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Author has written 11 stories for Labyrinth, Hellsing, Final Fantasy XII, and Firefly.

Author Info:

Age: Eternal and counting

Gender: Female

Area of origin: Proud to say that I'm from Houston, Texas. Though...most people from Houston, Texas think I'm from somewhere else. Usually Europe.

Other Info:

Fandoms of choice: I read bunches. I'm devoting this account to...a few:



-Final Fantasy XII

- Firefly

I am a rabid shipper but I do read others, depending on how they are written (though there are some I will avoid entirely >.>) and I'm very willing to take requests for alternate pairings. (Like the Anderson/Seras that's been lurking in my head for awhile...)

The main ships you will see in my stories are:

Alucard & Seras Victoria (cause to me, it makes the most sense)

Jareth & Sarah (not that there are really any other options)

It should be noted:

I really try not to be, but I can be very horrible about actually writing sequels to any story I finish. Honestly, sometimes I'm just damn proud to finish something that my brain kinda takes a step back from the entire idea until the actual sequel in mind disappears. My psychological profile has always stated that I'm excellent at starting things and really kinda suck at finishing them. One must overcome though, right?

Since I am trying to keep the fandoms allotted to this account (yes I have another) small, hopefully all hopes will end up with a proper story finished in a proper allotment of time.


I crave constructive criticism. I mean, if you flame me, I'll still read it and take it into consideration but I'm more likely to actually take you seriously if you are polite. Also, I try hard to not earn flames. I have dyslexia of the everything, typing included so...sorry in advance for stray typos.

I also am ALL UP for suggestions and story ideas. If there is something you'd like to see written, no matter how weird, I really do mean that I'll give it a shot. I write fanfiction to build myself as a writer and that means trying new things. They usually tend to end up good.

Thanks in advance to any reviewers!


Rumors of my death or abandonment of stories have been greatly exaggerated. Or something like that. Real life just got a bit too much in the way for awhile but I fought it back and should be able to carry on like the crazy fanfiction writer that I am.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed my stories since I last posted (especially the new bit of Firefly oddness). Nothing brightens my often dark and dreary days and puts a smile on my face like finding a review in my inbox, regardless of what it says. I am nothing but appreciative.

I hope to have Human, Conditional progress and reach completion in the next month or so as the story has progressed to a point where it should be easier to write (though the ending still has me a bit scared). I am open to suggestions or requests from anyone who would like to see any particular bit of the Firefly-verse from this story's view. This entire story was rather inspired by a friend commenting that he would like to see Hellsing characters in certain episodes.


I am making an open call (read begging) for ideas for the story hinted at below. I will be honest and say that the idea of it sprang from watching "Castle" but will not have any actual relation to the show or the events therein. This does however leave me at something of a loss for strange and interesting murder cases. So, if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. I will need quite a few and will not only try to do them justice but give you full credit for the suggestion.

Previews for next time...

Dreaming Reality: It was supposed to be a routine investigation until a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger set homicide detective Seras Victoria's life on edge. Now, as she races to catch a serial killer, she begins to lose her grasp on reality as each night brings all too real dreams of a man she cannot forget.

(Why do all my summaries end up sounding like bad summer movie trailers?)

Til next time...

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