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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

Name: Shingen

Gender: Male (was that hard to guess ~.~)

Age: 20+

Favorite Anime/Manga: Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Basilisk, Samurai Deeper Kyo, GTO, Ninja Scrolls, Love Hina, Berserk, Blade of the Immortals, Peacemaker Kurogane, Ragnarok, Ghost in the Shell, Gundam (SEED, SEED DESTINY, X, Z, ZZ, V, 083, Char's Counter Attack, Astray, Astray X, Astray Destiny, CE073 Stargazer), Macross (1, Plus, Zero), Zoids (and many more).

Quick Summary : I am an undergraduate who has a big imagination and likes to create his own work. I wish I could make a manga one day, but that would take a miracle since I am a total zero when it comes to drawing. I am into games (MORPG, MORTS), I do have a life outside of the Anime/Game world and I am write fictions as a past time.

Current Fanfictions: Naruto

Currently busy with: University work & Shattered Galaxy. Yes like Kakashi I am lost on the road of life. I will try to post the newest WoF chapter asap when I get some free time.

Favorite Pairings: NaruOC, NaruSaku, ShikaTema, NaruTema, NaruIno, NejiTen, LeeTen, KakaRin, YondOC, EdWinry, RoyRiza, OniUru, KikuUru, OniAzu. KyoYuya, TatsuSaya, KenKao, KenTomo, SanoMegu, YahiTsu.

Accepted Pairings: SasuSaku (if the story is good enough), ShikaIno (if the story is good enough)

Hated Pairings: NaruHina, YAOI, KakaSaku (anything that comes with teacher and student making love, unless it's Onizuka and Urumi cuz that one is hilarious).

Current Status of the Fanfictions:

Youkou Shukuen ~ Crimson Destiny: Chapter 7 is up, Chapter 8 is pending (expect ~2 weeks to a month) KEEP THOSE REVIEWS COMMING!

Will of Fire: Chapter 5 is up, Chapter 6 is pending (expect ~2 weeks to a month) KEEP THOSE REVIEWS COMMING!

PS: Please stop asking me about changing my parrings to NaruHina's it's not going to happen even hell froze over. So you are just wasting your time. Same thing goes for Yaoi parrings. (This part should be read over and over by some... I just hate repeating my self)

Thanks for all the critical reviews. It helps alot writing future chapters, well more like making them longer as I try to explain the misunderstandings of the last chapters via storyline. More reviews would be nice, but I am content with the current bunch.

News Updates

I may possibly have a beta-reader soon. I know sometimes I tend to make some stupid errors like leaving words out. This mostly happens when I am writing late night, I seem to have my inspirirations and at my best during night time (11PM-5AM). It's a bad habit of mine. I usually rewrite each chapter a few times before posting (on avg: 2X 4 WoF, 5x 4 CD), but slip ups still happens. I am usually not fond of having someone Beta-read me since well I am already post at a slow rate and having to wait on someone to reply me a of a chapter I sent for Beta-read means even more slower rate of posting. So I hope the beta-reader is a fast one.

Good news: Got a Beta-reader and his name is: sbourget

For narutofan: Yes, Crimson Destiny is a full remake of Oni Hogosha of Jubei Himura (he's my cousin after all). It's better (I hope) and more Naruto related then OH and yes he still gives me some input on the storyline.

For those who are wondering when will the next Crimson Destiny chapter will be out, all I can say is that I havn't started writing it yet : too busy with life. So expect some delays, it takes me longer then writing WoF since I have to be inventive all the way and venture in the unkown. On the other hand the Will of Fire may be released within a week or two, as it takes me such less time writing it. I so wish we had technology to the CPU to print storys right out of heads, it would greatly reduce the dragging.

Some have asked me if I intend to remake his "Reiko the Shadow Fox" too. Well I kind of have an idea of remake one that pleases him too, but for the moment I am already in over my head with two srtories at hand, so untill one of them ends or at their near end, I wont start on it. If I do the story will be called "Death Angel" and the plotline is the following: It basically starts the same way that is Sasuke thinks he has killed Naruto after the initial chidori through the lungs. Naruto survives is forced to face Kyuubi who taunts him for being too kind. Then three ANBU attack him and in a fit Naruto kills them all and in fear of the reprocussion not to mention the ones already at hand he fakes his death and runaway to become a rogue. The difference this time is that he won't have the scroll of sealing but rather develop by himself with Kyuubi and Saigo as his teachers. He won't meet Akatsuki, he will instead hunt them later on by himself. He is basically a rogue who will do high paying jobs as long as it has some good reprocussion, think of him like Kyoshiro from Samurai Deeper Kyo type of shinobi. As for pairing I don't intend to change from NaruTema unless a new character shows up till then.

Special vote for Will of Fire:

Thinking of adding a special arc in between the Wave arc and the Chuunin Arc that will develop the interractions between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. So I am wondering if I should simply add it in directly in WoF or put it as a new story (kinda like a Naruto Movie) and simply references it in Will of Fire to keep all it's arcs similar to the original manga. So vote(by either sending in the review of WoF or Private message to me directly):

1- Shadow Arc in WoF

2- Shadow Arc as WoF Movie.

Shadow Arc (storyline)

Team 7 are given another escort mission, this time it is to escort a new lord named Satoshi and his four daughters (Kagura, Yuki, Maki, Kayura) into the their new home. Satoshi is a former ninja of the Shadow clan who had resigned his position (it's related to an incident with Shijima's father) after a certain mission and became a MMA fighter who then became a legendary fighter and known for his Shadow Fist trademark. However, along the road the new leader of Shadow clan, Shijima, attacks the group bent on revenge against Satoshi who he believes killed his father (Satoshi's cousin). Team 7 being Satoshi's escort gets caught in the middle and has to help Satoshi fixs a misunderstanding.

The Tattoo Naruto and Haku engraved on their right arms: Kanshisha no Aiseki - Guardians of Sorrow

Answer to a Special question in Crimson Destiny:

The name of the 7 Swordsman of Mist
Shishou Okita, wielder of gyoukou gaigetsu (october's light).
Sasaki Saizo, wielder of futago garyuu (twin dragon's fangs).
Anayama Kikusui, wielder of haru anrui (spring's silent tears).
Hoshigaki Kisame, wielder of samehada (sharkskin).
Miyoshi Jinnai, wielder of gekijou suishinki (violent propeller).
Momochi Zabuza, wielder of kubikiri hocho (head cleaver).
Suzuki Anzai, wielder of chou hasaki (butterfly edge).

Naruto's weapons names: Tensen Mikazuki (Heaven's Flashing Crescent Moon), shortly known as "mikazuki" & Amenonuhoko (Heavenly Spear). Kasumi's weapon name: Shirayuri no Fuyu (White Lily of Winter), shortly known as "shirayuri".

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