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I am a Star Trek, Narnia, Harry Potter, Maleficent and most of all, femslash and anime Noir fanatic and (still at the beginnings) writer from Germany.

Lately I have come back to my sequel to the anime Noir and I hope to have some readers left (although I know, a year break between the updates was really long XD). Anyway, I have such a nice end to this story in my head that I just have to write it down. So yes, more updates are about to follow.

I decided to write a few words about my character choice in Noir. Everyone who knows me, remembers that my fascination with this anime, Altena in particular, started since I first saw it and lasts till today. I think when I will be 50 or 60, I will still write about her and here is why:

Altena is the type of character that is designed to stay in the background till the big final at the end of the series when the true face of her is revealed. It is very common in the anime, to have a mysterious person that shows up only for a moment and basically her role is to build up the suspense. Most of the Noir viewers come then to the end and seeing her fanatic, obsessed face, takes her as a purely evil psychopath, who turned the children into assassins and leave it there.

Very few people and me and my wife are one of them, see another side of this.

First. Altena was a war wictim. Noir doesn't specify which war and where. For the anime it is not important, important is what happens there. She was raped. Maybe many times, who knows. If you are a grown up and read any history of any war, you should know that the worst thing in them is not bombing of the houses. It is the sexual violence. Women get raped. Children get raped. Regularly, so often it becomes an everyday thing. When I watched the anime I thought that the trees and surroundings of the place from Altena's memory looked European and were too new for the second world war. So after a little bit of research I picked the war in 90ties in the former Yugoslavia. The time fits, the happenings there, fit. So much that sometimes I feel like writing a letter to Bee Train and asking about it.

Anyway. The fact is. People never get over these traumas. Never. They seem to have a normal life, they have families, everything. But it changes the psyche on the deeper level forever. Rape victims are damaged for the entire life and their perception of the world is never healthy again. Some of them want to kill themselves and also, the perception of death changes. Victims of sexual violence often ask for their death, as it is the only way to get free from what happened to them. Because rape is WORSE than death. In the anime, Altena asks Mireille to kill her. You can interpret it as her way to make Mireille a true Noir, but I choose to see deeper in this plea. Altena wants to die not only because of Noir. She not only thinks that she should die as the part of Soldats that have to go away. She really, personally wants to die.

And she wants her death to be meaningful for the world. This is another thing that gets me about her. Altena's death is the death of the sin, of the Soldats that turned evil. Altena's death gives the end of what happened to her. She perceives herself as born with sin, because in the moment of rape the child died and Altena was born. The Altena that wants to purify the world of those who destroy the innocent. If Mireilles kills her, she metaphorically removes the rape from Altena and therefore saves her.

And here we come to Mireille. Why I ship those two. If you laugh that it is a common fandom rule to take two enemy characters and put them to bed together because it is hot, you maybe be right, too. But, jokes aside, it also has a deeper reasons. Watching the series, everything seems to be about Kirika. Who is she, what's the mystery, what happens to the promise Mireille gave her, we come to the story of Mireille's parents, blah blah, we go to the end and there is the question if Kirika chooses Chloe or Mireille. Everything about Kirika. Really? Mireille is the character we get to know the most. Almost every episode is from her perspective. We know her everyday life, we get to know her friends, or, the coworkers at least. We know how she feels, what she thinks, she says that quite openly. At the end when she enters the Manor, she hears from Altena 'I was watching over you for your entire life'. We also get to know her uncle Claude from some time before. The uncle who took her from Corsica and trained her. And as the uncle Claude receives the order (from Altena!) to kill Kirika, whose trial is this? Mireille's. At the end Mireille mentions that her parents disobeyed Soldats to give her for training, because they didn't want Mireille to have the seed of darkness Kirika had. So they get killed to prevent Mireille to fall in Altena's hands. Did they really? It is but clear that Claude followed Altena's orders. He trained Mireille, he made her assassin. If Altena really wanted to take little Mireille to the Manor the other day and keep her there to raise her as she did with Chloe, she would have done so. Nobody could stop her. So it wasn't her plan in the first place. Mireille was supposed to grow up separately and Altena was arranging everything for her, as she arranged the meeting with Kirika. At the end Mireille realizes that the only one truly responsible for the death of her parents is not Kirika but Altena and she goes to the Manor, to finally do some justice. And to get her girlfriend back. She gets to Altena and react with fury to her wish. She refuses to kill her.

