Lauren the Homicidal Maniac
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Hey ther pilot! How ya do'in? K! So I'm am now known as LAUREN the HOMICIDAL MANIAC! (this may look familiar! Mee bestest friend has a sight here) weeeeeeeeeeeee! Okdee, so like im 14 years old (soon 2 b 15)w/ short blond hair! My eyes are dark blue and can definently send you spinning! Well as u already guessed, meesa likie JTHM! and i am, and say this with great pride, THE BIGGEST JHONEN FAN EVER! BUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha... ahem! Yes!This is true and 100 grade A milk!Ok, this is alsomy firsttime do'in somthing like this so pleaz b patient w/ mee! ok so likeyou've probibly stopped reading this 'n stuff but pleaz let me know how i did! (i need lots 'o encouragement!) ok well i hope u enjoy reading whatever words where typed on this page! Cya l8er!