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I am not one of those writers who can think of a story in a mintue, type one up in a second, and have thiry thousand million billion reviews in just five minutes, may I comment on Cylobaby..cough..cough..nudge..nudge.wink..wink. Yes, I like Harry Potters stories the most when it comes to knowing a little about the characters. I havent had the chance at the moment...I am very slow at getting to things I like to do...to write a story that most people like. I used to be Jazzy Ballerina.

My interests would have to be dancing. I dance Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Hip-Hop, and this new thing called Classical. I dance during the school year every Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Sat. I dance two hours for each weekday and on the weekend it can range to four to five hours. It all depends I guess.

I am going into a year of high school this year and I am suppose to get my driver's licsense so I can get a Jetta, ha ha Nicole. So just guess my age because I will not mention it on my pro. I could...just could..be classified as a nerd but I do have good friends, thats what counts doesnt it...twitch. I have a best best best super friend forever and ever which is Nicole. Nicole has a fanfic but I will not name it because of internet fraud and other junk like that. My friends would be Nicole, Katelyn, Dominique, Elise, Debbie and Katherine, . Since I dont have lunch with them I see them in the mornings. I am still waiting on all of us to purchase "I love Edward Cullen" t-shirts to wear to school.

I live near Flordia, and near Tennesse; just guess my state...and I HATE peaches...and strawberries. I am a vegetarian and have been since 7th grade and execpt the one time I tried shrimp, Nicole!! Save the cows!!

I have brown hair but I highlight it to make it lighter. It was almost blonde with the redooing of highlights and the lady at the hair salon messing it up. I have blue eyes that will turn green when I get older because the green is around my pupil and the blue is on the outer edges. I have freckles, polka dotted fairy, and just recently this year I have gotten taller, I am normally very small and considered a midget, ha ha ha ha ha...look who is laughing now...ha ha ha hardy ha ha.

Well I took up enough time but that doesnt mean I am finished, I have a load more to tell people but by the time I am finished people are going to think I am full of myself. I have plenty of inside jokes and I love to share them out in public near the person I am making fun of. I will list a few..just a few..never mind I never reveal my secerts...(Nicole is probably laughing considering I spoil every secert that comes my way...like parties,...presents...etc.)

Love ya, KayKrissi

Just so you know, I HATE STALKERS! They can all just DIE a fiery death. So, just give up now! I have a big, strong blonde friend who has sharp nails and will protect me!



I am currently reading Twilight and I am having a major crush on a ficitonal vampire, hottie. I have read Gossip Girl and other clique related stuff. I like mysteries mostly dealing with creeping me out. I hate clowns and dolls coming to life, Chuckie haunts me still.


"An loser is a window washer on the fifty fifth floor who steps back to admire his work,"

"I like the part when he stops moving,"

"Two wrongs dont make a right but three lefts do,"

"Come to the dark side, we have cookies,"

"Why cant you give (enter hair color) an hour lunch break,...by the time they come back you have to rehire them,"

"What's Walmart?..do u like buy wall stuff there?"

"My favorite country would have to be...Africa,"

I also love it when I get a review.

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