And there we go.

Mireille refuses to kill Altena, because Altena wants her to. Because that will prove Altena's point about her being Noir. At this moment Mireille is so furious at Altena that she would do anything to prove her she is wrong. She just cannot stand the thought that she would do anything that Altena wants. She feels she is completely helpless because behind the death of her parents there is so much going on that she is overwhelmed. She can't take it. She doesn't really think about Noir at that moment, she just wants to punish the one that killed her family. And when the one very person asks her for this punishment, her perfect idea of revenge that was driving her for years is destroyed. Mireille is lost. She also realizes it doesn't change anything. She says 'you are not worth the bullet', to show Altena 'you are not that important'. Another words, 'I will never prove your point'. At this point she hates her with all her being. And Altena needs this hate of Mireille, to be saved by her. Her sentence 'If love can kill, hatred can save' is really there in this scene. The hatred is Mireille.

For the entire series, through all that years, Altena wanted Mireille to save her. For me, it was Mireille, not Kirika, in the center of everything. Taking Kirika to the Manor was also the only way Altena could get Mireille to go to the Manor, to fulfill her mission Altena assigned to her a long, long time ago. To save her. Isn't it beautiful? Well, for me it is.

For me Altena is not evil person, she is tragic, to the breath taking level. A few seconds of the anime tells me volumes about her, especially that, given so little, you can imagine so much!

In 'Noir Resurrection' I gave Altena a biography that, you may, or may not agree with. Given what we know about the Soldats and their power, I thought that it is not possible that Altena could be as she was in the anime without some help. Somebody must have made Altena the Kind Mother. Somebody must have given her the power she had. And have trained her. And to keep the idea alive, and to lure her to the highest positions in Soldats. The anime doesn't tell us how did she get all of it, so here comes my imagination and Irene. At the beginning, Irene was supposed to appear only in Altena's memories. But as I wrote more about them, my OC character became so vivid that I just had to give her more role. Why I made this relationship in this way? To give a reason why Altena despised Soldats so much. And connected them with the 'sin' that she was referring to in the anime all the time. In the anime, Mr. Breffort says that what is important are people and power. And what gives this power to people over the centuries? Desire. Sexuality. Desire influences the history. And like I said before, every war is the history of the sexual violence. This is the sin of the world. This is the power people want to have over other people.

I gave but one rule that is unbreakable in 'my' Noir world. Every sexual experience Altena had, has and will have, is with women only. I just couldn't stand to put this character through rape by a man again. I will come back to this point soon, in the following chapters of my story.

And finally. Chloe. Chloe, the perfect one. The one that was raised in the Manor and the one that proves to me that Altena wasn't evil. Yes, you can say Chloe was brainwashed. Insane. Completely out of reality, manipulated. Of course in a way she was. But did it mean Altena didn't care for her? That Chloe wasn't happy living in the Manor with her? Not in my opinion. Chloe is an example of the ancient idea of the assassin. Who acts with pure faith, as a warrior, and after a successful mission, gets rewarded by living in heaven. We know enough from the real world that there are people right now, out there, who also explore this idea and it is very disturbing. Because this process of thinking is dangerously similar.

But Chloe doesn't kill the innocents. This is the difference.

Chloe doesn't have second thoughts about Altena. For her, Altena is 'strict, but kind'. She sighs with happiness, reading 'Lovely Chloe' in Altena's letter. She runs into her arms spontaneously, she snuggles up to her and falls asleep in her arms. Most of the viewers see this relationship as more 'mother - daughter' kind of thing. I don't. Because of this tone in Altena's voice and the way Chloe looks at her. Altena is her goddess, her mentor. But not her mother.

Altena lets her believe she is the True Noir, although she already knows that she isn't. A simple fact shows it from the beginning. Altena uses her name. Chloe is Chloe, while Mireille is 'The daughter of Corsica' and Kirika is 'The child'. Only Chloe has her name. Chloe belongs to Altena. And stays with Altena at the end. For Altena, Chloe receives the final salvation after fulfilling her mission. She dies. Disturbing, I know. That's why I brought her back to life in my story, to give them a second chance to discover salvation also in this life. And, here is a little spoiler. Yes, Altena and Chloe will end up together in the end. It cannot be otherwise. They belong together.

If you got to the end of this text, it means that you are really a Noir fan. So, all I can say now, is, I hope you can understand my story better now and please, keep reading and reviewing. It helps me a lot!


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