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Name: Earvin

Sex: Only with females

Age: 16

A little bit about me: I'm really lazy and underachieving, but I try to put at least some effort into my story writing. I write all Star Fox fanfics, although I'm planning to write a Pokemon one in the near future. I like writing depressing stories, although I try to maintain some wit and sarcastic humor in them, and I try to keep the mood light in spite of the things that are happening. I get involved in shipping more than I'd like to admit (Pokeshipping especially). As for my name, well I was trying to find a name for my IMDb profile five years ago, then my mom asked me to take out the trash. I thought, "Why not?" The name has since stuck with me with other websites and message boards I visit. If you see somebody with the name Trashbag, it might be me.

Favorite Movies: The Godfather I and II, Saving Private Ryan, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars IV - VI, Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Raiders of the Lost Ark, V for Vendetta, Blade Runner, Terminator 2, Clerks I and II, Citizen Kane, Beetle Juice, Back to the Future, The Departed, King Kong (1933), Edward Scissorhands, Forrest Gump, Rocky, Jaws, Donnie Darko, Spirited Away, Akira, WALL-E, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight

Favorite TV Shows: Seinfeld, The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Band of Brothers, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scrubs, Doctor Who, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Pokemon

Favorite Music: The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, U2, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Kaiser Chiefs, Queen, Cream, Rush

Favorite Video Games: I don't play a lot of video games anymore. My favorite games of all time, however, are Star Fox 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I'm also a big fan of the Halo and Splinter Cell series

Favorite Books: Tom Clancy novels and the Harry Potter series

The Life of James McCloud

Looking back at this story, I have to say that I'm not very impressed at myself. I was only thirteen when I started that story, so the first couple of chapters were kinda lackluster to me. As it went on, and I started to grow older, the chapters became a bit more descriptive and longer, instead of having just small clusters of paragraphs with just a couple of short sentences. There's just a large inconsistency with the story as a whole, leaving a sort of unbalanced feeling with it.

Story wise, some parts were okay, other parts I thought, "What was I thinking?" For example, Vixy being afraid around mammals other than foxes because some other mammals raped her, I could've found some other way to get her and James together. It just sounds sorta ridiculous, even on paper, and kinda seems like a cheap way to get James to agree to watch over her. As for Eddie, he was supposed to be the almost equal to Andross, the one who could really stand up to him or tell him what to do. How Andross just pops him in the back of the head out of nowhere just kinda kills (no pun intended) the character I had going for him. I just needed a way to get rid of him. Also, maybe I could've cut down on the Tarantino references. I had just seen Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs at the time, so I was completely inspired by those movies. But now, it just seems really stupid.

Other than those points, I thought the story as a whole was okay. It definitely started to get better as the chapters went on. I wanted to end it because I knew with the first few chapters being what they are, not a lot of people are going to keep reading until the end. I just wanted to separate the good from the bad, that's all. That, and the length was a factor too. Anyway, I want to thank you all who have read this story and who are reading the new one. Most of the reviews I've gotten were very generous and some... not so generous (Octavian Kaiser Scott comes to mind). But I hope you all enjoy what I have coming for you in the next story, which is a lot more planned out than this one was.

Latter Days of James McCloud

Overall, I'm much more satisfied with this story than I was with the last one. I think it's much more solid and well-balanced, and my writing is more consistent. However, I still have quite a few things to criticize about it. First off, while the majority of the story was obviously about James, he seemed to inexplicably disappear in many parts. There's Andross' flashbacks, which I will admit there were too many of. Then there's that abysmal "Time Lapses" chapter I did (I'll get to that later). I was trying to focus on some of the other characters for a change, but this is supposed to be about James! The first story was called "The Life of James McCloud," so shouldn't I be focusing on, you know, his life?

Speaking of that, I realized how much I didn't cover in the first story. As a whole, it spans over twelve years, but I skipped over quite a bit (like his entire childhood, for instance). The main story only takes up about two years. As for this one, I covered over ten years of James' life. I was originally planning on this story to be much shorter, but I realized that I needed a relationship between Fox and his mother, and Andross' exile needed to last five years. I also really wanted to write about Fox growing up along with Falco and Slippy, so I extended it. Besides, the last part of the story spans over two days, and yet it takes up six chapters.

