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Author has written 65 stories for Digimon, Teen Titans, Naruto, Hana-Kimi, Kingdom Hearts, Prince of Tennis, and Ōkiku Furikabutte/Big Windup!/おおきく振りかぶって.

April 28th, 2015: I'm on a very long hiatus. College takes up all my time, so I have no ability to focus on fanfics. However, I still love a majority of my ideas and do not plan on abandoning all of them. When I do make my return to fic writing, I will open my doors to more fandoms and probably stick to writing shorter fics rather than longer ones that are split into chapters. Also, most of the fics I've written in the past are unpolished and poorly written, so please look forward to a more developed style upon my return.

Name: Ashton Li (Formally Amira Sukitsu which was formally darkfire202.)
Anime/Manga/Games/Movies I’ll Write For: The Prince of Tennis, Tales of the Abyss, Big Windup!/Ookiku Furikabutte, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, No.6, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Nabari no Ou, Kingdom Hearts, Digimon, Hana-Kimi, Pokemon (games), Kid Icarus Uprising, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Rise of the Guardians, Attack on Titan, Tales of Xillia, Haikyuu!! (More will be added as I continue to watch new anime, read more manga, and play through more games.)
I No Longer Write For: Naruto, Teen Titans
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, sewing, cosplaying, playing video games, listening to music, playing tennis, torturing characters
Occupation: I’m a media arts & animation student that focuses on character design and storyboarding.
About my Writing: I have no fears when it comes to writing. I will write about the topics I want to and not care what others think. I focus mainly on boys' love.
Note: I read all reviews and will respond to questions or things I feel the need to reply to. I do not, however, read fanfics anymore. Fic reading, for me, stopped many years ago due to finding it more fun to write them. Also, I don’t want to mix my ideas with things I’ve read. In general, I don’t read much at all.
Please do not steal the ideas for the fics I plan to write. I place them in my profile so people can see what I have in mind and so I don’t lose them.

Fic Update Schedule:

NOTE: My writing style has probably changed since I last updated my chapter fics, so I apologize for the difference.

I'm Not Broken: After reading through it, I will continue to write it.
Unconscious Love:
After reading through it, I will continue to write it.
Innocence of the Stars:
? (Might be rewritten.)
Victim of this Sin: I have to read through it and see where it goes from there.
No! No! Megane's:
Hiatus. Needs to be completely rewritten. Possibly will be taken down/abandoned.
Somewhere Beyond the Musical Notes:
Hiatus. Needs to be completely rewritten. Possibly will be taken down/abandoned.
Sweet Treats:
This will be updated at random.

Current FanFics I’m Working On (All are Prince of Tennis):

Title: Unconscious Love
Late to morning practice, Ryoma rushes himself to the school. As he races across the street, his steps weren't fast enough, and his body was struck by a speeding car. Falling into a coma, the Seigaku tennis team is told about the news. The always smiling Fuji Syusuke was the one to be hit hardest with the news. Ryoma's body continued to lay unconscious in his hospital room, and as each day passed by, Fuji's heart began to ache more and more. Unknown to him, a love was growing for Ryoma. Knowing the fatal condition Ryoma was in, Fuji promised himself that he would remain by Ryoma's side once he rose from his state or until the young boy was no longer living.
Crappy summary is crappy. This is a rewrite of "The Fallen Prince". The concept will be much better, and I believe that this fic will be on a totally different level. I suggest that anyone who has read "The Fallen Prince" also come and read this one. I promise that this will be better than "The Fallen Prince" which was the fic that pushed my fic writing to a whole new level.

Title: Somewhere Beyond the Musical Notes
Pairing: TezukaXOishi (saying they do become a pair in the end)
Summary: During the winter, the tennis team decides to take a break from tennis and try something new. They decide on singing. Oishi decides against singing with everyone, but when Tezuka hears Oishi singing, he begins to wonder why Oishi wouldn't sing with them. Soon, Oishi realizes that if he sang with the others he would be able to stay close to Tezuka. Maybe if he could continue to get closer to Tezuka their relationship would become more than just the friendship of captain and vice-captain.
Note: On Hiatus. This fic is being completely rewritten from the beginning.

