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Name: Sam (that's my nickname btw)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

"Don't call me strange just because my way is different than yours, after all, in my point of view it is you who is the strange one."



The One Without Eyes- My current story (and only at the moment) which I have officially planned out at least 20 chapters for. There are pairings at the moment since I'm having a very difficult time creating situations for people but they'll appear sooner or later.

Sequel to One Without Eyes- This is actually a pending idea because I may end One Without Eyes after the Sworn Oath arc (yea, I couldn't think of a better name) but then again I might not. I don't know.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse- Another pending idea that MAY be another Naruto fic, an original, or some other thing like final fantasy or something.


Other Stuff

I was thinking what I could put and I was thinking how some people listed anime, books, etc. that they like but I decided not to do that...then I thought about how people put the pairings they like down but I decided against that too.


Because I'm too lazy to put all the stuff I like and for the pairings I like anything that is well written.

There are actually not many stories out there (well, compared to the numerous amounts that have been posted) that I've enjoyed. Though if one were to look at all my past reviews they'd give me a weird look because almost all say something like "This is an excellent story!"

The thing is, however, that usually I only post reviews for stories that I enjoyed and thought were well-written. Even then I rarely review because I'm not a good review writer anyway. I'm no good with constructive stuff.



I just realized I can write about a few hobbies!

Okay, first thing's first, I like to think. I realize this is a rather...odd hobby but I really do! I have my own theories about I heck of a lot of things, I've adopted other theories I thought were good, I like to think all philosophical-like and write the stuff down sometimes, heck, I'll even create whole stories in my head, not that I ever write em down but hey!

I can sit there and think for hours though it has to be at night or something when I have nothing else to do. Actually that usually ends up being the reason I can't sleep every so often.

Yep...I'm smarter than I let on...In fact I acted like Shikamaru a lot last year (which was incredibly stupid of me) and was...er...lazy and failed a couple classes because I almost never did homework. Though I always did really well on my test...So now I'm behind by 1 math credit. Well, being bored in my classes was only one of two reason I did badly in school but the second reason is a bit more personal so that'll be my business.

Now, I also like to write though not just stories as mentioned rather briefly above with the philosophical stuff. People have thought of me as a good writer since I was in 2nd grade though I can't say I totally agree with them. I will see that I'm good for my age. I'm a better writer than a lot of my friends, so much so that when we had to find like a couple people to proof read our essay thing...er...well instead I got my parents cuz the one friend I did choose ended up...not correcting my paper. After I gave it to my dad who did end up correcting things.

'Course I'd be a horrible beta person I think. Well actually I think I could be ok for a beta but not the best. But I'm afraid to try XD



Yea sorry, but I just love music! Well, generally I like sounds more than sights. In fact, if I had a choice between being blind or being deaf I'd choose being blind.

For those who want to know N.E.G.T.I stands for Nobody Ever Got Thrown In

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