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Yo. My name is Ariana, but you can just call me DAC. I am 22 years old and live in Ft. Hood, TX. I've been in the Army 3 1/2 years now. If anyone has an idea or request for fics please feel free to spring it on me. I promise I'm a decent writer, if I do say so myself.

Now here's the part of my profile where I apologize for my utter lack of updates. I only write when inspired. Though I did get inspiration for a new story. This one's for Avatar the Last Airbender. I already have two chapters written. Now I just need to find the motivation to type them up and post them. .

Favorite Pairings:

Sess/San- My all-time favorite and the one I've been following obsessively for the last 3-4 years now. WRITE MORE STORIES PEOPLE!!

Inu/San- Not as good as Sess/San, but still tolerable.

San/Koga- This is a very recent development. But that's alright. Sess/San is more refined and civilized, while Koga is on the more wild side. I like the balance. It's like yin and yang.

Rin/Kohaku- This one is cute.

Just about anything with Kel (Protector of the Small series)- she's so under-loved in her own series, it's not right.

Rae/Rob- I just really like the pairing. I always have a thing for the serious ones.

Zuko/Toph: Zuko's my favorite male character and Toph is my favorite female. It just makes sense to put them together.

Least Favorite Pairings (in fact I do believe it's safe to say I HATE THEM!!):

Sess/Kag- Ugh! Just looking at that makes me nearly froth at the mouth! I am quite literally growling at my computer screen and grinding my teeth at the very thought. That is an absolutely LOATHSOME pairing. I despise Kagome. She is weak and pathetic and the way they make her out to be something great just AAAAAAAAH! >snarls

Sess/Kagura- She annoys me. I think it's her indecisive loyalties that does this... That and I just don't like her. Enough said.

Sess/Rin- ... No. Just no.

Sess/Inu- Do I seriously have to go into this? They're brothers. By blood! I do NOT support incest. What's WRONG with you people?!

We'll go ahead and get this outta the way right now: any yoai or yori. If that's your thing, whatever. It's not mine.

Kag/Inu- for generally the same reason as the first, though admittedly not as passionately.

Kag/Koga- See above.

Kag/anything- Let's face it and save time and space. She will NEVER be the main character of ANY fic I read, EVER.

Sess/Kikyo- I don't like Kikyo, either.

Inu/Kikyo- Once was enough. You had your chance, Kikyo. Now you're just a nuisance.

San/Miro- Too cannon, it's boring.

Rob/Star- She gets enough attention as it is.

I typically never like the cannon pairings. They are so boring. So typical.

Well, that'll have to do for now as far as that goes.

A simple request, though I know few will read it. If I review your story and you don't like what I say, please don't bother arguing with me about it. I am no longer taking arguments. If you try I will just delete them without reading. I gave you my advice, take it or leave it. But I will no longer anger myself by reading your further stupidity. If I told you you just warped reality to the point of not making sense anymore, I don't care what those dimwits who all say "Great story!" said. Guess what: you just warped reality to the point of not making sense anymore. Please keep your "defenses" to yourself. I promise I can rip through every argument you try to throw at me, so don't even bother.

Forever your inevitable destruction,


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