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Yo! It's me, your all time favorite, Jackyl! At this point I'll give you some info about me and my account, so hold on to your hats!

Name: Thomas

Birth Date: 21st of June

Age: currently 23 (damn, I'm old)

Place I Live: Warsaw, Poland

Precious Person: Justyna (Hyde)

Favorite Manga/Anime:

1. Naruto

2. Bleach

3. 666 Satan

4. One Piece

5. Shaman King

6. Neon Genesis Evangellion

7. Rurouni Kenshin

8. Pastel

Favorite characters (from 'Naruto'):

1. Uzumaki Naruto - just because...

2. Hyuuga Hinata - she's cute... my favorite kunoichi ever!

3. Sabaku no Gaara - like his style... plus he has unique abilities... and the change he went through speaks to me...

4. Rock Lee - his fighting style rocks! Plus he's something more then just a caricature of Bruce Lee

5. Hyuuga Neji - once again, thanks to his fighting style... plus recently he became better for Hinata :wink:

6. Uchiha Sasuke - guess I just like the damn bastard

7. Nara Shikamaru - great fighting style... plus his attitude fits me

8. Jiraiya - the two of us have few things in common :wink:

9. Aburame Shino - he's got a cool fighting style... and unique abilities

10. Inuzuka Kiba - just due to his fighting style... and a little due to his attitude...

11.Akimichi Chouji - I really liked the end of his fight with Jiroubou

12.Yamanaka Ino - her new look just rocks!

13.Haruno Sakura - look above

14.Tsunade - I'm a guy, so guess _'

15.Hatake Kakashi - cool style, idealogy and he can be funny

16.Temari - similar reasons as Tsunade... but she was nice to Gaara even before he changed

17.Tenten - look above (cross out that nice to Gaara part though)

18.Gekkou Hayate - funny and skilled... somewhat a different version of Kakashi in my opinion... it's sad that he died

Favorite pairing (from 'Naruto'):

1. NarutoxHinata - coz they just go together... besides it's cute...

2. ShikamaruxTemari - kinda funny... plus Temari's hot :wink:

3. NejixTenten - she goes better with him then with Lee... and Tenten's hot too :wink:

4. NarutoxSakura - just because...

5. LeexSakura - in the end he deserves her...

And now few things about my fics:

Naruto: Beyond - my first fic. Naruto is now 30 and he gets his own group of gennin, consisting of: Kodawari Urusai, a boy with mysterious bloodline, Hanayaka Jun, number one rookie and Hatake Ayame, daughter of Kakashi and Kurenai. The four of them face many dangers, gain friends to help them and uncover few, dark secrets. My top priority, which I'm writting with a little help from Shang and Hyde.

Status: working on chapter 35

Genre: action/adventure, drama, a little humor and romance

Naruto: Shinobi of Fire - another, future fic. Naruto is now the Hokage and the "Naruto" crew got merried (well, most of them) and have children. Now they'll carry out their legacy. Join Iruka, the son of the Hokage and the former head of the Hyuuga clan and his friends in their adventures: see the rebirth of the Uchiha clan, Inuzuka rivalry with their old-time rivals, young people reaching out for their dreams and much, much more. Many of the characters weren't created by me, so who knows what might happen?

Status: ON HOLD!

Genre: action/adventure, drama, humor and a little romance

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Naruto: Next Generation by Shang reviews
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