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Author has written 16 stories for Harry Potter, Valdemar universe, House, M.D., and Psych.

NOTE: Thanks to for providing me the material of my avatar! You gotta love 'em.

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KINDALI SIDERA?: Apparently not here all that often. I've mostly been hanging out at Livejournal and doing homework, because college is KILLER. I feel like I'm moving away from Harry Potter (sadly) and into other fandoms. Mostly Iron Man, House MD, Psych, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll write some for those fandoms and post them here. Maybe.

ADVICE: This is to every author out there. When writing your summaries, do not put 'Better than it sounds' or 'I suck at summaries' anywhere. I know that, for me at least, I get turned off from reading the story even if it sounds really good. So, don't put those two sayings or anything like that in your summary and maybe more people will read them. If you sound confident in your writing (even if you aren't) then people will WANT to read it.

DEDICATION: Before I officially begin rambling on about myself I would just like to make a small dedication. I dedicate every story I've written (and will write in the future) and all of the hours and hard work to the amazing troups of the United States Armed Forces. Many people in the United States may not support the war, but we will always support our troops: they fight to protect our freedom and the freedom of many other nations simply because they are told to. I thank anyone who has ever served, is now serving, or will serve in the future for all of your hard work and sacrafice when there is a call for you to do so. I admire your courage and the people of the United States will always be in your debt. Thank you.

SHAMELESS FLAUNTING: I am the beta for a Harry Potter story called 'Scripted' by Student of Dreams. It is a great story and I highly recomend it! It is set in the postwar HP universe and is DH and epilogue compliant. It follows the story of Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy, as well as Albus's friends Myrddin and Aaron. What I love about this story is that, besides being very well written, it is a completely new idea. One reason for that is that it seems as if every story with Scorpius Malfoy has the same boy in it (a miniature Draco Malfoy), even though the writer's are given a completely new slate with his character. I am not saying that stories like that are bad, or that the authors are bad, (since I have read some very good ones with the mini-Draco concept) it is just nice to see something different, which 'Scripted' provides in full. I recomend this great slash story to anyone who is looking for something new and refreshing! It is in progress and Student is always busy writing the next chapter!

About Me

I'm Kindali Sidera. I'm female. My birthday is June 30th and I love writing fanfictions, hence the account. I mostly write Harry Potter, although I’m planning on writing some Psych fics soon. I live in Arizona… in the desert… so some of my fics may be a little crazy and off the walls. I blame the heat. I’m going to sit here and babble on about myself, but you can skip it if you really wantbecause it’ll onlykeep you from reading my fics :P. Please read them and review! I’ll try to reply to all of them, because if you’re willing to take the time and write something out, so am I. I accept anonymous reviews, so that’s no excuse.

My favorite pairings:

Harry Potter:
- Harry/Ginny
- Hermione/Ron
- Ginny/Draco
- Harry/Draco
- Harry/Ron
- Harry/Snape
- Remus/Sirius (Marauder's Era)
- James/Lily (Marauder's Era)
- Albus Severus/Scorpius (otherwise known as ASS :P)
(as you can see I just love a lot of HP pairings!)

Kyo Kara Maou(!):
- Yuuri/Wolfram
- Conrad/Yozak
- Gwendl/Gunter
- Yuuri/Ken Murata (it just has to be done :P)
- Morgif/Wolfram (I know it sounds wierd, but I've actually read some good ones :P)

- Shuichi/Eiri
- Ryuichi/Tatsuha
- Tatsuha/Kumagoru (kinky, but incredibly cute... but people have to keep this one to K+ or else it gets kinda wierd...)

Fruits Basket:
- Tohru (I think that's how you spell it...)/Kyo
- Tohru/Yuki
- Yuki/Kyo
- Ayame/Shugure (spelling?)
- Shugure/Akita

- Shawn/Lassiter (it is so cannon!)
- Gus/Jules

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
- Harry/Gay Perry

House MD
- House/Wilson
- House/Chase

Iron Man
- Tony Stark/Jim Rhodes
- Tony Stark/Obadiah Stane

Okay, pairings that I don't really like are anything Yuri/femmeslash, although I am moving towards them a lot lately. I think it all depends on how it's written. Also, Harry/Hermione orWormtail/any character (eeew...)from HP just doesn't float my boat. Then there's the pairings with Shuichi and Eiri... when they're together it works because it just does, but anyone else with either one of them and I tend to get angry for no apparent reason! No offense to those who write them, it's just not my thang...

My Favorite Books and Animes:

Animes/mangas I like are: Kyo Kara Maou(!), Gravitation, Fruits Basket, Prince of Tennis, Ouran High School Host Club, Happy Hustle High, Sgt. Frog, Magic Knight Rayearth, Plannet Ladder, Bizenghast, Legal Drug (which they stopped writing! -screams-), Only the Ring Finger Knows, Alone in my King's Harem,Absolute Boyfriend, Nana, Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden, andOthello. There's more, much more, but I should probably stop here before you die of boredom.

