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My, my, my. Where do I begin?

Back in 2005, I got into fan fiction in a big way.

The Phantom of the Opera movie had just come out, I found a tattered copy of the Gaston Leroux novel in the library, and I saw a Labyrinth DVD at the local mall. I come from a small town, and I loved musicals, but the only access I had to them was through filmed versions. I had heard a few songs from ALW's PotO, but had never come close to seeing it. Suddenly, a movie was available to me, and boy did it make me feel all the feels! Meanwhile, I had found a completely insane but fascinating novel that seemed to have little in common with the musical, but complicated this Phantom character, this mystifying Erik in a way that captured my imagination. And then I saw Labyrinth for the first time since I was a kid - a movie I had seen dozens of times, but had almost completely forgotten. And I still loved it, no mater it's faults.

There are a lot of reasons that people turn to fan fiction - they can't get enough of the characters, they want to get inside the minds of their favorite characters, etc. I got hooked on PotO and Labyrinth fics because I wasn't satisfied with the endings. I wanted Erik to end up with someone new, since I couldn't see Christine going back to him. I wanted Jareth to wait until Sarah had grown up a little more, when she was ready to fall in love, and then get her back. I was also the same age as Jennifer Connelly when she appeared in Labyrinth, and I had a crush on David Bowie, so I thought she should, too.

Anyway, fan fiction was a major part of how I spent my time in high school - reading it, writing it, loving it. I was one of the weird kids in the corner of the cafeteria quoting Monty Python at each other all through lunch. I was in choir and taking private voice lessons. I was in the drama club. I was on the academic team. We took tests on the weekends for FUN! Because if you did well enough on the test, you got a medal - a medal that made the bullying we got on the weekdays worth it!

I was a weird teen, who liked a lot of weird stuff, and who hung out with weird people. was my tribe, and it's a great feeling when you find your tribe.

But I went away to college, had summer jobs, and I was busy. After my first or second year, I didn't feel like I had the time to devote to fan fiction. I still loved my fandoms, still loved my tribe. But I was wandering away.

I went to grad school and got a Masters in English. Still no time for fan fiction.

I got out of grad school and went to work full time. I got married. I got a house and two dogs. I didn't have time.

But I missed it. And I've decided to make time. I have reclaimed my account, formerly called "Songstressgirl07," (I'm hardly a girl anymore), and I have been reading fics again for the first time in years. I may even dabble in writing from time to time. We'll see.

Thanks for taking me back into the tribe.

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