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Entertainment in the form of my awesome television


full metal alchemist


CSI New York

Likes: Good reviews and MAKING AMVs, my other passion besides fanfiction

Dislikes: Scary people who yell through reviews. unfinished stories, unfinished amvs i work on. and those horrible horrible people through forums that yell at you once you say something different from them!

Characters that i think are cool

ICHIBAN! Anime is Naruto, Characters that are so cool goes as follows

1. Itachi san: He's is just impossible to predict and way outta Sasuke's league. Itachi is probably the strongest character in the entire anime xD.

2.Sasori-danna: Also a genius ninja, uses his puppets to defeat people in battle. Dude, this kid died...I feel so sad. I will definitely make him an AMV just for him.

I deunno, maybe I'm attracted to anime characteres with lots of power and little heart. Their characters are nice, and their abilities are uncanny. PLease read more of my fics!

Full Metal Alchemist

1. Roy Mustang: the flame alchemist who has a dark past and a dark future, but he always seemed to try to do the right thing in the end and sought the road of promotion looking like a fool, but gaining his goals.

2. Riza Hawkeye: She's teh 1337 in mustang's platoon and she owns in shooting. i wonder if they will ever get together... DARN why did they leave roy and riza so open ended?


1. Dean Winchester: this guy is soooo cool, it's hard to say... but i think Jensen Ackles is my favorite actor, plus he looks so cool!!

CSI: New York

1. Daniel Messer (Danny): I love this kid...He's just so awesome and the ways he solves cases are just unpredictable and so smooth. I recently have liked this show, but am passionately in love with it and him. Yes, once I can get my hands on the season 1 and season 2 DVD for CSI, I hecka going to make a music video for Messer.

2. Lindsay Monroe (Montana): The uber cool girl who likes Danny, or Danny likes her. Ah, I can't tell which way it goes. But the cool thing is that they are the coolest pair ever. Lindsay kicks ass when solving cases.

Now let's get to the pairings:

Naruto: TentenxNeji, ItachixSakura, SasukexSakura

Full Metal Alchemist: RoyxRiza

CSI New York: DannyxLindsay (DL)

-D1G1T4L darkness




Broken Dreams: Finished. Sad ending...Sasuke ends up alone...but his brother's spirit is always with him

Uzumaki Sasuke: Finished... I liked the ending. Naruto and Sasuke each learned their lesson.

Fallen Cherry Blossoms: rawr i'm not so sure about the sequel anymore.

Ice Cold Love: Completed. One-shot. I'm happy about it...

Heart of Darkness: Completed! There is a sad ending, but as poignant as I could get it to.

Picking Up the Pieces Again: Hehe, first SakuxSasu and songfic

Forgotten in the Red Sands: Sasori ftw guys!

I think i'm going to quit writing fanfic. i have been slowly falling behind because kishimoto is killing the akatsuki members too quickly. to make things worse, a jerk flamed my fanfic. and it was the worst review i could even read.

they said i could never succeed as a itaxsaku writer. it hit me pretty hard

i enjoyed your reviews though (for other stories).

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