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Author has written 16 stories for Harry Potter, and Star Trek: 2009.


I am still around! If you want to read more of my writing (because it takes me like a year to post most of my stuff here) please visit: shadowclub.livejournal.com


Slight Doom!

Uh.. yeah. My life is something akin to placing a porcupine in the ocean and expecting it to swim to India...

In terms of fics...

1. Harry/Draco. Iconic- I'm in the process of revising this and such so yeah. Expect it within the month. When my computer was mean and died I lost the revision so now I have to re-revise which kind of pisses me off and I don't really like it yet. It's hard to remember what you put in!

Fics to come within three months!

2. H/D story. is mysterious perhaps a creature fic? One may never know.

3. An Albus Severus/Scorpius story! Mwahah!

4. Auror! fic? H/D

Remember: Cheese and twizzlers don't mix.

Cookies to all that review!

Denial- the first real story I wrote that I actually enjoyed. This is a repost. It stemmed out of a minor crush I had junior year...trust me you don't want to know the whole story. Who know maybe I will write a sequel? It will probably not be continued as a "chaptered" fic more likely a series of one shots set in the same universe.COMPLETE.

The Curse of the French Kiss- the first multi-chaptered fic I am writing. There are two out of the four chapters completed right now. I liked the story, but have stumbled onto a little writers block.

What Ginny Saw- This fic amuses me. It's fun and carefree and it makes me feel good just to write it. We shall see exactly what Ginny saw, whether you want to or not. IT IS NOW COMPLETE. reviewplease, but there will be NO sequel(because it is a sequel that went awry and ended up as a separate story, I dread so see where the sequel of a sequel would end up).

The Art of Falling Into Medial Madness - started out as something entirely serious and ended up going... well, elsewhere. Pre-DH COMPLETE

The House on Spinner's End - I was suprised that this story turned out well. I am rather proud of it because I feel as though the characters were slightly true their canon selves! One day perhaps I'll write a sequel to this and there shall be romance! But I shan't say between who... probably because I'm overloaded at the moment and won't get around to writing this for some time to come. COMPLETE

Credits toTCFK story go to: Janet Evanovich, Kyou Kara Maou for giving me inspiration. The Curse is entirely my creation.


I am not picky, I will read anything that is well written, but I have a particular fondness of H/D, G/D, and H/hr. Harry/Snape, Remus/Snape, Even Sirius/Remus(upon occasion)

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What Ginny Saw reviews
Professor Snape, I am extremely sorry that you caught me snogging Potter, but in the future could you wait till he finished me before giving him detention? Draco Malfoy. COMPLETE
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