Anyway, back to my criticism. For the most part, I liked most of the chapters, but there were some that seemed a bit... well, lackluster to me:

Target Practice/The Jack - I actually think this is okay, but it's sorta lacking compared to the previous chapters. The first part is alright, but the second part is what I'm not so happy about. I wanted to introduce Pam in some way, but really, I could've established a lot more character here; all I really do is mention her name. Also, the "Jack" itself was a bit unnecessary (for those of you who don't know, "the Jack" is a slang term for gonorrhea. I was going to write another chapter about Andross getting pubic lice, but I decided against it).

"Long Time Friends" (Yeah Right) - Well, first off, the title is garbage. Also, I could've found a better way to kill off William Kup; it's kinda cheap just having him stabbed 23 times (which, for those of you who didn't get the reference, is the same way Julius Caesar died).

Time Lapses - I don't care what you say, but I absolutely HATE this chapter! It just didn't fit in with the story at all, and it completely throws it off the rails. The whole thing just feels too different compared to the rest of the story. I mean, I'm not writing a comedy here, but you wouldn't be able to tell from this chapter! I also don't like how smart I made the kids. They were all, like, incarnations of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes (which, maybe, I might have been going for while writing this). Worst of all, this chapter came right after Vixy's death, which really felt like an inappropriate shift in tone to me. Look, the reviews you gave me were great, and it's one of my highest viewed chapters, but I just find it absolutely horrid.

Some other minor quibbles are my numerous pop culture references, more specifically to Pokemon. I was going through some sort of Pokemon phase, and I felt like throwing in as many Pokemon references as I possibly could for some reason. There are also a couple of moments where I could've gotten into more detail about certain things. I especially wish I could've gone more in depth with James and Fox's relationship. I'd like to give kudos to "The Past Story" by french-charlotte, which is a story I wish I wrote. But oh well, mine is fine for what it is.

All of that aside, I'm still very satisfied with the whole thing. I'm especially fond of the last six chapters before the epilogue. I've been afraid of writing the ending ever since I started the story because I was convinced I wouldn't do a good job. But I'm happy with the way it wrapped up. All in all, it's three years well spent.

I'd just like to give special thanks to...

Arcane Emotions, Biggoron, CSD, Chaotic Shadow of Souls, Destinysway1144, dogman15, dotkaite, Fireblast123, GameFreakINC, InuKagome626, Ianpiersonjdavis napkin, Nintendogeek01, PalomaLs, Radar's Shadow, Rafael Aldo Constantine, Raven-BR, ShadowFox0324, Snake of the Rose, TheSpiritofWolf, starfoxluver, starfoxmstr13, Star Fox Runner, StarFox Saiyan, straightedgebigevil, tiogasnowwolf, Troy McCloud, w nymph, Wolf93, xxbrittaanyxo, YodasPatawan, Zimmie, and Zonic the Zone Cop

...for giving me the motivation to finish this.

My Original Characters (some of them, not original at all)

Bad Guys

Dr. Andrew Bowman - human. Andross' past life.

Sanford Powalski (The One Eyed Ogre) - chameleon. The father of Leon and a dumbass who stabbed his own eye out. The leader of Titania. Eaten by Andross.

Grant O'Donnell (Fancy Pants) - wolf. The smart one and the father of Wolf. The leader of Macbeth. Killed by an Arwing blast.

Nice Guy Eddie - falcon. Andross' right hand man. Shot in the back of the head by Andross.

Cpt. Michael Roy - monkey. Andross' inept bodyguard.

Cpt. Dennis Marth - monkey. Andross' slightly smarter but still inept bodyguard.

Marcellus Wallace - swine. The leader of the Reservoir Dogs. Killed while inside an exploding vehicle.

The Reservoir Dogs - variety. Accomplices of Marcellus Wallace. All were killed (except for one) while inside an exploding vehicle.

Marvin Nash (Mr. Pink) - human. A Reservoir Dog. Tortured to death by Andross and Nice Guy.

Caiman Boyd - human. The president of Eladard and a character I forgot about.

Cpl. Pico - bloodhound. An Eladardian Ranger.

Pvt. Stewart - human. An Eladardian Ranger

Major Gorah - crow. An Eladardian Ranger.

William Kup - human. Drug dealer. Betrayed and killed by his own people.

Dr. Ryan Bailey - human. Andross' disguise.

Cornerians and Allies


General Bud Miller - General of Corneria. Assassinated by a man named Bowman (not to be confused with Dr. Andrew Bowman).

Bruce Brodie (One Nut) - hamster. Once was shot in the sack, hence the nickname. The leader of Katina and now an ally of Corneria.

Harry Caroso (Horse Hung Harry) - black panther. The father of Panther and a sheer womanizer. The leader of Fichina. Isn't exactly an "ally", but has nothing against Corneria.

