn't supposed to get posted. Then Mickis began the 'cleaning out the closet' thread and because most of my old stuff is in longhand, I offered this. A certain fanfic author collaberates with her fave turtle.

From The Shadows: Third Place for BEST OC in the 2006 fanfiction awards! Also, FIRST PLACE (joint) for MOST MESMERIC MIKE in the 2006 ADULT FANFIC AWARDS! A fic that didn't get a name until I had been writing it for over 6 months! It's got quite a lot of sex, bad language and suggestive situations in it, but nothing too detailed, so I rated it R (meaning getting the Adult Award was something of a shock, lol). The odd thing about this fic was that I didn't update it for the longest time, then all of a sudden got a load of new reviews for it, which is always nice! I rediscovered why I liked it in the first place and it's now complete.

Another Dumb Drabble: Exactly that. A hundred word introspective that is very, very silly. I was actually thinking that I should come up with several drabbles for non-romantic pairings (although I guess this one could be called warped-romantic, lol) that I could examine in a drabble. I might yet try - but every drabble needs an image to drive it!

No Forgiveness: I found this while cleaning out my hard drive and decided to put it up on a whim. Glad I did now! It's a strange little tale, very dark. Another one of those 'guess which turtle' fics that I'm so fond of.

Another Dumb Author Insert: Just a weird daydream I had that I decided to write down. A certain Evil Author finds herself on the receiving end of the torture she usually prefers to dish out...

Yet Another Bloody Drabble: I accepted a challenge to write a fic - and then could think of nothing for the longest time. I was reminded of an, um, incident that happened some time ago and wrote a story based on it.

The Trilogy.

The entire trilogy came second for BEST SERIES in the 2006 fanfiction awards! Destiny was supposed to be a one-off, but it just kept growing... and growing... and growing...

Choosing Destiny: Was voted joint second for BEST VILLAIN and third in BEST DRAMA in the 2005 Fanfiction awards! Also, BEST CHARACTER INTERPRETATION OF SHREDDER and BEST CHARACTER INTERPRETATION OF KARAI in the 2007 OC/AU awards! The beginning of the trilogy. Shredder found out about the turtles a lot sooner here thean he did in the comic/ toons. This is the result.

Estranged: Second Place for BEST AU and third for BEST DRAMA in the 2006 fanfiction awards! The follow up. How the turtles learned to relate to each other and Splinter. This follows the toons and comics quite closely, with some of my own evil twists in there!

Land Of Confusion: I had so much fun writing this. More twists and turns than a twisty-turny thing! The final part of the trilogy. Y'know, this might be the part I most enjoyed writing. One of the images from this fic slammed into my brain and I totally changed the ending of Estranged to write the third part. It's now complete, ending the tale of the AU turtles and their happy band. Incidentally, this is also the only part where April and Casey don't show up once.


Wrench: My first BMFM fanfic - and on hiatus. I was going great guns with it and having lots of fun, when suddenly the new series threw me for a loop. I kinda panicked and now can't write it at all, although I'm still at loathe to remove it altogether. Maybe I'll be hit by a different way to continue it, that's what I tell myself at least!

In Progress: The Vagabonds Series

My second attempt at BMFM fanfic, which should hopefully go better than the first! The series runs to five stories, making it the most ambitious I've written to date. The first two stories are complete and the third has a couple chapter written too, the fourth and fifth have actually been planned, which is something of a rarity for me. Essentially it's an AU (what is it with me and alternate universes? All my plotbunnies seem to revolve around them!) with something major changed right from the start and the consequences of that change on the Freedom Fighters. All five bunnies jumped me at once - kinda a group effort. Hope it's not the start of a trend!

Vagabonds Part One: Wasteland

Complete. I guess this is kinda Vinnie-centric (like my life, lol). It's the start of the invasion, the mice are young and inexperienced and the three Biker Mice are seperated. The idea came up while talking Biker Mice on IM and I get the feeling that certain fans are gonna wanna lynch me for some of the alterations I've made to the universe!

Vagabonds Part Two: Masks

Complete. This takes place a few years after Wasteland and follows what happens next during the invasion. Probably the darkest part of the series - heed the warnings peeps! It's an alternate take on the OUATOM trilogy and contains a lot of graphic scenes and angst.

Vagabonds Part Three: This is Planet Earth

In progress. Continuing the alternate take on some of the episodes, although there comes a point where the stories veer wildly away from the series and things are totally different. A Martian spaceship smashes into a score board in Chicago, causing headaches for the local alien invaders, hotdog vendors and a certain struggling mechanic...

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