Books I like are: Harry Potter (of course), anything by Mercedes Lackey (there's too many of her books to mention), anything by Trudi Cananvan, The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, Eragon (and Eldest), A Wrinkle in Time, Snow, The Bartemaeus Trilogy, any story with Water Elementals in it, and City of Masks, City of Stars, and City of Flowers by Mary Hoffman. Again, this hardly even begins to cover it, since I read like my life depends on it, but these are some of the best...

Pet Peeves

- Severus Snape is not a sexy bastard. He has lank, greasy hair and a crooked nose. Do not make him sexy. Do not make his hair flutter in the breeze. Do not make him dress like an Ambercrombie&Fitch model. He dresses like a bat. Keep him that way. You can use him to whatever devices you wish to just the way he is. He can fall in love with Harry, Hermione, or any other character you wish and have hot monkey sex with his hair being the way it is. Make the character he loves like him just the way he is: a greasy old bat.
- Harry Potter is as blind as an old woman. He wears glasses. They are round. He does not get lazer eye surgery or all of a sudden finds a spell to fix his eyesight. And he never wears contacts. Ever. Even color contacts that make him look 'sthuper sthexy'. Nor does he get much cooler glasses that make Draco Malfoy and/or Snape and/or Ron fall head-over-heels in love with him. He is also NOT tall and chiseled. He was malnurished as a child. He is thin and relatively short. He has muscles from Quidditch but they are NOT (I repeat NOT) bulging in any way, shape, or form.
- (Not having to do with fanfiction in any way, shape, or form...) When my mother giggles like a teenage girl talking to her crush. Honestly! The woman is 50 years old! She really doesn't need to screech like a banshee. I've never done so, and the world is better for it. She shouldn't either. Besides hurting my eardrums (and anyone elses' in the immediate vicinity) she's probably tearing more holes in the ozone layer! Forget polution and /or particles flying from the sun hitting hydrogen atoms and causing heat, my mother is the cause for global warming!


-Deathfics! I read a Psych fiction once on the livejouranl community psych_slash called "I left my Heart in San Francisco." It was extremely short but very well written. It featured Shassy (Shawn/Lassiter) and Lassiter ended up getting shot. I started hyperventilating and getting nauseous. Needless to say I no longer read them. (Not that I did much before.) I get too attached to the characters to see them die. Its like the death of a family member or friend. -shivers-

Beta, anyone?

Onto other matters! I would love to be anyone's beta (as long as it's from a fandom I know, preferably Harry Potter, Mercedes Lackey, or Psych!) I have no life (unless you count my one on here), so I would have plenty of time to do so!


Also, I have a C2! It's called 'Only the Best for Harry.' I don't judge stories just because it may not be something I'm into. I judge them on how well they are written. It contains romance: het, slash, femmeslash; and also any other genres. If you have any suggestions as to any good stories you know of, please PM me with the suggestion. I will read the story and see if I can put it on! And if you wish to become a staff member, you can PM me and ask me about that too! It would be nice to have others out there looking for great stories!

I am also staff for another C2 called 'Marauder Fics with Flair.' It contains well written Marauder stories (no slash or femmeslash here, sorry) and if you have a suggestion for this C2 as well, you can again, contact me. I will make sure that it is up to standards and if it is, I will add it!

Titles that MAKE you want to read

Some stories just have the BEST titles known to man. They may be funny, inspiring, beautiful; it doesn't matter what the summary says, you just want to click on it because of that wonderful first impression. It may be a horrid story, but you have to give the author credit and a chance. (...I should make this into a C2.)

"Your Heart is My Piñata" by Niousha XD

"Better Recycled" by An.Aphrodite.Doll.

"Shagging Finniganagainagain" by makeshiftdraco

"The Bong Between Us" by Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands

"The Mad Flasher of Muggle London" by Marauder

Favorite Songs

Time to Pretend

-The Cranberries

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
-They Might be Giants

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)
-Baz Luhrmann


Cool Quotes

"Sorry hunny, Prince Charming isn't coming. He's living with Mr. Right."

"Better drunk than insane."
-Heart's Cadence (Fanfiction: Not Quite Fate; Chapter 26)

"I'm about to symbolize my gun to your head."
-Muskrat (Appears in one episode of 'King of the Hill')

"I drank 2 1/2 gallons of water... and I didn't pee until the next day. Is that natural?"
-Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)

"You always hear about sailors being pushed back to shore by dolphins, but what about the ones being pushed away?"
-My Dad

"Don't worry; the hangman will arrange a quick divorce."
-Paladin (Have Gun Will Travel, Episode 1)

"If I were reincarnated I would come back and return to the earth as a killer virus to lower the population levels."
-Prince Philip

"Unless you had a block of saturated fat. Then you'd just have saturated fat."
-Moona Peruna

"Like if you want to know which battles of the Civil War George Washington fought in and shit."
-Titus (Feed by M.T. Anderson)

