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Hey everyone! Here's some information on Gohan's Onna...

My name is Erica, and I love to write romance stories!

Oh yes, and I am evil, just to let you know. Bwahahahaha.

If anyone wants to read some of my other stories, completely unedited, you can go to MediaMiner and search for Gohans_Onna.

I am also starting to post on Archive of Our Own, under Gohans_Onna2.

Please follow me on Tumblr! gohansonna2 :)


October 16, 2015:

I have started getting into Game of Thrones. I have started posting my new story, Roles and Raptures, here and on Archive of Our Own.

January 20, 2015:

Hey everyone! I am officially done with The King and Queen Diaries, my baby for like ten years! It’s over and done with :( It was definitely a moment for me, so please go read it and review it!

Next on my list is to finish some stories that have been sitting around for a while, untouched. I think next on my list is my Harry Potter story! So if anyone is a HP fan/guru, I could probably use your help on just making sure everything I am writing is correct/proper. HP is such a huge universe, it is easy to get things wrong! Could use a beta reader in this instance too!

Never hesitate to message me or email me J I love hearing from my fans!

July 25, 2013:

Hi everyone! Just posted a new chapter to TKQD! Should be finishing that story soon! Love you guys :)

August 4, 2012:

OMG! my baby is now six months old and I am out of the Navy! I am currently going back to school and have plans to start writing again! As soon as I have time I promise I will post! Love you guys!

July 27, 2011: Ugh. Well, if anyone has been wondering why I haven't been updating or anything, it's because of two huge reasons. One, I have terrible writer's block. Two...

I'm pregnant.

It's a huge shock for one thing, and I've been extremely sick and having lots of problems involving misery in general. Believe me, I really want to write and finish this story, but I haven't felt the urge to even write, let alone move too much lol. My life sucks right now so until it's less sucky, I probably won't be writing :( Sorry guys. I promise I will try.

June 7, 2011:

Hey everyone! I figured I would give everyone an update. I have been slowly but steadily finishing The King and Queen Diaries. I should be done with it soon :) Yay! It depresses me to see that the prequel, The Prince and Princess Diaries still has more reviews than it lol, but then again, it always technically will. Before my account was deleted on originally, TPPD had over 1200 reviews! So even though it would be unrealistic, it would be nice to see TKQD beat it hehe.

Once I am done with TKQD I hope to finish the rest of my stories. Until then they are all on hiatus until I finish that story.

Thanks guys and I appreciate all the reviews and emails all of you have sent me!

Update: February 4, 2011:

Yay I am back!!! I got back from deployment at the end of December, and for the last month or so I have been catching up on family stuff and getting back into the swing of things lol. So I basically just wanted to let everyone know that I have written several chapters to The King and Queen Diaries and I will be posting them :) I hope that I won't be working too hard since I've gotten back and I will get the inspiration to finish all of my stories

Thank you to everyone who reviewed while I was gone and has stuck with me through all this :)

Update: May 9, 2010:

This is going to be a long update so please stick with me! First and foremost, I want to tell everyone who knows or reads up that I had all my stories on my computer which crashed like two years ago and I tried forever to find someone who could fix it, because otherwise, everything would have been lost. Now I want to say that I HAVE RECOVERED ALL MY STORIES!!!! I have recovered The King and Queen Diaries, all of my What You Wouldn't stories, and all the stories that I hadn't posted and only partially posted. This has completely renewed my urge to write!!! I was so excited when I got all my stories back that I nearly cried. I can't wait to start finishing all my uncompleted stories that I don't even know where to begin!!!

Now, this is the bad news: A lot of you know that I am in the US Navy...well, I am getting deployed out to sea on the USS Harry S Truman, an aircraft carrier, for the next 7 months. I will be leaving on May 21st, 2010 and coming back (hopefully) Dec 21, 2010. The thing that's bad about this, is that I don't know how much internet access I am going to have, if anything at all. So I want to tell everyone that I am going to write what I can, when I can, and post when I can as well. If I can't post, I promise everyone that I will come back with some of my stories completed, most importantly, The King and Queen Diaries. I will post what I have now of all my stories, like my Harry Potter and the Lost Souls story, and I will post what I have written when I return. So thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently for all these years for me to finish my stuff...I promise that I will! GOHAN'S ONNA HAS RETURNED!!!


Love forever,

Gohan's Onna

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