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I’m Darkflamingtiger a 20yr old Australian Uni student/Register monkey at Big W

I’m writing these stories down as they accumulate in my head and things are really messy in there so stories are likely to change and stuff. Anyway I watch Ranma and Tenchi and half a dozen other Anime. My grammar is really bad so if you find something wrong email or send a message and I’ll try to fix it also any constructive comments are appreciated.

I’m a big fan of the Ranma/Sailor Moon fics and the Ranma/Harem Pairing but I don't watch SM so my info is all from otherfanfics I also like gold digger crossovers so I’ll probably do one of those soon and probably do a Naruto fanfic soon to0.

oh...yea I HATE Akane so you won't see any Ranma/Akane fics .My Japanese is really almost non existent so unless I can find a translation in a fic I’ll be using almost no Japanese. In my stories but I’ll try. I practice Mokoto Ryu Karate so I’ll probably work that in . I really like Ranma the character and will probably fall in to the trap of over compensating for his childhood and making him uber powerful if I do just hit me over the head with a mallet and i'll go fix it or at least I’ll try. Oh yea a note my stories will all have some heavy spelling errors as I'm dyslexic and have trouble checking my own work so if someone wants to help me by checking my work I'll welcome the help, otherwise understand that gramer is a problem for me.

Ja ne

Ranma: Ranmas 3rd law :working on third chapter and re write


Work Uni and Karate hopefuly updates soon

OK people I’ve had some reviews and I’ll start implementing the changes suggested in them soon but more importantly in upcoming chapters I’m going to give Ranma a partner(s) and would like to know your opinion any female from Ranma or Sailor Moon but any of the fiancés have a snowballs chance to get through so don't waste your vote.

I am a A Warder Dragon!
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Naruto: The Game of Life by SeerKing reviews
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Harry Potter GXP reviews
Written to try to get back into actualy writing and not just thinking. It's not betaed and I have no plans to continue it.
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Ranma's 3rd Law reviews
Every action has an opposite reaction it's time for Ranma to react. With a little help from some new/old friends
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Encyclopaedia Magica reviews
Since J.K. Rowling never created rules for her magic, I'm going to have a go at creating scenes that explain how magic works in my Fic's based on the Harry Potter Books
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I, Wizard reviews
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