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Real Name: Rebecca Lang

Age: 28

Home: California

Dream: To be a fantasy novelist


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About Me

I have a BA in Crafting Fantasy: Creative Writing, History, and Japanese. No joke. That's actually my major. I specifically chose the University of Redlands' Johnston Program because it allowed me the freedom to design my own degree. After college, I used this degree to get a job in the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Programme as an Assisstant Language Teacher in Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Basically, I helped teach Japanese high school students English for three years. This gave me the opportunity to travel around Japan and become semi-fluent in Japanese.

Hm. That makes me sound kind of cool, now that I think about it.

Actually, I have no life. Or rather, stories are my life, and stories not written down become lost souls, drifting in torment. So I spend a good chunk of my time writing. Mostly, I've been working on a fantasy novel tentatively called THE CHANGELINGS, which I've been working on since college. But if my novel is my "wife," then fanfiction is my "mistress," and whenever the pressures of creating become too great, I withdraw into the pre-made world of other people's stories.

That said, I don't write trashy fanfiction.

My Writing Standards

My main purpose in writing fanfiction is to flesh out or complete something in the original piece that was not fully developed. For example, a relationship that was never realized, a piece of background information that was never fully explained, or a plot device I feel could have been used but wasn't. My starting point is, therefore, some problem or opportunity that arises naturally from the anime or manga.

In general, I try to stay as close to the original characters and the original universe as I can. That said, I'm not perfect and may chose to ignore certain things if it's inconvenient to my story. I have enjoyed other people's stories where the characters go in wildly OOC directions. But personally, I have to try to stay as close to the source material as I can.

I care about the quality of my work. Most of my stories go through several drafts and I always spell check before I submit. The trade off is that I tend to write very slowly. With one notable exception, I usually get the rough draft finished before I post anything, so that I know I can finish what I've begun. Stories should have endings.


I'm not much of a reviewer. In fact, I didn't start reviewing until recently. In the past, I was a little shy. But as I have come to appreciate reading the reviews I get on my own stories, I have decided to pass the good feeling along. Except, that in my case, I'm not quite sure "good feeling" describes it. I will say what I liked about the story, but I may also be a bit more critical, if I see a way the story can be improved. I won't nitpick on spelling or minor details, but I may get on your case about plot and point of view, which are things I tend to spend a lot of time developing in my own stories. Also, I probably won't review every chapter (especially if its an older story), but I will try to make up for it by being thorough.

Btw, I haven't been reading and reviewing as much due to lack of time. Sorry.

Fanfiction Likes and Dislikes

I like anti-heros, "cool" ruthless characters, and rivals. I like to read and write about the supporting characters. Not that main characters are bad, but they have the series to themselves and are usually pretty developed. I like strong female characters. I don't necessarily mean warriors, but more of independent girls who don't need a man to take care of them or always have to be saved. I like reading humor, satire, and romance best, but my writing tends to be naturally more dramatic.

I dislike abusive relationships, especially in romantic relationships. I don't even really like the "funny" girl beats up boy abuse. (Which is odd because two of my three favorite mangas feature that.) I'm so sick of reading about girls and women who are either useless or do nothing but play the victim. I hate, hate, hate reading stories where a character I like dies at the end, even heroically. It makes me sad.

Favorite Characters and Couples

My taste in characters and couples in Ranma 1/2 changed as a result of fanfiction. When I started off reading the comics, my favorite character, hands-down, was Ryoga. I thought he and Akari made a cute couple, and I didn't see why everyone was pairing him off with Ukyo. But some wonderful Ryoga x Ukyo fanfics (especially those by Ninnik Nishukan) spun me 180 degrees. Now, I like Ryoga and Ukyo together, and even attempted a short fanfic about them.

Even more dramatic a change was with Kuno and Nabiki.

I always liked Nabiki, as she, more than anyone else, came across as intelligent. I didn't care much for Kuno, though I thought he had great chemistry with Nabiki in the beginning of the series, though sadly it never went anywhere. So I wrote a silly little story about the Umbrella of Love, sticking them together. Imagine my shock when, horror of horrors, I found myself strongly relating to none-other than thick-headed, perverted, delusional Tatewaki Kuno. Who, oddly enough, was also funny, sensitive, semi-intelligent, and free to utter all the flowery poetic nonsense he pleased. Nabiki also grew in my mind as someone who had many layers which she delibritely kept hidden, cultivating a cold, calculating, yet playful exterior. The two contrasted with and complimented each other. They have grown on me, and are currently my favorite characters and couple.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, my favorite character of all time is Seto Kaiba. I personally like him paired with Isis/ Ishizu Ishtar, as she got him on his knees the first time they met and nearly defeat him at his own game. But Kaiba is a hard one to write romance for. I once tried to write a Kaiba x Ishizu shipping fic, and it utterly bombed, which is why you will never see it on this site. Revenge stories are so much easier.

In Rurouni Kenshin, Saito Hajime is my favorite character. However, I must say in Rurouni Kenshin I'm mostly in love with the setting. I've grown to love the Bakumatsu era. Incidentally, the prefecture I was living in was home to some of the great Ishin Shishi Revolutionaries, including Okubo Toshimichi, who got killed off in volume 7. I did some research on the era and you can see it in my blog at It's in there.

Now, as far as pokemon goes, I've always preferred the Team Rocket characters far more than any of the good guys. Jesse, James, and Meowth were always much more funny, vulnerable, and likable than the protagonists. That said, I probably failed to represent them in the best light in my pokemon fanfiction. I blame that on my youth, though. I had no idea what I was doing.

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