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Author has written 2 stories for Dragon Ball Z.

Waz up! My nickname here is Vegeta115500 if you can’t tell Yeah… I have a story up called: A Lesson Learned in time

It’s about Videl trying to find out about Saiyan Mans secret and the story continues in a different way than DBZ but it has a decent plot to the story.

Favorite Anime:

~DragonBall Z



~Prince of Tennis

~Love Hina

~Case Closed

~Card Captors

~One Piece

~FullMetal Alchemist

~Eye Shield 21

~Tsubasa Chronicle

Anime Quotes:

Shaman King-

“I’m a Shaman—Anna, the Itako… Yoh Asakura’s fiancée.”--Anna

“Will you be my happy place?”--Ryu

“What!... Nice “DO” dork.”--Anna

“What’s your problem, shrimp?”--Anna




“How about you play a game with me?”--Yami Yugi

“I gotta get my fortune told!”--Joey

“My next card is… Exodia the Forbidden One!”--Yami Yugi

“I never lose a game! NEVER!”--Yami Yugi

Dragonball Z

“I am the Great Saiyan Man!”--Saiyan Man

Favorite Anime Characters:

~Gohan- DragonBall Z

~Mai- Yu-Gi-Oh!

~Jaden- Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

~Jimmy- Case Closed

~Alexis- Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

~Misty- Pokemon

~Brolly- DragonBall Z

~Sena- Eye Shield 21

Well thats about the info on me about Anime. I like the newer Anime comming out or that are still in making, but anyways. I hope you like the new story that I made. Sorry if you dont get the story writing to well. I'm more of a story creator than a writer. More Stories are comming soon...

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