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Author has written 13 stories for Legend of Korra, StarTrek: The Original Series, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIII, Supernatural, Final Fantasy X, and Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人.
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Feathers reviews
With the mark gone and Cas's grace restored, everything seems to be getting back to normal – as normal as the Winchesters ever get. Until it's found out that Cas is carrying Dean's half-angel babies. But that's just another day in the life, right? Destiel
Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 53,998 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 62 - Updated: 6/8 - Published: 3/12 - [Castiel, Dean W.] Sam W.
Flight Paths Home reviews
Cas and Dean are roommates, neither one of them aware that the other is secretly flying around the city in the guise of a superhero saving innocent lives–even if they do regularly stitch each other up. Cas is quite convinced he's in love with Dean however, yet Dean is interested in someone he "works with." Someone that later comes crashing through his window with a familiar face.
Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,896 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 22 - Published: 6/7 - [Castiel, Dean W.] [Sam W., Jessica M./Jess]
A Profound Connection reviews
Destiel short stories, one-shots, and drabbles. Ratings posted per fic. Stories still being added as written.
Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 23 - Words: 126,685 - Reviews: 77 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 40 - Updated: 6/6 - Published: 1/12 - [Castiel, Dean W.]
Tipping the Hourglass reviews
It's been ten years since high school – since Cas told Dean how he felt and was rejected. Now he has a new life in Chicago, but he can't avoid that small Kansas town forever. He's home for the holidays and, low and behold, after his rental car breaks down on the side of the road, the first person he happens upon is none other than a certain Dean Winchester. Destiel
Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 19 - Words: 175,366 - Reviews: 191 - Favs: 137 - Follows: 274 - Updated: 3/10 - Published: 11/17/2013 - [Dean W., Castiel]
A Model View reviews
New job, new apartment, new life. Dean's got all his ducks in a row, or so he's convinced himself. Until he meets his neighbor – a certain Castiel Novak – whose unorthodox behavior sends Dean for a constant loop. One that soon has him falling in ways he'd never expected. But life is never that simple, and they've both got skeletons in their closets. Destiel
Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 23,679 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 35 - Published: 3/3 - [Dean W., Castiel]
The Crack in Our World
When two young boys from different parts of the world happen upon one another, they start along a road neither anticipated. Dean's a warrior, Cas is a prince, and the world is determined to keep them apart. Yet through all the heartbreak and regret, they keep finding their way back to one another – back into the arms of the one that needs them. Omegaverse. Destiel.
Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,519 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 9 - Published: 2/23 - [Castiel, Dean W.]
Dust in the Wind reviews
Cas is a wealthy young man with every expectation; Dean is a bad boy of which no one expects anything. In a world where they're from opposite poles, they somehow come crashing together. And it's with a desperate clinging that they try to hang on, even as the world attempts to rip them apart. Destiel. Smut-fluff-tastic.
Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 94,895 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 61 - Updated: 2/13 - Published: 1/11 - [Castiel, Dean W.]
Glitter, Glamour, and Ties reviews
Eren hadn't imagined he'd be making a living as a stripper. And Levi hadn't been expecting to be attracted to a celebrity pole dancer at a local club. Having just been hired as a Vice CEO, there's money to be spent on glittery extracurriculars. However, despite how Levi tries to find out the identity of the infamous dancer, the answer might be sitting just under his nose.
Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人 - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 65,059 - Reviews: 111 - Favs: 115 - Follows: 160 - Updated: 1/11 - Published: 7/21/2014 - [Levi, Eren Y.]
Artificial Caprice reviews
Legend of Korra - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 10 - Words: 95,458 - Reviews: 301 - Favs: 185 - Follows: 258 - Updated: 1/11 - Published: 7/18/2012 - [Korra, Mako]
Beyond Reality reviews
A year after defeating Sin, Yuna and her friends are asked to investigate the Farplane, which seems to have been put out of balance. However, upon doing so, they're whisked off to another reality. Not just any reality, but the one and only Zanarkand. It's hard for them all to believe, and even harder to comprehend upon coming across old acquaintances. TidusxYuna
Final Fantasy X - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 139,784 - Reviews: 111 - Favs: 104 - Follows: 137 - Updated: 10/11/2014 - Published: 2/19/2014 - [Tidus, Yuna]
Two Birds, A Different Feather reviews
Hope left to someday come back as someone worthy of her mature eyes. Lighting tried to find love after the war against the fal'Cie, but every relationship ended in heartbreak, so she gave up. Now Hope is back, but was six years too long? Do they even know how to love anymore? Such things have a way of bursting in against all odds however, and come from the least expected places.
Final Fantasy XIII - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 62,946 - Reviews: 164 - Favs: 131 - Follows: 156 - Updated: 6/29/2013 - Published: 3/1/2013 - [Lightning, Hope]
In a Bed of Flowers reviews
Things are finally heading in the right direction, but when Zack Fair shows up in Edge, his mere presence threatens to unhinge Cloud's already unstable mind. No one is sure if he can handle having the reality of his alter ego around, yet they can't just throw the confused SOLDIER out into the streets either. He has to stay and, hopefully, Cloud's sanity with him. CxZ Clack
Final Fantasy VII - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 46,733 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 75 - Follows: 87 - Updated: 2/28/2013 - Published: 2/20/2013 - [Cloud S., Zack F.]
The Psychology of You reviews
Jim is granted two weeks shore leave in an attempt to recover before Starfleet deems him emotionally compromised. Spock goes with him, issued to monitor his behavior, and in doing so, the two are forced to face facets of their relationship more easily bypassed when indulged in the formal attitude of the Enterprise. All because Spock had to go and label Jim his... t'hy'la. Spirk
StarTrek: The Original Series - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 56,138 - Reviews: 49 - Favs: 58 - Follows: 87 - Updated: 1/24/2013 - Published: 1/10/2013 - [J. Kirk, Spock]