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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Bouncer, Final Fantasy VIII, and Kingdom Hearts.


Corruption of Hyne: (see summary) Something for the history- and language-lovers on here. This will be long. Think somewhere in the 30-chapter range. Lengthy chapter range (as lengthy as I am able to give out. I'm not in the habit. xD). I'm still working on the first chapter. If anyone would care to help out with the first few drafts, I'd greatly appreciate it. Email me for more info.

Land Across A River: Seifner! xD Hayner Deen stumbles into inconceivably horrible luck at the end of the school year in his Advanced European History course. His tutor, put simply, is capable, but who he happens to be blows the whole scheme out of the water. Seifer Almasy was never meant to teach. Or was he?


Known to others by the simple name of Kaze, or Riku, or TBO, et cetera.

True Name: Hmph. Wouldn't you like to know that?

Age: Old enough to hold my own in a verbal show of wits and too young to drink.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, vijagames, searching for scholarships, cosplay.

Talents: I used to have a decent singing voice, but lack of choir enrollment and related issues has caused it to weaken. Is satirical real-time commentary a talent?

Odd Fact: I can't eat wheat, rye, spelt, and many other grains. That means no Pocky, Chinese take-out, pizzerias, or cheap packaged ramen. D;

Supported Pairings:

SeiZell, FuujinxRaijin, and EdeaxCid from Final Fantasy VIII.

Seifner and various crack!pairings from Kingdom Hearts.

GeneFinny, from John Knowles' novel A Separate Peace. That book was amusing. =D

AuraxMadoushi and, in part, KazeLisa from Final Fantasy : Unlimited.

Shelkero and WeissxArgent from Dirge of Cerberus.

AzumaxKawachi from YAKITATE!!JAPAN. And all those pairings therein. xD


"Don't burst my happy balloons." - Yay, Reading Chick. Read her fanfics. NOW.

"I don't make mistakes; I just have unintentional improvisations!" - Hashi, my not-wife-ish-thing.

"Plane flights make me social." - The one and only yours truly.

"LET'S SLEEP UNDER THE BED, DAD!" - My, uhm... son. Tako. Hashi's her mother.

"Oh, god, dear, Kumoricon won't accept that! NOT THAT!" - My father, with regard to my... fairly interesting email address, which pertains to stealing pants off of pretty boys. 'Cept a little more subtle. =)


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Lifeline by Xerxies19 reviews
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The Five Flavors of Seifer And Zell reviews
COMPLETE. Zell was surprised that Seifer could taste any other way than acrid. M-Rated for reasons given later. SeiferxZell. FuujinxRaijin mentioned.
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Hayner lives in a world where normalcy abounds... and then two thousand years or more of history catches up to him. SeiferxHayner, eventually SeiferxZell. PROLOGUE ONLY AT PRESENT. Crossover with Final Fantasy VIII.
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