Title: No! No! Megane’s
Pairing: None
Summary: Tezuka, Inui, and Oshitari are the Megane's. Wait! Oshitari only wears glasses to look smart. What about Yagyuu? He wears glasses too. Should Oshitari really be one of the Megane's? Will Yagyuu also become part of the group?
Note: On Hiatus. This fic is being completely rewritten from the beginning.

Title: I’m Not Broken
Pairing: KaidouXRyoma
Summary: Kaidou has been watching Ryoma grow as a tennis player since the younger boy joined Seigaku's tennis team. When the third years graduate and he becomes captain, he notices changes in Ryoma. Not wanting to get into other people's business, he ignores it. That is until Ryoma quits. Kaidou talks too Ryoma and the younger boy states "I'm not broken...but I sure feel like I am." This is the start of a roller coaster story that shows the two turning into friends...then into something more.

Title: Sweet Treats
Pairing: FujiXRyoma (but a third person might pop in at any point)
Summary: Never give Fuji sweets...especially when Ryoma's in the room.
Note: This all began with a conversation about Ryoma and ended with me taking one of EchizenRyomaLover's crazy thoughts and writing it out. Since she told me to publish what I wrote for her, I did (and added a few other suggests given). It was decided that each chapter would include a different sweet. Thus, the random, pointless yaoi begins!

Title: Innocence of the Stars
Pairing: None (Seigaku vs. Tezuka)
Summary: Tezuka, the beloved captain of Seigaku's tennis team, hasn't been the same lately. Week after week, each member met with him only to have his rage be cast upon them. What had happened each time was something no one dared to say. Scared of what happened, each member continued to show themselves day after day to practiced; so unwilling to allow someone near them. Their beloved captain had caused them to become the victims of learning to grow up faster than any boy should.
Note: Each chapter will feature the point of view of a different member of the tennis team. This will be rated "M" for a few reasons that you will see once you begin to read.

Fics to Come (All Are Prince of Tennis):

(Fics with a "*" next to it are my main priorities.)

Title: Where Your Happiness Lies
Pairing: TezukaXKaidou
Summary: Tezuka just wanted to test Kaidou. He wanted to find where his strength lied to make sure he was the right person to serve as the new captain of the tennis team. Though, throughout the test, he noticed a different look in the younger boy's eyes. It was the look of loneliness. For some reason, Tezuka wanted to break the loneliness. He wanted to figure out more than just where Kaidou's strength lied. He wanted to know where his happiness was as well. Maybe while he did this search, he'd find his own.

Title: Broken Family
Pairing: None
Summary: Fuji Syusuke has always loved his family. Though, when Yuuta decided to go to St. Rudolph, he notices that their once loving family is starting to fall apart. He begins to wonder if they'll ever be the same.

Title: His Golden Dream
Pairing: FujiXEiji
Summary: Eiji has been paired with Oishi from the beginning. They compliment each others' style and work together to win. Lately, they haven't been getting along, so Eiji's been playing doubles with Fuji. Soon, Eiji is faced with a hard decision. Does he reunite with Oishi to be the "Golden Pair"? Or will he stay with Fuji and be the "Dream Pair"? In the end, it's hard for him to choose, and Eiji's feelings towards one of them ends up helping him choose.
Note: This fic is actually almost finished. It was the first fic for the Prince of Tennis I ever started, but I never was able to finish it for some reason. It’s not that great, but once I give it an ending, I’ll be sure to post it...maybe

Title: You’re Not A Cat!
Pairing: EijiXKaidou
Summary: Kaidou doesn't get along that well with other people. Though, he does have a love for animals. They seem to be the only things not scared of him. Eiji's worried about Kaidou though. Every day, Kaidou seems to be distancing himself from everyone more and more. Eiji wants to prove to the younger boy that people like him to. In the end, will Eiji's nice gesture turn into something more?

Title: What’s The Difference?
Pairing: OshitariXEiji
Summary: Kikumaru Eiji was always a little different from everyone else. His goal in life was to get Fuji Syusuke to fall in love with him. When he's quickly rejected by the shorter boy, he runs off in tears. Somehow, he manages to find himself watching Hyotei's tennis team practice. He watched in awe as he saw Oshitari Yuushi beat his opponent. Maybe there was another tensai who could ease Eiji's pain of rejection. Would Oshitari only be a substitute or would their relationship develop further?

