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Author has written 4 stories for Xiaolin Showdown, and Harry Potter.

Salutations! My name is Marina, otherwise known as Spiral-Fire. I'm 23 (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?), now an adult/part-time grad student, and struggling to become a real writer one day.

Writing is my escape. I write because I'm stressed, I have a good idea I want to share, and its a way to express my creativity, which is becoming harder and harder to do. But mostly, I write to escape my life. What do you do if you're just a number, just another face in the crowd? What happens when you're average, with nothing to make you a bit more special than the rest? My life isn't unique in any way, shape or form, and I can assure you, I'm just one girl among millions.

So I write to escape this. With a pen in your hand...You can be anyone. You can create drama and excitement, and experiences you never would have gone through in your regular lives. You create the fantasy and mystery missing from our lives, and fill that empty gap where something should belong in your heart. Within a good piece of writing, I'm not just that number. I'm the hero, the heroine, the villain, the side characters and even the scenes. I am that piece of fiction.

I won't deny that when I write, I act as if I were the main character. Their lives are much more exciting than mine, so why not? As I said before, I write to escape my life...So I can enter theirs.


I LOVE REVIEWS! Leave me lengthy comments, and I'll love you forever. They make me write faster, so if you want more updates, I need some reason to keep going. My reader's comments inspire me to keep going, and I thank you so much for all of them so far (:

All of my stories are still active. I have not been updating recently due to lack of time to write in my life. However, I promise that I will complete them...eventually...I will not abandon any story I write, or any fans I have, no matter what.

WATCHING AND WAITINGwill be undergoing major reconstruction and is being rewritten in a more literate and mature fashion. Everything up to chapter 9 has been rewritten at this point. The plot will remain the same, but I hope to take out all of my naive fan-fiction from when I was twelve and replace it with more literate and deeper content that represents the writer I am now. Reading it embarrasses me. It's so bad.

Upcoming Stories

A list of stories I hope to write someday, but don't have the time to right now. If you like the idea of any particular one, please message me and let me know. It might just get me started.

Xiaolin Showdown:

Chase Everlasting: When he made the deal that would preserve his youth forever, Chase Young didn't realize the suffering and losses he would face with a lack of mortality. Fifteen hundred years later, when a young woman finally sparks life into his frozen heart, Chase must try against all odds to give up his immortal soul...Or preserve hers. (KimikoxChase)

The Heir: Chase Young is no longer immortal. The last of the dragons that would preserve his youth are dead, and he needs a way to continue his legacy before he dies. Kimiko and Jack are kidnapped for reasons untold...until the sadistic truth of what Chase requires of them become a living nightmare. (KimikoxJack)

Light: (AU) Six kingdoms- Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Light, and Darkness- used to live in peace until Dark turned against Light. The six were thrown into a vicious war, and the kingdom of Light was destroyed...Or so they thought. Now, the last of the Light Royalty must bring the scattered remains of her people together...A task not easily done when she is wanted by the Darkness that destroyed her previous life. (OCxChase)

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