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Hello hello, I see you've taken the time to look up my profile. I guess I should give you all some information then...

For basic stuff, I'm legal, female, and in college. I won't say which school, since if anyone I know should find this, they'd see that, know it was me, and laugh hysterically. But I will say that I don't know a single person that hasn't heard of my school, and we'll leave it at that.

This is the same "maverick" as on the DPOF (even though I never go there anymore) and the Butch Hartman boards, by the way. I'm obviously an avid Danny Phantom and not-so-obviously an avid Teen Titans fan, and most unfortunately my dorm room has no reception or cable or satellite or really any other method of watching cartoons. I think they all assume that I should have better things to do than watch cartoons... ah well. I've been reading stories from this site for ages, and have been fooling around with my own since the end of July 2005. I've always thought my writing is um, sub par, but I've decided that there are a lot of people much younger than me on here, and if they can do this, so can I. Please don't be afraid to tell me what's not good about my writing, but keep the comments constructive please. I do want to get better at this.

Alright, moving off that rant... I'm also a raving Harry Potter fan, not as insane as many, but you can bet your butt I'll be at the premiere of the fourth movie. I actually have a couple Danny Phantom/Harry Potter crossover fics started, but first I need a real plot... those might eventually make it on here, they might not, don't get your hopes up. At least, not until my DP/TT crossover is done.

One thing you should know... I DO NOT support ANY pairings, in any of the above mentioned things, with these two exceptions: (1) Ron/Hermione, since JK Rowling made that very clear in book 6, and (2) Harry/Ginny for the same reason. I agree with most Teen Titans fans that Robin and Starfire will probably end up together, and that they definitely like each other as more than friends. However I do NOT write romance, I love these shows for their characters, action, plot... the list goes on. I don't want to watch a show consisting of Danny and Sam's first date, so therefore I'm not going to write it. If there is anything suggesting a pairing, it is purely coincidental, anything the above couples do for each other is out of friendship, which in everyone's case is extraordinarily strong. In all cases, I will try to keep consistent with the shows or book. So if anything, there will be a blush or awkward silence, and nothing more. If (heaven forbid) the creators of my beloved cartoons decide to hook some characters up, rest assured that (1) I will probably pound my desk in frustration and (2) I will not change my own policy on the couples for any existing fics. If I for some odd reason start a new one I'll take new details into consideration.

Sorry about that, had to get it off my chest. As soon as I get a bit farther on my DPTT crossover, I'll start posting it regularly. Don't expect updates too often, especially once you get caught up with me on my writing. I'd say once every few weeks at best at that point.

Alright, I'm officially tired of typing. Congrats for making it to the end.

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UPDATE. Please check it out last chapter. Thanks. A new enemy has appeared in Jump City, one that the Teen Titans cannot seem to defeat. The Fentons soon arrive, but the attacks may have more to do with a certain teenage ghost hybrid than even HE knows.
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