*Title: Senpai Is My Lover
Pairing: EijiXRyoma
Summary: Time has past, but Eiji and Ryoma are still happily together. Now that Ryoma has finally entered his first year of high school, Eiji decides that they can finally move their relationship to a new level. Will Ryoma be able to handle the next step in developing their relationship, or will the things Eiji wants to do be too much for him?
Note: This is going to be the sequel to my fic “Senpai or Lover?”.

Title: Instead of Your Brother
Pairing: YuutaXRyoma
Summary: Echizen Ryoma likes Fuji Syusuke, but it seems like the older boy has no interest in him. When he threatens to leave Seigaku, Ryoma goes through with his plans and ends up at St. Rudolph where he remembers the younger brother, Fuji Yuuta. Trying to make Fuji jealous, Ryoma starts to say things about him going out with Yuuta. Though, when his plan back fires will he be disappoint in the results or find that there is someone better out there for him.
(Worst summary ever...)

*Title: For This Love To Work
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: When Echizen Ryoma starts to date Fuji Syusuke, he never would have guessed how their relationship would turn out. When Fuji begins to be abusive towards the young boy, Ryoma tries his hardest to get away. Though, in the end, he always feels guilty and crawls back to Fuji. Will Ryoma ever be able to leave Fuji or will he be stuck in this abusive relationship forever?

*Title: For Our Sins
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: Unaccepted. Forbidden. Impossible. Untrue. Shunned for the love they had for each other, Fuji Syusuke and Echizen Ryoma felt as if they should lock themselves behind closed doors and never reveal themselves to the world again. No matter how fast their love grew for each other, the world outside could not seem to accept the fact that two males had fallen in love. Was it fair for them to be treated like a disease just for loving each other? Was it that wrong? If the love they shared was a sin, let the gods condemn the to Hell, because to them, it didn't matter where they were as long as it meant they'd together.
Note: This is the pairing that won the poll for this quote of mine: "If this is a sin, then I will continue to commit it as long as it means we will be together."

*Title: Unchanging
Pairing: AtobeXRyoma
Summary: Atobe Keigo is loved by many, but he only has his eyes on Echizen Ryoma. Though, when money, family, and his duties get in the way, Ryoma begins to feel like things aren't going to change. Atobe will always just be a rich kid, and Ryoma will always love him.
Note: This is the pairing that won the poll for this quote of mine: "More than anything...I wanted to be with you. I guess, in the end, things are still the same. You're still unchanging...just like my love for you."

Title: Frustration
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: Fuji and Ryoma start going out. Though, as their relationship develops, Ryoma notices that he becomes insecure and frustrated whenever Fuji is around anyone other than him. Fuji always was the type of person to go from date to date. This only makes Ryoma feel as if he might just be another one of those people Fuji will toss to the side when he no longer is useful.
Note: This is the pairing that won the poll for this quote of mine: "I don't understand what's going on. Every time I see you with someone else, I become so frustrated. What's happening? What's wrong with me?"

Title: The Heart's Strings
Pairing: NiouXKirihara
Summary: Niou is a trickster. Always has been, always will be. When he first meets Kirihara, he had a sudden need to mess with the young boy's head. Though, he never realized that the liking he took for him would become more. Kirihara enjoys the time he has with Niou, and even forgave him for the tricks he has done in the past. But, there was one trick that Niou decided to pull that didn't end in a way he would hope. This only made Kirihara believe that their whole relationship was one big joke.
Note: This fic idea came from this quote of mine: "Don't continue to lie to me and say things you don't mean. If your heart wasn't going to be in this from the beginning, you should have never pulled me in this far."

Title: Hiding in an Illusion
Pairing: NiouXFuji
Summary: Niou could almost make the perfect illusion of anyone. By copying said person's style, it was as if he was someone completely different. Though he could pretend to be someone else, he would always be Niou. He decides to hide behind these illusions he makes to win over the heart of Fuji. In the end, Fuji sees beyond the illusion Niou creates, but instead of turning away from Niou, he finds himself falling for the master illusionist.

