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Author has written 3 stories for Gundam Seed, and D N Angel.

real name: unknown
status: single, born again christian and proud of it!
age: seventeen
birthday: can't remember XD
phone number: go away Stalkers! ( asks first, and say pwease! )
nationality: 100 filipina (although people always mistaken me to be chinese, i dont know why )
location: Winnipeg, Canada (although im moving to Edmonton -_-" )

~ InteresTs ~

What i Love and most Care for and Crave for: GOD i know, sounds kind of crazy, but its true. I won't be here loving animes if he didnt made me right? So i am very thankful for Him that i found Him. For what will i be without Him? I know, you guys are probably thinking, What the heck? okay there I know, i know. But that will not be the reason that i will be embarass to not tell the world. And you guys are probably saying, Okay? what is her point? telling these stuff about her religion? well my point is that, i am not ashamed to tell the world or you guys about Him. Yes, i am passionate about him. But i am still growing, meaning i am still looking and searching. And i will not stop till i am insanely mad about Him like i am in anime. Cuz He has to come first. He is after all our saviour. The one who died on the cross to save our sins. All i can say to all of you is GODBLESS!

I love sports i really have passion for them. Sometimes my friends thinks i'm crazy. Of all the stuff that there is to love why sports. I guess that's where you put the line "Everybody looks at stuff differently" I guess im kind of tomboyish in a way, but there are moments where i squeal like a girly girl and falls head over heels on guy. I mean i can't do anything i am a girl, whether you guys like it or i love it or not.

My other passion, that consumes mostly my interest is AniMe. I didnt know that i will grow up to be one of those people who are totally insane about animes. My insanity for animes practically reach the point where sometimes i imagine to be an anime. I just want to know what it's like for me to an anime. I think it wouldnt hurt. Cuz when i think about it, when you're an anime, nothing is impossible. And i want that. But i know its being selfish. You cannot help but be selfish once in a while. Specially what's going on with our world.
But to pass that, all i do is make fanfics which i usually left unfinished because of my schedule. Sometimes, i even dont do homework, cuz all i do is doodle on my paper. Drawing animes and brainstorming ideas about animes and what is a good story line for a good fanfic. I know i am hopeless. But at least it better than being out there and doing drugs. I think right now, anime is my drugs. I just can't live a day without it. Gosh, what am i turning into? an anime freak, yeah, that's the word. And yes i am proud to be an anime freak. As i say, i am not alone.

Next is music. music is probably my third addiction. Its crazy but, i concentrate more if i am listening to music. Like when i do essays and math, i listen to music. I think music is such a beautiful thing. It is the one that puts a hint of contrast in our life and in this world of ours. I mostly get inspiration from music. Whenever i listen to music, somtimes it just click to me, how that music can make such an inspiration. Mostly some of my fanfics that is unfinished comes from or inspired by songs. I think its a little thing that they called magical. LOL.

~ Favorite Pairings ~

DN Angel:
DARK AND RIKU i am a solid fan of them=D
Satoshi and Riku
Satoshi and Risa
Daisuke and Riku
Krad and Riku

Sesshomaru and Kagome
i am also a solid fan of them =D
Kagome and Inuyasha
Miroku and Sango
Kohaku and Rin
Shippo and Souten

Gundam Seed:
Cagalli and Athrun
Cagalli and Kira
Cagalli and Shinn
Cagalli and Yzak
Cagalli and Auel
Lacus and Kira

~ notice that all of them are cagalli and the other characters in the anime. well i cant help it. i read some fics about these pairings and i cant help but be a fan! you guys understand me right? -pouting with pleady eyes-

Hatsuharu: -cough- yea right, you suck up -puts a bored look on face-
Reseaki: who are you calling suck up? you cow!
Hatsuharu: ignores me completely -_-
Reseaki: How dare you ignore me!
Hatsuharu: Huh? o what? you said something?
Reseaki: GRR! why you!
-see flying things in the background. Some things are on fire-

A/N: just to let you know, i kind of borrow Hatsuharu -sweatdrop- or rather found him...hmm -puts index finger on chin-
Hatsuharu: yo, dont think too much. I get scared when u do that. I mean you're the last person that i'll see that will think too hard.-plops down on the couch-
Me: why you jerk! i will-
Hatsuharu: ah ah ah -shaking his head- cant do that to me, what will the Hatsuharu fan that trully adores and loves me will think of you, beating me up?
Me: why you! you! you! You! MEANIE! You! -runs inside the room, leaving behind tears trails-
Hatsuharu: finally, peace and quiet -ZzZzZz-

ME: -whispers- yes, as i as saying before i found him on my doorway, or rather, i found a cow on my doorway the next morning. So i said to myself, hey! i better keep this cow! good meat! i dont have to go groceries! sighs but then, the next morning, i just saw a guy on my couch, sleeping, my curtain, wrapped around him.-_-" that's when i realize that it was Hatsuharu...that cow from fruits basket.. sigh
Hatsuharu: yo! cant you sigh quietly!
Me: -_-"

Tea and Sato
Tea and Marik
Tea and Yugi
Tea and Yami
Tea and Bakura
Tea and Joey

well Tea is the only girl i like in yugi oh so thats explain the pairings

Peach Girl:
KAIRI AND ADACHI solid fan too! i just love them!

~ Dislikes/My no no's ~

Sesshomaru and Rin:What the heck is up with this! Sesshy and Rin! No way! big "X" mark! Rin is like a daughter to Sesshy! and that's makes me sad! No way! i mean come on people!

Yaoi: WHAT THE HECK! I MEAN OH MY! (sorry yaoi fans) but come on! where did u get this! a boy to boy! man! and mostly bishounenXbishounen! no way man! that's just gross! eww! yuck! sick! it like ruins the whole reputation of the bishounens! I just want to cry my heart out cuz of these situations! man! sometimes when i read fics, all i see is yaoi! whats up with that! i mean shure u guys have good imaginations...but please...dont let it go too far...dont go overbored! wahh! noo! it breaks my heart... sigh sniffles inhales deep breaths Whoo! glad that's out of my chest. this complaint will be longer but i choose not too...XD

Inuyasha and Kikyo: two words: GRRRRRRRRR! ARGHHHH!

Dark and Risa: sorry Risa and Dark fans... -_-" but i just dont like them together! NEVER! and i was just sad and very upset when i watched the anime. It just broke my heart. (oh my poor aching heart) ;P
anywho, yes. i just dislike the idea of it. I mean come on people!
hmm...i notice i say that alot.. ( come on people ) i do though...i really do... haha

People who just dont understand or mis-judge you: hmm...where to start...all i can say is that, look at urself first before you judge other people. It's not healthy when you guys do that. I mean, come on people! (haha! here we go again with my favorite sentence! )
People get mad when they judge you right? and then you are going out there judging people. All i can say is that just care about yor own life, okay? And dont look at people's mistakes. But rather look at their good side! Because all that you want to reminise is the good things not the bad ones. I suggest that you guys should just grow up. I mean shure, there is nothing wrong with being or acting like a kid sometimes, cuz i still do! i mean i have an intelectual of an 5 year old kid! but i put that personality in check, i make shure that i know when to use it and when not to. Be a good example! hahaha LOL what the heck...what am i your mom?
ha! but i am serious though. "Don't do to others what you dont want them to do to you "

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