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Hi. Not sure what to say. I wrote one Law and Order fic and posted it and I am currently working on a sequal for it and possible a spin-off/side story. I like writing cross-overs because I love all branches of the shows and all the characters. I may focus on one character, but the others are always around somewhere.

Aside from the sequal and any other stories I may create from the same plotlines, I have a couple others in mind. I'd like to write one for each character, but I don't think I have enough creative juices for that quite yet. I write a lot. I have a couple non-fanfic stories going on right now as well as classes and work, so my time is obviously divided.

When I write fanfic, I tend to start it off that way but once I start writing it takes a life of its own. I don't see the already created characters anymore, I see...something else. It's hard to explain. Everything I write is my version. I make some of the more complicated stuff up as I go, so if certain facts (i.e. medical/law/order) don't really work or if I'm wrong in it...well...either set me straight or go with it. Usually it's writen to help the storyline.

I love watching all Law and Order, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Cold Case, Nip/Tuck, ER, Greys Anatomy, and my old favorites include Charmed, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel, Three's Company, As Life Goes On, Sex In The City, and sooo much more.

I am a huge movie buff and will not even being to list my favorite movies. We'd be here all night. Okay...I'll pull 5 random out of a no particular order some movie I love are: Crash, Sliding Doors, Dear Frankie, The Third Man, and White name a few...

I love musicals. On stage or screen. I have not seen many on stage unfortunatly. I love Rent, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Singing In The Rain, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Spamalot, Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof, and the list goes on...

I'd like to work in film or tv one it writing or directing or anything behind the camera really...currently in a holding place between it all...working my way out...trying to achieve the dream. If not, maybe I want to just write novels. Not sure. Other than writing or film/tv I really have no idea what I would do...nothing else interests me.

Anyways, I'm long winded and I digress. Read my works if you want. Enjoy them please. I'll understand if you don't. Be forewarned, I'm not a typical shipper. I don't go after the normal parings and actually I write parings when I see them availible or I make a side character up. Sorry if you want some Elliott/Olivia action or Bobby/Alex or whatever...not saying it will never happen of course...I do like to surprise people ;)

Oh yea, a note...I love writing angst-y, drama-filled stuff...and when I say love, I gets my blood flowing and I type a mile a minute and smile the entire time...crazy...yes...but I like finding the beauty in emotions, even if it's ugly. Therefore, if you are looking for pure unadulterated probably won't like my writing. Yes, there is fluff (though I prefer the term "aww warm fuzziness") but it's not the biggest part. Love and relationships still fit into drama and angst, fret not. Jack McFarland would say "The more you know and shooting star !"

Another note: Read my disclaimers! Some stories follow others and you need to read in order :)

(for the Broken Knight Trilogy: "Rusted Armour and a Broken Knight", "We All Fall Down", "The Way To Break". The after that: "I Did It My Way", "The Way To Break")

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