Title: If Time Could Stop
Pairing: MaruiXJirou
Summary: Everyday, Marui would continue to go to the same cafe. Everyday, Jirou would watch him as he order all different items from the menu. Though he tried to keep himself at a distance so he wouldn't be noticed, Marui sees the other boy staring at him. Marui decides to be polite and sit with Jirou. From that day on, the two of them continued to go to that cafe and sit together. Then, one day, Jirou told Marui that he wishes time would stop so they would be frozen in that moment forever...
Note: This fic idea came from this quote of mine: "If I had one wish...I'd wish for time to freeze right here so I could be with you forever."

Title: When He Was Unstoppable
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: There was a time when Fuji thought no one could beat him when it came to tennis. Though, when he met Ryoma, he notices that he might not be as unstoppable as he thought. More so than that, he could feel himself slowly falling for the younger boy.
Note: This fic idea came from this quote of mine: "I remember when I too thought I was unstoppable...then I met you."

Title: Hard to Express
Pairing: KaidouXRyoma
Summary: Ryoma doesn't know much about anything other than tennis. Kaidou is horrible at expressing himself and the way he feels. When Kaidou finds himself slowly becoming more attached to the younger boy, he doesn't know how to tell him that he's starting to like him. It doesn't really help that every time Kaidou starts to become flustered around the boy, Ryoma just assumes Kaidou has a fever or something.
Note: This fic idea came from this quote of mine: "I'm not that good at expressing my feelings, and, with the way you're looking at me now, it's becoming even harder."

Title: Again and Again
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: The third years have moved on to high school. Even so, Fuji continues to come by to watch the tennis team practice day after day. Hoping not to be noticed, Fuji would watch from the shadows. Though, one day Ryoma notices the older boy and tells him he should be focusing on being a member of the high school's tennis team. Still, Fuji continued to come by hoping not to be spotted again. He is once again confronted by Ryoma only to have to admit to the real reason to why he keeps coming by the practices.
Note: This fic idea came from this quote of mine: "I'd be lying to you if I said that I wouldn't miss you. Truth is, you're the reason I've continued to come here time and time again."

Title: A Little Hope
Pairing: MaruiXJirou
Summary: Jirou admired Marui more than anyone else. He enjoyed watching him play tennis, and could only wish to be as good as he was. Continuing to watch Marui play, he noticed things that he liked even more than his tennis style. The way he chewed gum, the way his hair moved as he ran, and the way he almost gracefully moved on the court where all things that amazed him. Jirou began to want to become close to the older boy, though he feared that the end results would be rejection.
Note: This fic idea came from this quote of mine: "The little bit of hope I had left was gone once those words came from your lips."

Title: With Friendship Comes Love
Pairing: FujiXEiji
Summary: Eiji wonders what life would have been like if he had never met Fuji. Would he still be happy? How different would things be? All of Eiji's questions start to make Fuji wonder if their friendship could become something more.
Note: This fic idea came from this quote of mine: "I wonder sometimes what life would have been like if you never became my friend. Would I still be happy like I am now?"

*Title: Not Letting Go
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: Fuji and Ryoma start to date, but Ryoma soon discovers that their relationship will only last so long. Due to a past relationship he had with another person, he was infected with HIV. Even though he was scared, Ryoma confines in Fuji expecting for their relationship to end right there. Instead, Fuji promised to stay by the young boy's side until the very end.
Note: I came up with this fic idea because of this quote off of EchizenRyomaLover's profile: ''People come and go in our lives. Uncertain we are of when we'll meet, or even if we'll meet again, but I am certain that I know you now, and I will enjoy your presence to the fullest.'' This is another one of those subjects that some people don't like to touch on, but I don't mind. This will be set while they're in high school, and I'm sure it'll be interesting to write. Oh, this quote from EchizenRyomaLover's profile also helped for me to come up with the idea: ''Even if you part with a special person, even if your heart breaks, you can say that the wounds were worth it since that person made the world just a little bit brighter.''

