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My, my, my. Where do I begin?

Back in 2005, I got into fanfiction in a big way.

The Phantom of the Opera movie had just come out, and I found a tattered copy of the Gaston Leroux novel in the library. I come from a small town, and I loved musicals, but the only access I had to them was through filmed versions. I had heard a few songs from ALW's PotO, but had never come close to seeing it. Suddenly, a movie was available to me, and boy did it make me feel all the feels!

Meanwhile, I had found a completely insane but fascinating novel that seemed to have little in common with the musical, but complicated this Phantom character, this mystifying Erik, in a way that captured my imagination.

There are a lot of reasons that people turn to fan fiction - they can't get enough of the characters, they want to get inside the minds of their favorite characters, etc. I got hooked on PotO fics because I wasn't satisfied with the ending.

I wanted Erik to end up with someone new, since I couldn't see Christine going back to him, or going after her. (If I'm being completely honest, I mostly wanted him to end up with somebody like me.) However, now that I'm back, AUs have converted me to an E/C shipper.

Fanfiction was a major creative outlet in high school. I was one of the weird kids in the corner of the cafeteria quoting Monty Python at each other. I was in choir and taking private voice lessons. I was in the Drama Club. I was on the Academic Team.

I was a weird teen, who liked a lot of weird stuff, and who hung out with weird people. was my tribe, and it's a great feeling when you find your tribe.

But I went away to college, had summer jobs, and I was busy. I went to grad school. Still no time for fan fiction. I got out of grad school and went to work full time. I got married. I got a house and two dogs. I didn't have time.

But I missed it. And I've decided to make time.

Thanks for taking me back into the tribe.


My Erik from my high school days was absolutely Gerard Butler, but the Eriks I have been working on (I'm currently working on seven long-form stories, I just don't have anything ready to be published) are sort of a potpourri of ALW and Leroux - still haven't gotten around to reading Kay, though I do own it now - and there are probably some subtle notes of Charles Dance, though I haven't watched that one very often. However, I have to give a lot of credit to Muirin007. Her interpretation of Erik is absolutely breathtaking - masked and unmasked.

So far, I think you can trust all of my future stories to be E/C, even if they may take some time getting there. Assuming I ever feel confident enough to post my long-form stories. My pesky job and personal life are quite a distraction from my true calling, which is fan fiction.


Gift Wrapping - Erik is an awkward musical genius, and Christine is an aspiring singer. Erik is smitten when she joins his choir. A Christmas concert gives Erik the opportunity to grow closer to his student, but everything has to be perfect. Little does he know that Christine has a surprise of her own. Follow Erik and Christine as they make new memories over the holidays. 1st Chapter was written for Not a Ghost3's 2nd Annual A Very Merry Phantom one-shot contest. Later chapters are follow-ups in the same Alternative, Modern Universe. Last updated for Valentine's Day. This was originally just planned as a true one-shot, but I loved this version of the characters so much, I was inspired to continue their relationship.

Bear with Me - Erik and Meg spot an attractive music history lover, Christine, at the mall's food court while shopping for a wedding gift. Meg forces Erik to visit Christine at the toy store where she works. Sparks fly as Christine helps Erik get a little revenge for Meg's meddlesome ways. Fluffiness ensues. E/C, AU Modern, three-shot. This one was also originally planned as a true one-shot, but the responses I got were so encouraging that I decided to write two additional chapters to tie things up.

As mentioned above, I have been working on several long-form stories. I tend to get obsessed with writing certain sections that really interest me, and then I have to really work at the connective tissue. So, I am holding onto them until I've made a lot of progress and know where the story is going. A few of them have already undergone significant rewrites as I've thought more about them. For instance, I started two of them right after I got back into fan fiction, and they were originally going to be E/OC stories, but then I realized that's just not what I wanted anymore. I also sort of hate the idea of putting something out there and then letting it go for months and months as as I fight writer's block. However, I may change my mind if I can get at least five to ten chapters of each story written. The reviews and PMs I've gotten about Gift Wrapping and Bear with Me provided some great inspiration for continuing those stories.

I have several stories from my high school/early college days. I haven't looked at them in years, and I'm kind of afraid to see what kind of a writer I was back then. I may get around to it after I've spent some time focusing on new material. Maybe editing/rewriting are in the future...

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