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Hi y'all!

My name's Claire and I'm 17,from England. I'm a real freak when it comes to CSI and Cold Case. Don't get me wrong, I like other shows, but these are just my fave ever. Oh and BONES! House great too.

Like I'm gonna leave out the false hope and promises. I've got the first half of a couple of dozen stories laying around my house - in sooo many different places. I just have ideas that pop out at me and they evolve to completely new stories! Not all my fault though - I been getting so much illness and stuff - but with crossed fingers it will all be gone in four months with that nice little operation I've been promised. I sware now that alot of the bulk load of my work has died down some, I will TRY and make some of these start to progress. I do blame you people though...because I have to read all your stories before I can get back to mine...well here I go...

My ships:

Cold Case:Lilly and Scotty (who else?)

CSI Vegas:Geek-love (Sara and Grissom) - though I accept Sara with Nick/Warrick with a good reason.

Yo bling! (Catherine and Warrick) -as long as he's devorced first.(I do have some morals ;-p)

CSI NY: DNA (Danny and Aiden) -I haven't lost my mind; I plan on writing her back in...a girl can dream.

SMacKED (Mac and Stella) -though I'm not a major shipper.

CSI Miami: I'm pretty leanient. I'll accept Calleigh with H or Eric (Speed's gone cries).

House: NannyCam (House and Cameron) - so great drama - woot!

BONES: B2 (Bones and Booth) - recently come over to my dear old country and I'm hooked!

StargateSG1:Sam and Jack (I have suspicions); Daniel and Vala (YAY she's not dead.)

L&O SVU: Elliot and Olivia - I haven't got any channel currently showing this sniff.

L&O CI: Goren and Eames - I really love their interaction smacks TV can't find this either.

As a side note, you may want to know that I'm crazy. Lol.

For all my great addict friends on the forums - I've been told I spend WAY too much time on the net and with my life right now, I don't see myself talking too y'all for a while now. I have been totally neglecting stuff to go through all my mail and stuff, so I'm not really checking it anymore. Lol. Just gonna get other stuff sorted into some resemblance of balance first, okay? Neway, I gotta go finish some of the thirty stories lying around here somewhere...

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