*Title: Broken Smile
Pairing: FujiXRyoma (with one-sided TezukaXRyoma)
Summary: Ryoma wanted to be more than the pillar for Seigaku's tennis team. He wanted to be seen by Tezuka as more than just this young boy supporting the team. He knew all too well that the captain would never see him any differently, and when he became vulnerable, Ryoma spilled his heart out to Fuji only to be told that he had feelings for the younger boy. It wasn't something Ryoma could handle; not at that point. The confusion of everything only caused Ryoma to bottle every emotion deep inside his heart only to have them one day overflow and pour out without notice
Note: I hate TezukaXRyoma. This idea came from this quote: "I can no longer return to the days of carefree smiles, when life was fun just the way it was, nor can I dwell on the shattered past, but here I am now, smiling, because I know that I have something to do, or someone to live for." EchizenRyomaLover is the creator of that quote and seeming that she likes TezukaXRyoma, I thought it would be an okay idea to use Tezuka as Ryoma's first love interest. I'm not even that sure how I came up with that idea from that quote.

*Title: Stained Glass
Pairing: FujiXRyoma (with a light touch of TezukaXRyoma and one-sided TezukaXFuji)
Summary: Fuji knew that Ryoma was going out with Tezuka, though when Tezuka one days pins Fuji against the wall, he knew that Tezuka wasn't being faithful. Not knowing how to tell Ryoma what had happened, Fuji instead asks Ryoma to be a model for a portrait he had to paint for art class. Up in his room, Fuji somehow managed to mumble what Tezuka had done. Ryoma could only run out in tears; he knew all too well that Fuji would never lie to him. Without his model, Fuji painted what Ryoma must have looked like at the time. Fuji wanted to take those pieced of Ryoma's broken heart and glue them back together only to make something much more beautiful.
Note: This idea came from this quote: "If the heart shatters and only pieces are left, pick up the shards and turn them into stained glass. What was lost cannot be returned, but it can change into another beauty, a work of art that's not afraid to show its flaws, for these flaws make up the beauty itself." This is yet another one of EchizenRyomaLover's wonder quotes. Again, I hate TezukaXRyoma, but I felt it was the right pair to choose for a short portion of this fic idea because...well...EchizenRyomaLover likes the pair.

*Title: Tears of Blood
Pairing: Starts as AtobeXRyoma, ends with FujiXRyoma (Prior to fics beginning, AtobeXFuji)
Summary: "We'll break ourselves to make this work, but in the end this love will fail." Such bitter words from the one Ryoma admired and longed to be with made his heart drop. He had believed that if the two of them continued to push themselves forward, things would work out. When they said good-bye, no one realized that Ryoma was thinking of saying good-bye to the rest of the world as well. With a change in his behavior and marks on his wrist, Fuji knew that Ryoma was planning something. "You can't just give up when you feel like there's nothing left to live for. Pick up the broken pieces of your life and mend it into a better one." Maybe those would be the words that would save Ryoma. Then again, maybe they'll break him further.
Note: The title of this fic was created by EchizenRyomaLover as well as the idea to have AtobeXFuji in the past. She was also the one to give me the idea of using Atobe as Ryoma's lover who breaks up with him.

Title: Torn Strings
Pairing: TezukaXRyoma
Summary: When they first began to go out, Ryoma tied a red string around Tezuka's wrist and then one around his own. Ryoma told him that the stings represented their love and how they were tied together by destiny. Though, a couple years later, Tezuka's string breaks off, and their relationship takes a turn for the worst.
Note: The title was created by EchizenRyomaLover, and the pairing was decided by her as well. This fic will be posted on my second account because I don't want people to believe I'll be writing these types of fic on my main account.