"You know what? My menstral cycle is amazing..."
-Moona Peruna

"I am, as, after all, always, left to scrape myself off the ground and ensure my own survival. I feel a distinct lack of motivation."
-Snape (Fanfiction: Pantogogue (by BC), chapter 27)

"You know, it is 2007. Everyone's having gay sex with their co-workers. No need to get your boxers in a bunch."
-Shawn Spencer (Fanfiction: What happened in Freedom stays in Freedom (by scribblinlenore on livejournal))

"Make no mistake Shawn. I will kill you."
-Gus (Psych, International Pilot)

"Oh no! He's dead and blind!"
-My wonderful friend anonajn (about Bashe in a random battle from FFXII)

"Uh... Hola. Me llamo Inspector Carlton Lassiter. Me gusta queso."
-Lassy-face (Psych, Lights, Camera, Homicido)

"Great. Now we've got a mummy on the loose and the son-of-a-bitch knows how to drive a stick."
-Gus (Psych, Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead)

"This was the story of Howard Beale: the first known instance of a man who was killed because of lousy ratings."
-Narrator ('Network')

My Stories

Harry Potter:
Defeated with Love: It focuses on a way that Voldemort could be defeated with love... literally. CRACK
Stupid Breakdancing: This is my first ever fanfiction. It's kind of crazy and really random. It's one of those things you just can't help looking back on and wondering what had been slipped in your drink. CRACK
Field Trip to Chad: Yes, Chad the country. This is a sequel to Stupid Breakdancing and is just as random. It features an evil Mary Sue and the Crocodile Hunter... may he rest in peace. It also contains disturbing nudity. CRACK
Goodbye Hogwarts: Possibly the shortest fanfiction ever written. And yet, it is my most popular. It makes one wonder what the world has come to... CRACK
He's my Dad: What if James Potter wasn't Harry Potter's father?! -dramatic music- It's just not possible that he isn't, so I wrote this in response to those who believe otherwise. CRACK
KICK ME: A Hermione centered ficlet. I love Hermione, always have always will, so I decided to write something about her. However, I felt bad afterwards... CUTE/SAD
Rumors: It's Snarry. I can't help it, but I love it. It is the same scene told from three different perspectives (Draco, Harry, and Snape). This is my personal favorite out of my HP stories. SILLY
The Eyes of Sirius Black: My first ever serious one-shot. And my first ever Sirius one-shot. (Sorry, I couldn't help it.) It takes place from Remus Lupin's point-of-view. I have always believed that something was going on between Remus and Sirius, and this reflects that. I always have a hard time deciding which I like better, this one or Rumors. SWEET/SAD
Would You Move Your Sodding Broomstick: This could be considered the happy prequel to The Eyes of Sirius Black. It is set during the Marauders' seventh year, at night, during a thunderstorm. I always want to cuddle this story whenever I think about it. SWEET
The Innermost Thoughts of Draco Malfoy: This story is abandoned for the moment. I loved the idea because I love Draco, but time just wasn't on my side when I started writing it. And the more time went on the more distant I grew to it. I hope I'll be able to finish it one day, because I HATE abandoned stories. ABANDONED
The Knicker Files: It features everyone's underwear. Who can't love it? I'll write this when I'm in the mood for writing or I get a hilarious idea. Or writer's block for some other story I'm writing. CRACK
Not Even in Your Wildest Dreams: I crush every ship that is not cannon. Even ships I like. (Drarry, anyone?) This is another story much like The Knicker Files. When I'm bored, get an idea, or have writer's block I turn to this. I doubt it shall ever be done... CRACK
Adventures with Straight Man!: This started out as a chapter in 'Not Even in Your Wildest Dreams' but evolved into a story at the prodding of my friends. I am co-authoring it with Moona Peruna. We basically write it when we are bored in Sociology. Anyway, it's about a superhero called Straight Man who goes around turning gay witches and wizards straight to keep the population up. He has an arch-nemesis, Asexual, who he has never been able to turn the sex drive on. He is not gay (seeing as he has no sexual orientation and no sexual desires at all) but Straight Man feels the need to give him that drive so he can help populate the world. CRACK

Mercedes Lackey:
Companions' Return: This is set in Velgarth, after Owlknight. Another war with the Empire found Valdemar lost and all Companions and Heralds dead. A few generations later the Companions come back to win Valdemar back from the Empire. This story follows a son of the Empire, Healer Lian, and his Companion, Liin. He has trouble with the thought of turning on his country and helping the Valdemarians, especially when their new King is a pompous ass he is sworn to protect in the fight.

House MD:
Reflex: House/Wilson pre-slash or just BFFs. Wilson says something he doesn't mean to while talking on the phone to House. This is mostly just sweet.

NOTE: I also have another account on here with my best friend Moona Peruna (she has an account by that name, so visit her too!). It’s called 'Moona and Kindali Unite' We write fics together and post them there. Although we have been taking a bit of a break...
I also have an account on FictionPress, so if you want to check out any of my original works, feel free! My account name is the same as the one here: Kindali Sidera.

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Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,987 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/16/2006 - Harry P., Draco M. - Complete
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