William Black (Fudge Boy) - rabbit. A fat-ass who weighs in at 450 lbs. The leader of Zoness.

Chief Jacob Reinard - fox. The police chief of the CPD (Cornerian Police Department) and the father of Vixy. Killed in Cornerian invasion.

Sgt. Thomas (Tom) Grey - dog. (Probably) the father of Bill and another character that I forgot about.

Cpt. Paul Stanley - bulldog. Officer of C Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment.

Cpt. Farmer - eagle. Officer of some company of the 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment.

Colonel Michael Dierker - reptile. Leader of the entire 22nd Infantry Regiment. Killed in combat on Titania.

Cpt. Ronald Ramsey - monkey. Officer of the 1st Ranger Battalion.

Major Hoffman - fox. Officer of the 73rd Airborne.

Cpt. Matthew Hunt - rabbit. Officer of D Company, 12th Infantry Regiment.

Colonel Howard Banks - human. Leader of the 12th Infantry Regiment.

Lt. Donald (Don) Fitzgerald - swine. Officer of C Company, 12th Infantry Regiment.

Cpt. Walker - human. Officer of some company that I failed to specify.

Cpl. Turner - swine. A soldier in the 4th Infantry.

Pvt. Caiman Shears - human. A soldier from Zoness, but probably isn't so bad now after James' little pep talk with him.

Cpt. Reynolds - human. An inept leader who's best friends with Colonel Banks. Was leader of A Company for a short time.

Sgt. Alistair Spears - lizard. Katinian soldier. Killed in combat on Katina.

Cpt. Saru - commander of the Cornerian Defense Force outpost on Fortuna

2nd Ranger Battalion

Major James (Jim) Edwards - fox. Ex-boyfriend of Vixy and a mentor/father figure to James in a sense. He's considered a war hero among Corneria. He was killed in combat on Macbeth

Lt. John (Jack) Lombardi - falcon. The father of Richard (Falco) who's reckless as hell. Lost both of his legs during combat.

Cpl. Elias MacDonald - avian. The first one of the 2nd Ranger Battalion to be killed in combat (on Zoness).

Pfc. Martin Monroe - feline. Handles most of the sniping and is the older brother of Lucas. Killed in combat on Titania.

Cpl. Fredrick Hamill - bulldog. Killed in combat on Titania

Pvt. David Johnson - human. Was a former inhabitant of Earth. Killed in combat on Titania.

Pvt. Christopher (Topher) Phoenix - fox. The only Ranger in the 2nd Battalion who could cook. Captured and found dead in a Titanian Prison from lack of nutrition.

Pvt. Matthew (Matt) Lynx - leopard. A family man at heart who wants no more part in the army.

A Company, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division (only a select few, though)

Cpl. Lucas Monroe - feline. Younger brother of Martin and father of Katherine.

Lt. Philip Plant - feline. Likes to sing in his spare time.

Lt. John Page - human. An avid guitarist.

Lt. Daltrey - feline. Natural born leader. Sometimes would duo with Plant.

Pfc. Paul Bonham (Bon) - human. A drummer. Killed in combat on Fichina.

Pfc. William Moon (Moonie) - human. Also a drummer, and best friends with Bonham. Killed in combat on Venom.

Pfc. Michael Entwistle - lizard. A kick-ass bassist. Killed in combat on Fichina.

Pfc. Donald Waters - monkey. A bassist too.

Pvt. Justin Barrett - falcon. A sniper. Killed in combat on Venom.

Lt. Roger Gilmore - human. Usually doesn't talk too much. Killed in combat on Venom.

Sgt. Townshend - falcon. A guitarist as well. Killed in combat on Fichina.

Pfc. Alec Jones - dog. A regular bassist as well. Killed in combat on Fichina.

T-4 Medic Kirk Morgan - human. One of two medics.

T-4 Medic Ronald Harper - avian. One of two medics.

Pvt. Johnathon Hauser - human. A soldier James never had a chance to know. Killed in combat on Katina.


Marcia Lombardi - falcon. Wife of Jack and mother of Falco.

Samantha Toad - toad. Wife of Beltino and mother of Robert (Slippy).

Pam - human. A prostitute, and the only one Andrew Bowman's ever loved. Killed in a police shootout.

Dr. Hayley - monkey. Head scientist at the Cornerian Research Center.

Dr. Miyamoto - human. Scientist who found another cure to counter Dr. Bowman's cure. Flayed to death by Dr. Bowman.

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