Title: Love Through Time
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: Fuji Syusuke and Echizen Ryoma, two young princes, were brought together by chance. Befriending each other, they soon let their relationship grow greater. Though, as times passes, countries begin to fight for land. The two princes were left to rule over their castle and command their warriors to fight. When Ryoma one day runs out of the castle to warn his men to head for safety, he is caught by the other land and killed right in front of Fuji's eyes. Mourning his lover's death, Fuji becomes taken over by rage. He orders for his men to use all their strength to kill anyone who dared to go against his laws. His outrageous demands cause his empire to fall with the rest of the royal families within Japan. Years pass and the way the world works slowly changed. Fuji, becoming just an ordinary school boy, finds himself lost in thoughts of what could have been. Still saddened by the loss of his love, he meets a young boy only to realize that the spirit of his beloved Ryoma lived within him.
Note: This fic idea was created by EchizenRyomaLover. I have only changed some things from what she had came up with. Full credit goes to her...I'm just the person who will be taking this idea and making it into a fic.

*Title: Gamble on Me
Pairing: AtobeXRyoma
Summary: Atobe Keigo is the son of a well known mafia's leader. Echizen Ryoma just happens to be a person who owes said mafia money. When Atobe's father figures out that the two go to school together, he forces his son to antagonize the young boy and get the money that is owed to them. Atobe, not wanting to go against his father's wish, does as he's told only to find himself interested in the poor Ryoma. Instead of causing Ryoma trouble and demanding money, Atobe lets himself grow closer to him until they developed a forbidden relationship. If word was to get to Atobe's father that he was going out with someone who was in debt with them, the end result would be something neither of them would ever want.
Note: This idea was also created by EchizenRyomaLover. Just like the last one, I changed a few things, but credit for this idea still goes to her.

Title: Heaven's Aid
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: Echizen Ryoma, a sick young boy, can barely do anything for himself. When his parents notice that they're not able to take care of him on their own, they ask for a little help. To aid Ryoma, Fuji Syusuke was hired to give him basic care. Though Fuji is fresh out of high school, he shows that he has a great ability for taking care of people. After being given such tender attention from Fuji, Ryoma found himself falling for this young man. Without knowing what to do with these feelings, Ryoma decides to place his dreams within Fuji's hands. As long as they could stay together as they were, Ryoma was content. Of course, is it really possibly for this bittersweet, one-sided love to last?
Note: Worst title ever. I came up with this idea when talking with EchizenRyomaLover. At first, I wanted Fuji in a nurse's outfit giving Ryoma a sponge bath, but I decided the nurse's outfit might be a bit too much for me.

Title: Dorm Life
Pairing: Main pairing will be FujiXRyoma, but you will see AtobeXFuji, YukimuraXRyoma, TezukaXRyoma, SanadaXYukimura, AtobeXRyoma, justaboutanyoneXKirihara, three or more of just about anyone, KiriharaXRyoma, MomoshiroXRyoma, justaboutanyoneXRyoma, TezukaXFuji, TezukaXEiji, NiouXjustaboutanyone, and many, many more.
Summary: Love is a crazy thing, and it only becomes more complex when you're in an all boys school. It seems that Ryoma and Fuji are going out, but Ryoma's roommate, Yukimura, doesn't like this idea seeming that he wants the young boy to himself. Atobe, who is rooming with Fuji, also seems to have his own plan for both Fuji and Ryoma. It doesn't help that Ryoma's best friend, Momoshiro, isn't giving any helpful advise. Sanada doesn't like the idea of Yukimura trying to get Ryoma, Kirihara wants everyone's love and attention, and it seems like a couple new students are going to be transferring in. All while this is going on, class president, Tezuka, seems to be plotting his own plans to get the heart of Ryoma.
Note: Crazy fic will be crazy. There will be more of a plot to this fic once it gets started. Just about any character will appear in this fic (along with random pairings). Love affairs! Cheating! Lying! Betrayal! Anything is possible with this fic.

*Title: Translucent Love
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: When Fuji and Ryoma are walking home together after tennis practice, Fuji notices a speeding car coming towards them. Knowing that there was no way of them both running out of the way, Fuji pushes Ryoma to the side allowing himself to get hit. The impact crushes him and his body was not able to survive; he had died. Ryoma can doing nothing but blame himself for his teammate's death. At his funeral, Ryoma could feel a presence that didn't belong. Looking up at the still body, Ryoma sees the translucent figure of Fuji stand over his dead body. Fuji, figuring out that Ryoma could see his lingering body decided to use this final opportunity to tell Ryoma the feelings he held within him. If his feelings were to be returned, Fuji felt that he might be able to leave that world and rest in piece like he should.
Note: This is slightly a Yanagi Kotaro inspired fic. Originally, it was going to be Ryoma gets killed and comes back to haunt both Fuji and his killer (He would have been killed by someone instead of hit by a car.). No one likes when Ryoma dies, so I decided to change it like this. The other one with Ryoma dying would have been a little different as in he wouldn't understand why he's still lingering around and why Fuji is the only one to be able to see him. I don't know, maybe I'll do something like that too...I'm not completely sure though. I, for once, actually like the title I came up with...

*Title: Forbidden Fruit
Pairing: RyogaXRyoma
Summary: "We're not really related, so this is okay." That's what Ryoga said as he forced himself onto Ryoma. Ryoma, young and not able to understand what was going on, lets Ryoga do as he pleases with him. Five years later, Ryoma has forgotten about the things that has happened between them after Ryoga had abandoned him. Though, when he decides to cut out an orange to eat, the scent of it places those past memories back into his mind. This only causes him to question where his "brother" has run off to and if they will ever meet again. Not knowing how to track him, Ryoma just about gives up on his search until one day Ryoga suddenly appears outside of his school. Ryoma can't but help ask all the questions flooding his mind, but Ryoga already decided that he'd only answer one question a day in exchange for Ryoma's body.
Note: Eh? I have no clue where this came from. Just because I think I should, I'm just going to say that EchizenRyomaLover somehow inspired this.

*Title: This Breaking Trust
Pairing: FujiXRyoma
Summary: One can't always have their perfect ending even if they want to. Even after making up when their relationship decided to break apart, Ryoma and Fuji seem to have another set of problems. With Ryoma now starting college, the two face less time together and Ryoma's faithfulness seems to fail. Though they say they've found the true meaning of love, will this breaking trust ruin all that they've become?
Note: This is the sequel to "The True Meaning of Love".

*Title: One Step, One Jump
Pairing: AtobeXRyoma
Summary: Ryoma is on the verge of ending the so called life he's living. Though, when an older boy, Atobe, moves to Japan, he quickly becomes attached to this younger boy. Atobe does all he can to show Ryoma all that is good even in this cruel world; taking one step at a time to become a significant person in his life. Though, with Atobe's selfish ways and Ryoma's stubbornness, he's still just one jump away from ending everything. In order to save this precious life, Atobe must place aside their differences and reach out to the mentally unstable Ryoma.
Note: This is an idea I've had in my mind for awhile now. The problem with it is I want Atobe to say certain phrases in German... I know how to count to 3 in German and say "don't jump" and "don't leave/go". Yeah. Not too helpful there. Do I have any German readers or readers who know German who might be willing to help me out in the future with this fic? (I have a English to German dictionary now, so this is actually a story that can actually be written.)

Non-Prince of Tennis fics to come:

Title: From Fonon to Fonon (Title subjected to change)
Tales of the Abyss
What do you do when your life is to fade away into the very space you were created? Do you give up and fall to defeat? Do you fight against the odds for what remains of you? For Ion, he wanted to take all that was left of him and give it to Luke in order to change the disastrous world that had come to be. He couldn't understand the exact reason why he had placed so much into Luke, but Ion felt that he was indeed the only person to save the people from what was to come. If it meant to give up his life, he would take that risk and leave with a smile. Though, when those final moments were to come and his fonons were to part from his body, Luke could not accept the fate that Ion placed on himself. Life was too precious to just give up on, and Luke wasn't going to let Ion go so easily.
Note: This is a twist on what actually happens to Ion in the game, so there is major spoiler alerts for those who haven't finished the game or anime.

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Prince of Tennis - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 21 - Words: 34,825 - Reviews: 173 - Favs: 234 - Follows: 143 - Updated: 12/10/2010 - Published: 1/10/2010 - E. Ryoma, Fuji S. - Complete
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Easier To Run reviews
Ken has always had a tough time, but now, he's having it even worse. Everything just seems to go wrong, and now, he feels all alone. Songfic with Easier To Run by Linkin Park
Digimon - Rated: K+ - English - Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,495 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 2/28/2006 - Complete